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The Stones Still Sparkle

"Please don't stop…" Raisa breathed as his lips left a trail of ghost kisses down her neck and back up to her mouth. "Please… I—"Dare she say it out loud? "I love you!" Han Allister pulled his lips away from hers as soon as he heard these words. Suddenly, he had his trader face on. He jerked his hands away from Raisa's waist as if they had been burned, and awkwardly brought them down to his sides. He took a few steps back from her. His bright blue eyes seemed to attain a rather icy and hard quality to them.

"Don't say things that you don't mean, Your Highness," he said, his eyes boring deeply into Raisa's green orbs. She shivered, suddenly chilled by his words. How the man could make her feel warm and loved one moment, and cold and distant the next, was beyond her. He straightened out his hair and did up the buttons of his shirt that Raisa had slowly started to work on in their passionate frenzy. He cleared his throat, and said formally, "I'm sorry Your Highness. I got rather…carried away. It won't happen again. We should—"

"Oh stop it! Just stop! I love you Han! Love! I'm not merely mildly attracted to you, I actually am completely in love with you. Micah Bayar and Reid Nightwalker may be charming and politically convenient, but they're not…you. When will you trust me, Han? I trust you with my life. I trust you with my heart. But why can't you do the same for me?" By now, tears were sliding down Raisa's face. Tears of anger and hurt. Tears of love. "When?" she whispered, looking into those unforgiving depths of clear blue.

"Give me a reason to trust you. I gave you my heart on a platter and I fell hard for you Raisa," he said, dropping the formal title. "I can't have a relationship with a woman who doesn't trust me, who kisses multiple men in one night, who can't even tell me what her real name is—"

"That's unfair! I had a reason not to tell you who I was!"

"Yeah? And was that fair to me?"

When did we start yelling at each other, Raisa wondered to herself. One minute we're kissing, and the next, we're tearing the glass walls of the Conservatory down with our bloody voices.

"No Han. It wasn't. But as you said, we don't get do-overs in life. I've chosen to move on, have you?"

"Raisa, I want to move on. But you're all I think of. Day and night. But if it means that I'm going to be kept in the dark about everything important, then I don't see what we can do about your so called 'love'. Now, if Her Highness will consent to walk, I will escort her to her room."

"Very well, Han. I love you. Whether you accept it or not, is up to you. I trust you more than I trust myself, and you've got everything from my end. Now what will it take for you to let me in?" As she said this, Raisa moved closer and closer to Han until their noses were practically touching.

"You trust me, but I don't trust you. And I don't like sharing my territory with other wolves in the pack." With that, the wizard spun on his heel and left the Conservatory. When Han left, Raisa took the ring he had given her and slid it onto her finger. The moonstones, pearls, and sapphires shone in the moonlight and when she turned into the dark tunnel to get back to her room, the stones continued to sparkle.

I'm actually writing a Harry Potter fic, but I just finished reading The Gray Wolf Throne, and I had to write this one-shot between the two... I WANT THEM TO GET MARRIED AND HAVE BABIES. Han/Raisa is just way too cute.

Hope ya'll liked it. This was my very first one-shot. Reviews would be much appreciated :)