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"C-continue?" Maka stuttered as her body stilled completely.

"You don't want to?" He purred, "You seemed so eager before..." He kissed her neck once again and continued a trail to her shoulder and then rested his head there. When he stilled Maka had a small battle in her head; She knew having sex with Asura was wrong, it went against all of her previous moral codes. At the same time Maka knows she won't get caught and no one would know. Somehow, having a dirty secret made her heart flutter with excitement. She's always been a "good girl", a "goody-goody" and doing something bad gave her an odd thrill. She knew she was falling into a dark place already and it's only been 24 hours since she had awoken to Asura's presence.

Maka's thoughts were interrupted by Asura taking a gentle nip at her shoulder, making her flinch. "Well?" he questioned, his eyes strained sideways and trained on hers. Her heart fluttered and she had to close her eyes. The battle was over, she didn't have to think anymore; her mouth moved on it's own accord to reply: "We-we can continue." in a small whimper.

Asura smirked in triumph and held Maka close as he swooped her up into his arms bridal style and took off flying through the kitchen and hallways. Maka yelped out of surprise and clung to Asura's frame tightly, making Asura chuckle lightly. Asura made the usually long journey a quick one, and before Maka could really catch her breath, she had already been whisked into Asura's familiar bedroom.

He hovered over the bed before gently laying both of them onto the soft red sheets; His body weight pinning Maka down efficiently as he stole a kiss from the blushing girl. Maka realized that this was it, this was her chance to kick him off and run, deny him of her body and her soul. At this realization her body melted further, her body giving into the man above her. "A-Asura." She called. He flicked his eyes up to meet her gaze at the call of his name.

She didn't know what to say, she just called it out of an impulse, so she gathered up her courage to press her lips firmly to his again. He grinned into the kiss and deepened it, tilting his head to the side to seal their lips together. Maka made a small noise form the back of her throat as she felt her body begin ignite. Asura pressed his body further into her and took her hands into his before he pinned them beside her head. The kiss got much more heated and soon Maka felt Asura's tongue caress her lips. Gasping, Asura's tongue slipped inside and tasted all of Maka.

Moaning into the kiss, Maka's head started to swim; she couldn't tell what was up or what was down. All she knew is that all there was was Asura. Asura's hands crept under her shirt, cupping her bra-clad breasts. Maka gasped and broke the kiss, taking greedy breaths of air. Asura grinned, reaching around her back and unclasped her bra.

"A-asura what-?" she gasped, feeling her bra then shirt being ripped off.

"You know what I meant by continue...right?" He questioned, amusement apparent in his tone. Sure, she knew what he meant by continue, but she didn't know for sure if she was ready to go all of the way. Gosh, losing her virginity to the kishin- when had Asura seduced her so thoroughly?

Her inner ramble had been cut short by Asura running his tongue over her right nipple. Maka's head swam again as her heart race picked up a little. 'oh, that felt good.' she stated dumbly in her head. He took the same nipple in his mouth and sucked it, stopping all of Maka's brain functions. He tended to her breasts tenderly and took his time pleasuring the girl beneath him, only stopping when she was a breathless, squirming mess. Asura grinned as he felt Maka give in under his ministrations. He caught his fly with ease.

Asura ran a hand down her side, slipping his hand to the front of her skirt; lifting it out of the way, he began to run his fingers over her womanhood, teasing her through her panties. "Someone sure is worked up. It's so hot here and we've barely gotten started."

"Sh-shut up," Maka whined, everything felt too good, this was not good. Asura chucked and rubbed harder, circling a finger around her clit. Maka shivered and moaned "Ah-... Asura..."

"What do you want Maka?" he laughed, watching her expressions of arousal flash through her features more then once.

"I don't know...ah..."

"Tell me," he whispered hotly into her ear. "I know you know what to say. Say it."

He ground down faster on her clothed heat, feeling the wetness soaking through. He had won, all he needed was consent. Maka's head went blank, but her body knew what to say. Without realizing it, she murmured; "I want you."

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