"I surrender!" Lilium shouted, but she was not released. Lilium had been dragged to a fight while she was shopping for limes. Previously while she was walking on the street, she was robbed by a thief with a knife, but a boy with spiky brown hair defeated the thief. He gave her her groceries back, but a few days later, when she heard that the boy was going to be beheaded, she wanted to show her gratitude to the boy. Lilium went and interfered with the beheading ceremony. While she was interfering, she was told to fight the strongest warrior, and that she bumped into a fight with her own aunt, Morgan.

"Kill them…" the High Office snarled. She defied them and their powers…

"Kill her! And the boy!" they screamed.

"Aunt Morgan, can you help me rescue this boy? Father will probably try to promote your position …" said Lilium, putting her hood back.

"WHAT! You don't need to say that twice! Of course I'll join! Gladly!' said Morgan, starting to shoot the arrow on the solider.

"Rathy, rescue the boy!" Lilium screamed at Rathy.

"Ossu! Let's get ready to hammer some soldiers!" Rathy sang, jumping so high that she rescued the boy with one jump. She hammered the handcuffs.

"Sword…" mumbled the boy.

"What?" Rathy asked, going closer to the boy.

"I need a swo-"

"YOU COCKY BRAT IF THEY CANNOT KILL YOU, I WILL!" the High Ranking office screamed, then they charged straight to Lilium.

A scar was embedded in her cheek. Blood flowed down to her cloak. Then something happened- an intense magical power rose so quickly, you couldn't even see it. Then she spoke.

"You humans have never even noticed my name. That saddens me… it seems only the people of Avalon seem to know me, but it was just cruel to treat a lady like that...' Lilium said, wiping the spilled blood off her cheeks, leaving an open wounded scar.

"EH! Wh-what happened here? Lilium please don't get any scars, please! Your mom's gonna kill me!" Rathy screamed while pointing at Lilium's face, when Rathy heard someone speaking again.

"Sword … give me the sword…" the boy said to Rathy.

"Wh-what, you believe you can control the powers of Minerva? You're a just a mere mortal-"

"That sword is my possession, I control it… give me the sword… SO I CAN HELP THE GIRL!" the boy screamed.

"Mortal… do not speak to me like that. Do not say I'm… weak." said Lilium. Some things were different about her; she had brown hair and her eyes seemed very fierce. Her eyes were like shining stars as the people outside Avalon listened to her rant.

"…and you and your filthy words shall not be forgiven, even from the heavens...' said Lilium, who was in attack mode.

"SWORD!" the boy screamed.

"O-okay, okay! Sheesh.' said Rathy, tossing the sword at the boy.

"You little… you think you, you, can just beat me like a god or a half god or a gender neutral chibi thing? You think you're the princess! Well, I'll show how we do things here!" The High Powered Officer attacking her neck when suddenly, the boy showed up and repelled the attack.

"You are not going to harm a single hair on this girl's head." the boy said with fierce eyes. His spiky hair swirled around Lilium.

This boy... Lilium thought. How can he control the power of Minerva? It's impossible, just impossible... not to reassure you, he seems very handsome and brave... that's probably the powers of Minerva... as she looked, she collapsed right in front of the fight. Everything became black. Lilium woke up in an instant by a sound of a breaking plate, grabbing a sharp spear near her.

"Who's there?" she screamed as she headed toward the lamp. A boy with brown spiky hair exited the room.

Who might that boy be? A mere mortal? a childhood friend? find out on the next chapter! :D

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