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In Grandpa's store...

Jake: "Gramps, is there a reason why you brought us here?"

Haley: "Yeah out with it."

Grandpa: "Well, There is. You see, I had a very worried feeling for a while now. I don't know why, but I think that somewhere in a few days there will be a very huge attack on us. I am also very worried that there is a great evil that is growing somewhere."

Haley paused for a moment before interrupting her grandfather.

Haley: "What do you mean?"

Grandpa: "Haley, you're a bit young though. I was informing Jake here that he would have to be ready in case this evil comes out and attacks us. We don't have a moment to lose. We must be ready and on guard."

Haley was now getting upset. She knew she was young. She knew she didn't have any training. For some reason though, she felt like e needed to help. If not for her, for Jake and her family.

Haley: "Please Grandpa. I need to help with this. If there's gonna be any evil than I'll give them a good butt kicking."

Grandpa: "Haley, you will not do any "Butt Kicking" at this point. Jake is the only one of us who can try and stop this evil from coming."

Haley: "But Grandps-"

Grandpa: "I made my decision."

Haley was a bit off of what her grandpa said. She than thought, wait, maybe she can help without his disapproval. So she staged her own little part of the joke and said to him.

Haley: "Alright Gramps. I won't help...(Hope he falls for it)"

Grandpa: "Good"

He turns to Jake.

Grandpa: "As for you Jake, I will give you the precise training to you will need to take down this evil. Are you with me or not?"

Jake was already pumped for this fight. He wanted to spend time with Haley, but he knew that he needed to destroy this evil. He knew that not doing so could bring trouble for him and his family, including Haley. He had no choice. He will have to train with his grandpa.

Jake: "Ok Gramps. Dish out the training gear."

Grandpa: "Very good Jake. We will start now."

Jake and his grandpa went outside and into a few dimensions where he had to train. Haley was alone in the shop. Grandpa had told her that she needed to go home or do something except interfere with their training.

Haley: "Sigh... Guess its me and me alone. I guess there's nothing much I can do. When Jake gets back I can warm him up a bit from his training."

She gave a wicked smile, knowing she and Jake were still going to do 'something' later on. Haley decided she'd walk back home, but first to make a stop at a fast food joint. A good burger or something will help her relax. She, however, didn't think she was going to get that relaxation, as she thought would have.

Rose was walking from her own house. She was already alone and visiting that cocoon where her uncle was kept in. She already woke up, had breakfast, and just stayed home, wondering what she would do.

Rose "(Hm... Its been a while since I've seen Jake. Maybe I should look for him or something. Nah, maybe I'll just get something to eat)."

Rose was walking to a nearby food restaurant, the same one Haley was in. It is a basic stereotype of two people seeing each other, which is what happened. Haley was already seated in her seat, eating a small sandwich that she was halfway done with, with Rose coming in through the door. When Rose finally did open the door, she saw what appeared to be Jake's sister.

Rose (Looking at Haley): "Jake's sister. Finally, maybe I can ask her if she knows where Jake went."

Rose walked up to Haley, but not before she ordered a meal of her own. Haley saw someone familiar coming to her. She looked for a while and saw the blonde hair, red lips, and blue eyes. It was Jake's former crush, Rose.

Haley: "What is she doing here? Why is she coming toward me? Oh no...I hope she doesn't figure out about me and Jake. Okay Haley, stay calm. Maybe she won't ask that, as long as I keep my big yap shut, or I mean, if she talks to me I'll have to talk to her, I mean about not this. Crap!"

Haley was already stumbling with her own words. A Grade A student as herself doing so is a good sign that something wasn't right. Thank goodness Rose doesn't know about that. Either Jake didn't tell her or she didn't remember, but Rose still wanted to see her regardless.

Rose: "Hey Haley."

Rose said, grabbing a seat, sitting down next to Haley and taking a bite out of her own sandwich. Haley put her meal down to introduce herself.

Haley: "Um...Sup Rose. (Okay Haley. Don't look suspicious)"

Rose: "Sorry if I interrupted your meal time."

Haley: "Oh, not at all (Although You really did...)"

Rose: "Great. I want to ask you about something."

Haley: "About what?"

Rose: "About Jake."

Haley was now sweating. Not just for Rose for going to think that she and Jake are together, but for Rose to get a chance to meet Jake. Haley never really liked anyone else around Jake (Girls obviously), especially Rose. Looks like Haley was meeting her true challenge yet. Well, Haley had no choice. She had to tell Rose about her relationship with Jake. It was a matter of time until Haley had to answer.

Haley: "Oh, Jake. My brother right?"

Rose: "Well duh? What other Jake would I be talking about to you."

Haley: "Heh, yeah my brother. (I wish it was another Jake)"

Rose: "I haven't met him in a long while. I mean privately. I just need to ask him something."

Haley: "You missed him. He's in my Grandpa's... er I mean he went somewhere out of town for today."

Haley better not tell Rose about where Jake was. Although Rose knew Jake was the Dragon and vice versa, Rose still didn't know where he hangs out during the day."

Rose: "That's too bad, I was going to tell him something. Like, if he's avoiding me or something."

Haley: "I know its harsh for you. (Ha! Just as you deserve blondie)"

Rose was a bit down. Jake is gone, so talking to his sister was...Wait a minute. Haley was still Jake's sister. If Rose couldn't talk to Jake, maybe she could talk to his sister.

Rose: "Can I talk to you Haley?"

Haley: "What?"

Rose: "About Jake. Maybe you know a bit if he has any problems with anything."

Haley: "I don't think he has a problem. (Except from you probably)"

Rose: "Well that's a real shame. I was kind of hoping that you being his sister, you might know what's wrong with him. Don't take me wrong but I'm a bit worried. He's probably depressed inside since I took that date with that jock guy. I asked him out a long time ago but he just said he had other plans."

Haley blushed a bit. That was last year from tomorrow when Jake and Haley hooked up. Haley had to think of something else to say.

Haley: "H-He had to do some work with my parents. After all, he is a pretty lazy brother and he has to do something around the house."

Rose giggled a bit. She and Haley knew Jake was a lazy guy, but that's what they both liked about it, with Haley wanting Rose to back off from that.

Rose: "That's fine I guess. I want to ask you something else if you don't mind."

Haley: "Well what do you want to ask me? (Please say it quick. I don't want to talk anymore with you!)"

Rose: "Does Jake I mean... Is he hooked?"

Haley took a sip at her soda when Rose asked that question, causing Haley to spit it up just a bit.

Haley: "*Cough* oh, you mean if he has a girlfriend?"

Rose: "Something like that. I mean I have suspicions that he has a crush on me. But for a long while he didn't look interested to see me. He doesn't get nervous when I walk pass him or talk to him in school. I'm getting a bit worried if he has a girl with him. Do you know what girl he's with, if he has one that is?"

Haley: "Um...Well not really. I mean. He's a bit going through a phase or something. He usually does I mean. Jake is always about this and that all the time."

Rose looked at Haley with a weird look. Rose got a bit of a feeling something wasn't right, but what's the point. Haley was just a kid, at least that was what she thought.

Rose: "*Sigh*, thanks anyway. I hope I can get to him if you don't mind."

Haley: "No problem."

Rose: "I guess I'll be going. Nice talking to you. Bye."

Haley: "Bye. (Not nice talking to you scumbag)"

Rose left the seat, and Haley didn't even finish up her meal. She didn't feel hungry now that Rose gave her the chills. Haley didn't trust Rose. Not around herself or around Jake for that matter.

Haley: "What a load of crap. Time for me to see if Jake is finished with his training."

Haley came back to see how Jake was doing. But, for some reason. She was feeling really sick inside. Rose was a total bitch, but Haley wanted to know. In the back of her head, does Jake still love her? No, what was Haley thinking. Why would she think of that? She then realized that she was asking something that she should ask Jake. She started from being nervous to being a bit depressed. She just waited until Jake was done, but waited not in a very excited, eager way.

Meanwhile, Jake got out of his Father's portal to his training base (It was secret) and Jake put a hand over his butt asking.

Jake: "Why did you have to use a paddle for?"

Grandpa: "Just in case you have a very bad experience when seating the enemy."

Jake: "Well I won't be seating for a whole week. Ow!"

Grandpa: "Next training is the Head Crack-"

Jake: "Oh look at the time. I'm gonna head back home Gramps."

Grandpa: "Jake, I'm serious now. I'm having a very strange feeling something evil is upon us. Be careful Jake."

Jake: "Don't worry Gramps. I will."

Jake opened his Grandpa's shop and exited out. When he did exit he saw Haley walking back.

Jake: "Hey Haley."

Haley looked up. She had to force herself to smile or else Jake would have to ask what was wrong with her.

Haley: "Hi Jake. Had a good time."

Jake: "Define good."

Haley: "Why are you holding your hand on your butt?"

Jake: "Don't ask..."

Haley and Jake walked home. Both of them having their own experience. Haley however, was serious. She really was crying inside. While she was walking with Jake, she really had a very dim but noticeable feeling. Does Jake still have some feeling for Rose. Not that it mattered, cause he and Haley loved each other, but that Rose could possible use it against him and make him do something to put him in danger. Haley just had to ask the question.

Haley: "Jake can I ask you something."

Jake: "Sure Haley. After that training I really need to have something to talk about other than the evil coming to us or something."

Haley: "Believe it or not... I saw Rose just a moment ago."

Jake: "You did?"

Haley: "Yeah, I mean, I talked to her too."

Jake: "W-What did she say?"

Haley: "Not so much. She said if you were doing good or not. I told her you were just being yourself."

Jake: "And what's so bad about that?"

Haley: "Nothing, except you always were a dolt!"

Haley made a hilarious comeback. It was time to have a little comedy for today, they could surely use it.

Jake: "Oh yeah?"

Haley: "Yeah"

Jake: "Oh really?"

Haley: "Really!"

Jake: "Seriously?"

Haley: "Seriou-"

Jake quickly pushed his lips against hers. He bent down a bit, but he didn't care. Haley stopped talking and finally had some relief from it. She kissed him back, pushing her own head against his to make the kiss stronger. Jake slowly let the kiss go when he pulled himself apart from her.

Jake: "Well at least some of us got something today."

Haley: "Yeah."

Haley was glad at first, but quickly came to a depressed state. Jake looked at this and had to say something.

Jake: "Hey sport, what's with the look?"

Haley: "Oh, its nothing."

Jake: "Come on Haley. You can trust me. I'm not just your boyfriend or brother. I'm your friend. You can tell me."

Haley: "I don't want to."

Jake: "Come on. Please?"

Haley just had to say something. Jake wouldn't stop being that he was both stubborn and sweet at the same time.

Haley: "D-Do you, I mean, still have feelings for Rose."

Jake paused a moment. Surprisingly, Jake didn't say no. Haley was especially taken back. Jake didn't say no, he actually hesitated. He didn't have any feelings for her, so why did he just lit up like that. Does Jake still have feelings for Rose? Haley was now feeling really sad, and now was probably on the verge of tears.

Haley: "*Starting to Cry* You still love her don't you?"

Jake: "I don't love her Haley."

Haley: "Do you still have feelings for her."

Jake: "Not really, I mean..."

Haley: "Don't lie to me Jake. Please don't."

Jake: "I'm not lying-"

Haley: "Don't lie Jake!"

Haley was screaming now. She wasn't joking anymore. This was serious. She let out two tiny streams of her tears run down immediately after she shouted those words. Jake was really worried about her. Haley wasn't upset if Jake had feelings for Rose, even though it would agitate her. More that she is angry at him for not being honest with her. She loved him, and he could tell anything to her like she would to him. Jake didn't want to see Haley cry, not in a serious way.

Jake: "Haley, listen."

Haley: "No, I don't want to talk to you."

Jake: "Haley, I'm trying to talk to you."

Haley: "Well I don't want to talk to-"

Jake: "Stop it Haley!"

Haley: "No, why don't you go see Rose and talk to her-"

Jake: "I said listen to me!"

Jake grabbed her by her shoulders and pressed her against a wall of a house. Not hard but carefully, but he did it to get to her, which worked. Haley bowed her head a bit, letting a drop of her tear drop to the ground. Haley went from very angry to being broken down.

Haley: "What? *Sniff*"

Jake: "It's not like that."

Jake talked calmly to her. In a sweet way. He went closer to her ear, taking his hand roughly holding her shoulders and wrapped it around her. He let her head rest on his shoulder, hearing her cry next to his ear while he was whispering into hers.

Jake: "I do have some feelings. Not romantic ones, caring ones for her. Sure I do get a little bit of a head turn to see her, but I don't love her anymore. I love you now. I love you Haley, I always will. And Rose can't take that. She can never take that from you, from us."

Jake waited for a response, but he didn't. Instead, rolled his head to where her head was. She was snoring a bit and her eyes were closed. She was asleep. This was probably too much for her anyway. He hoped she listened to what he said. Jake thought 'alright', he picked her up and carried her until he was home. He picked her up with his arm around her waist, help her up and let her rest her head on his shoulder and soon to his chest. He smiled when she looked at her. She looked like an innocent child. He gave her a kiss on her forehead and continued to walk until he reached their house.

Jake: "Well here we are."

No use. Haley was dead sleep. He probably thought it would be best to not have some fun tonight, instead to let her sleep peacefully as she was right now. He went inside his house. His parents weren't home, probably on a date or something tonight. He opened the door with his spare house keys and shut it as he was in. He walked upstairs until he was in his room. He closed the door behind him, walked to his bed and laid Haley on the right side of his mattress. Jake went to the bathroom for a moment to brush his teeth and went back to bed with him. Maybe they'll do their little private moment tomorrow. Tonight was too much for them both after what they went through.

Jake: "Our first fight. Heh."

He laughed for a moment. Sure they had a lot of fights, but rather, they had their first love fight. Not a fair love fight, but a serious one. He knew that his words got to her, letting her know he cared, probably was too much for her. That explains why she was knocked out moments ago. He took his clothes off as well as hers and put on his pajamas. It took a while, a quite one at best to dress her up gently without waking her up. She grumbled a little but didn't wake up. He pulled the cover over her and then himself.

Jake: "Well, our first night with our pajamas on."

Jake laughed to himself. One night out of a year without a little loving from them both wouldn't hurt. Jake heard a faint giggle from Haley. Haley listened to his quote and giggled. She was barely awake but could hear him. For some reason she couldn't wake up or give him any tonight since she really had a tough time today, but she did listen to him and knew that he really was 100% a great friend, a great brother. She then fell back to sleep, but for real this time. Jake had a feeling she was awake at that exact moment but he still didn't want to wake her up. He pulled the cover up to them both, kissed her on the forehead and whispered goodnight to her. Turning off the lamp next to him, he fell asleep, holding his arm around her.


The Cacoon was shaking. Tomorrow was the day it would hatch. Maybe it will be something that will destroy the human race, or importantly a certain dragon. Time for relaxing for everyone. Good and Bad.

To Be Continued...