The ripped dress.


based on Anastasia by 20th century fox.

Many know I don't like the ending of Anastasia. I usually keep her dress from getting ripped or get it repaired and have her where the tiara. Well I decided to try a new idea.

Anastasia and Dimitri stood on the bridge surrounded by the damage from the battle with rasputin.

Pooka brought Anastasia her tiara.

"Their waiting for you. ",Dimitri said.

"Their waiting for us. ",Anastasia said.

Anastasia took the tiara from Dimitri and put it on her head again ,but didn't bother to fix her hair. THen she picked up the blue order and put it back on.

"You still looke beautiful. ",Dimitri said.

"I am a mess. They won't want me looking like this at the party. ",Anastasia said.

They headed back to the palace and met Empress Marie outside the curtain.

"What happened to you Anastaasia? How did you wreck your dress? ",Marie asked.

"We had a run in with Rasputin. I defeated him. ",Anastsia said.

"My dress got damaged in the proccess. ",Anastasia continued.

"It will take all night to fix it. You can go in there looking like that. ",Marie said.

Anastasia took off her tiara and handed it to her grandma. She then started up the stairs.

"I have an idea. I will be right back. ',Anastasia said.

Anastasia went upstairs to change. It seemed to take a long time to Dimitri.

"where is she? Women and their clothes. ",Dimitri groaned

Then Anastasia came down the stairs.

"Where did you get that oufit? ",Dimitri asked.

"I made it. Remember when you saw me dancing in the palace? ",Anastasia asked.

"Yes and then you started to run. ",Dimitri said.

"Well this is the dress I was wearing in that dream. I made it based on one I used to wear as a little girl. ",Anastasia said.

Anastasia was wearing a yellow diamond lined kokoshnik ,a yellow dress with yellow silk over it ,a blue ribbon around her waist, another blue ribbon in her hair and yellow shoes.

"Dimitri will you join me tonight? ",Anastasia asked.

"Yes Your Highness. ",Dimitri said bowing to her.

"Please don't bow to me. ',Anastasia asked.

Anastasia and Dimitri walked hand in hand to the ballroom.

Empress Marie walked forward in front of the crowd.

"Everyone this is my grandduagher the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov. ",Marie said.

Everyone in the room clapped.

"This young man is Dimitri. He saved Anastasia's life twice. For that he will be rewarded with her hand in marriage. ',Marie continued.

They clap again. Some dance music starts to play.

Anastaasia and Dimitri start dancing. Dimitri picks up Anastasia in his arms and spins around with her. He puts her down again and the draw close together and finally kiss.

THe end.