Chapter 2

'Wait!' Lilium called. "Wait-" Lilium felt a strong magic presence... almost as if she was facing a God, and she was breathing heavily... but out of nowhere she suddenly felt very relaxed... finally, she breathed normally as any other human did. But when she looked at the boy, he was kneeling to the floor. It seemed liked begging for mercy. When she turned around, a boy with bright blue eyes and spiky brown hair was behind her... with the Minerva.

"Who are you? Human? And why do you take my form?" the boy with the Minerva asked the other one in the room.

"Lord Saturn will rise again…" said the imposter, with a scary grin on his face.

"I'll KILL YOU!" the boy shouted, charging at the imposter.

"Don't!" lilium whispered to the brown haired boy.

"I'm sorry…" said the boy as he hit Lilium's weak spot, making her fall on the ground

"No... don't..." she said as she blacked out.

"Oi! Wake up!" someone said, hitting Lilium across the face.

"Morgan! Don't wake her up like that!" another person said.

"Ugh... mama? Morgan?" Lilium asked, her eyes barely able to open.

"Ah! Lilium! Morgan, it's all your fault! She wasn't supposed to be waking up yet!" Rhiannon whispered furiously.

"Mom…" Lilium said with a groan. "...brown haired boy…" Lilium managed to say.

"The boy who almost got beheaded?" Morgan teased.

"Yes, he... I need to say thank you to him…" said Lilium. She felt her face go red.

"Ooh, is it just me or am I seeing my little Lilium blushing?" Rhiannon said, following the flow of teasing.

'Wh-What? No, I wanted to thank you AND him!' Lilium tried to defend herself, but as she spoke her face turned even redder, if that was possible. Morgan elbowed Rhiannon.

"No doubt about it, she is in L-O-V-E~" sang Morgan.

"Oh my goodness, I have to tell Arawn about this!" Rhiannon shouted as she dashed to the door.

"No, don't do that!" Lilium screamed at Rhiannon.

"Arawn, she's awake." said Rhiannon with a very serious face.

"She's woken up, huh … well then, it's time to ask her some questions." said Arawn as he stretched his arms and legs.

"Please, don't... just... just don't give too much pressure on her …' said Rhiannon with streams of tears flowing down her cheeks.

"Yeah. I know." said Arawn as he hugged Rhiannon. When Rhiannon pulled herself together, the two of them passed through the hall way and went back into Lilium's bedroom.

"Oh... um, hi, Dad... I can explain." Lilium said from her bed. She was hiding under the sheets, but she was clearly crimson.

"Huh? Explain what?" Arawn asked.

"Uh, never mind, I didn't say anything...' Lilium said as she glared at Rhiannon, who smiled innocently.