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"Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. I want to welcome you aboard flight 127 service from New York to Seattle. Our flight time will be 4 hours and 27 minutes; currently in Seattle, the winds are out of the South at 12 MPH, excellent visibility, scattered clouds, and the temperature is 57 degrees. We'll get back to you enroute just as soon as we have more information. It is now safe to unbuckle your seatbelts and turn your electronic devices back on. Once again, welcome aboard, and thanks for flying with us."

Mark Sloan sighed, leaning his head against the head rest. Waiting for his phone to go through the power cycle, he looked to his side and smirked, seeing the young woman next to him reading a cheesy romance novel. Normally, he would be slightly amused and start flirting. Normally he would make some comment about how he could make the love scenes in the book come true for her if she was interested and if she said she wasn't interested, he would keep flirting until he won her over.

The vows that he had taken two days before stopped him from doing so. He was proud of himself for finally being able to make a committment to a woman. No more one night stands, no more friends with benefits, no more girlfriends that he wasn't satisfied with. He was officially a married man and he was deeply in love.

He'd been in New York for a little over eight weeks, filling in for a friend while he recovered from a triple bypass. His first day filling it at Manhattan Regional, he ran into Becca Masterson, he instantly remembered her from their residency. Back then she was too devoted to her education and finding a specialty to even think of dating him, let alone sleep with him.

Now, Becca was the chief obstetrician and neo-natal surgery at Manhattan Regional. They worked together on a double masectomy and breast reconstruction. Afterwards, they went out for drinks to catch up. They reminisced about their residency together and the good times they had together and with Derrick and Addison. She filled him in on the things they had all missed since they left New York and joked with him about how she had felt all three of them had abandoned her. He told her of his new life in Seattle, filled her in on what Derrick was up to. Shared pictures of Sophia, bragging about how proud he was to have such a gorgeous little girl and to finally be a dad.

They quickly began spending more and more time together. No longer able to fight it or deny it, they realized how truly in love they were with each other. He wasn't just focussed on putting another notch in his belt anymore and she wasn't souly worried about her career.

Mark wasn't in Manhattan for a full week before he left his hotel room and stayed at Becca's place instead. They shared incredibly passionate nights together. Two days before heading back to Seattle, Mark woke up in the early morning hours and proposed. They went to City Hall and were husband and wife by noon.

He so badly wanted to stay in New York with his wife, to move in and make the life together that they both confessed to wanting. But, there was one person he loved more than Becca, more than himself, and that was his daughter. Becca completely understood. They had both discussed it and promised to make it work for now, until they could find a way to build their life together.

For now, Mark was returning to Seattle, returning to his job, and returning to his little girl. Becca had already returned to work, but she had already put in for vacation time and would be in Seattle with him in two weeks. It would give him just enough time to make the announcement to his friends.

His phone vibrated in his hand, a new text message.

I love you, my husband. I'm headed into the OR for an emergency lyproscopic conjoined twin seperation. Going to be a long day. Have a safe flight. Muah.

He smiled and quickly text her back. I never thought I'd have anyone call me their "husband". I love you too, sweetheart. I miss you already. Have a good day, babydoll.

"You okay?" Meredith poured two cups of coffee and moved to sit beside Lexie at the kitchen table.

Lexie simply wiped the tears from her cheeks and took the cup of coffee that Meredith shoved towards her. "Not really, but I guess I have to be,"

"Well, we all have to be okay, but it doesn't mean we are," she sighed, looking over at the empty high chair that sat across from them.

"How much of his stuff did he take?"

"All of it," she replied. "He said he was going to stay with Alex in the trailer,"

Lexie simply sighed, feeling fresh tears flow from her eyes.

"So, aside from all the yelling and screaming that woke me up to begin with, what the hell happened?"

"Meredith, I'm the worst girlfriend there ever was," she stood up and walked towards the kitchen window, crossing her arms over her chest, she gazed out. "I can't make any single guy happy,"


"I was talking in my sleep," she turned to Meredith with a guilt ridden look on her face.

"What did you say?" Meredith raised an eyebrow. "That Avery's pretty blue eyes weren't blue enough?"

"Apparently, in my sleep, I was confessing my love to Mark,"

Meredith's eyes widened. "Uh oh,"

"All I remember is that I was dreaming about Mark. About making a life with him, getting married, having a baby,"

"Oh come on!" Meredith rolled her eyes. "Avery got pissed off and left over that? He knows that's the reason you broke up with Mark to begin with, because you don't want all that,"

"Well, he was upset, then he calmed down when he remembered that," Lexie wiped tears from her cheeks and looked to her sister, "Until I confessed,"

"Wait," Meredith stood, "Confessed what?"

"That I've changed my mind," she replied, trying not to sob. "I'm so stupid for ever letting Mark go, Meredith! Seeing him walk around the hospital with Sophia seriously makes my uterus scream inside me! I wanna be Mrs. Mark Sloan! I wanna have his child,"

Meredith was taken aback, as she took her sobbing sister into her arms and moved to sit on the floor with her. Not only was she shocked to hear Lexie confess to this, she was surprised to know that her sister would tell Avery all of this. Lexie was never someone that would knowingly hurt someone. Jackson Avery had spent so much time with Lexie, it was obvious that he was madly in love with her, constantly bragging to people at the hospital that "Little Grey" was his girlfriend and she had chosen him over the Chief of Plastic Surgery.

Meredith was confused and at a total loss for words. So many changes had taken place in the last two weeks of everyone's lives. She had destroyed Derrick's clinical trial, they lost baby Zola, and her best friend was pregnant. Now, her sister was confessing her love for Mark Sloan all over again, after she had secretly hoped that Lexie had given up on him for good.

Meredith gently smoothed her sister's hair out of her face, knowing she wasn't very good at this, she tried her best to console her sister. She looked up and found Derrick standing in the doorway, giving her a small soft smile. She couldn't help but smile back, that was the first time he had smiled at her in two weeks and for a minute...it made her feel like everything was going to be alright between the two of them.