The Beginning

Harry fell holding his hand and brandishing his wand towards the Dark Lord. "This is the end Tom, you know one of us has to die and you have nothing to live for"

The Dark Lord laughed cruelly at Harry "You think this is the end?" he sneered "This is just the beginning, with you death the Wizarding World will fall to my feet, and everything will be as it should have been. I will graciously open my arms and allow those who were foolish to bow before me and all will be forgiven. You shall be known as The Traitor. Goodbye, Harry Potter."

The Dark Lord pointed his wand at Harry and yelled "Avada Kedavra."

Harry stood there and closed his eyes, he thought about his loved ones, his mum, dad, Sirius, Remus, Ron, Hermione. He thought about love, friendship and the light in the world. He called upon the power sleeping in his core, about surrounding Voldermort in the feeling of love and goodness. All of a sudden a blinding white light surrounded Harry and the Dark Lord. The Killing Curse died before it could reach Harry, dissolved in the light. Harry could hear the Dark Lord screaming but kept his eyes closed. This spell would be judging him to see if he was weak of will and all Harry wanted to do was keep looking at his family that was beyond the veil. He reached out his hand and his mum grabbed his hand and squeezed it. Everyone was smiling at him, he smiled back. No matter what happened after this, he knew he would survive, whether he lived or died, he'd be strong.

Harry could feel the light beginning to fade away beyond his eyelids and slowly he opened his eyes. There is front of him was the remains of the Dark Lords body and his soul being released from it. Then the last remaining light surrounded his soul and wrapped it up, and then in a final burst of light, it was gone. The Dark Lord Voldermort was dead. Tom Riddle was finally at peace.

The memory ended and everyone was back in the Three Broom Sticks. Everyone looked around at each other and at once they were yelling and cheering. The Dark Lord was dead! No more war!

"Man, that was amazing! I'll never get tired of seeing that" Ron Weasly said with a huge grin on his face.

"Yeah! That was amazing, Harry!" Neville Longbottom said enthusiastically as his arm wrapped around Luna Lovegoods' waist.

Harry just laughed and took a long sip of his Butterbeer. He was feeling amazing. He had finally got rid of that bastard and gained his freedom. Plus he had seen his family again; he was feeling on the top of the world. Nothing could get him down. Not even Malfoy. Speaking of which he could see him sitting at the bar chatting to Blaise Zabini.

Harry turned back to his friends and pointed to Malfoy with his drink "what he doing here?"

"Who?" Ron asked then looked to where Harry was pointing and scrunched up his nose, turning back to Harry "Oh, he came to celebrate I guess. Apparently he was spying on the Dar—Vold" He shook his head "Tom, for the Order. So I guess he's a good guy?" Ron shrugged.

Harry grinned at Ron's use of Voldermort's real name. He looked at his two best friends, Ron had his arm wrapped around Hermione's waist and she was practically sitting on top of him.

"So, when are you two getting married?" He asked conversationally.

Ron spluttered after taking a sip of his drink and Hermione almost fell off of Ron's lap.

"Harry!" They both said together both flushing beet red.

"Oh come on! I'm just curious" He said laughing.

Ron cleared his throat "Well I was going to wait before doing this" he gave Harry a dark look and then got down on one knee in front of Hermione and pulled out a ring. "Hermione, I love you more than all the food in the world, more than all the chocolate frogs. Even more than Quidditch. Would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?" by this point Ron was bright red in the face and Hermione didn't look any better.

"Oh Ron, of course I will, you fool!" She practically yelled. Ron jumped up a huge grin of his face and swept Hermione up in his arms and spun her around. They had a heated snogging session while the others looked away finding the wall very interesting. When they broke apart Ron put the ring on Hermione's left ring finger. Ginny and Luna went over and they all started gushing over the ring. Ron and Hermione were inseparable for the rest of the night. Remus had decided to go home early, the full moon was tonight. Harry looked around the bar at the remaining people. It looked like no one had left; people would probably be celebrating all night and most likely for the next week. Harry felt all giddy inside, he was free! He started laughing and got a couple of strange looks before everyone started laughing with him.

"Who wants shots? It's on me!" Harry yelled.

Tom, the bartender, looked at Harry and calmly said "Actually it's on the house"

Everyone started cheering. Harry sauntered up to the bar counter and said thanks and waited for Tom to fill the drinks, still grinning. He didn't even notice the person beside him until he heard the familiar drawl "So the Golden Boy finally beat the Dark Lord." Harry glanced at the blonde "Draco Malfoy, I heard you turned spy"

Malfoy looked at Harry, studying him. "I did." He said simply.

Harry nodded his head at him then took the drinks and walked back over to his friends.

"What did Malfoy have to say?" Neville asked.

Harry looked back over to the blonde "Nothing much, just basically a hello, Malfoy style"

Neville nodded and then they went back to celebrating. Harry constantly went up to get drinks for the rest of the night and every time he and Malfoy would exchange a few words. By two am everyone was piss drunk. They decided to go back to Burrow to let the family know about the good news. As the group was walking out the door Malfoy grabbed Harry, without anyone else noticing, and pulled him to the ally way and pushed him against the wall. He looked into Harry's emerald eyes for a second before he pressed his lips against Harry's.

Oh my .. was about all Harry could think. He felt Malfoy's lips against his, Malfoy's tongue pushing gently at Harry's lips, asking for permission. Harry sighed and opened his lips to allow entrance. Malfoy slipped his tongue in and began ravishing Harry's mouth. It feels so good Harry thought and groaned. He wrapped his arms around the blonde pulling him closer. Malfoy started running his hands across Harry's chest, slipping under his shirt and continued exploring. Everywhere Malfoy touched felt like a little trail of fire. Harry had never felt so good. He tilted his head a bit to allow better entrance and deepened the kiss. Malfoy was now pushing Harry into the wall but Harry didn't care. Harry's hands were tugging on Malfoy's silky locks. The blonde made a sound of pleasure that sent Harry wild. When they pulled away they were both breathing heavily. They looked at each other, both pair of eyes glazed with pleasure.

"Want to continue this somewhere a little more private?" Malfoy asked in a husky voice. Harry wanted to jump him right there. He looked around and decided that somewhere private sounded good.

"Just give me a sec" Harry said. Draco caught his hand, Harry turned back around and kissed him quickly on the lips "just one sec, I need to tell the others I'm going home, wouldn't do if they go looking for me" he said and gave Malfoy a mischievous grin. Draco nodded quickly and let go of Harry's hand.

As promised Harry ran to his friends and made up a story about needing to get rest because of the magic drain from the fight. No one seemed to mind this or notice Harry's slightly bruised lips. Harry said his goodbyes then ran back to where Malfoy was waiting. Malfoy smiled at him and Harry could feel his heart give a little jump. God, he's gorgeous.

They apparated to Malfoy's flat. Malfoy grabbed his hand and pulled him through the flat to his bedroom. Harry could feel his heart beating so fast like it was going to jump out of his chest.

Harry had only realized that he was into wizards six months ago after his and Ginny's first time. They had ended the relationship soon after that. This would be Harry's first time with a man and oh god, it's with Malfoy. Harry thought for a breath of a second about just running home, but one look at Malfoy's sexy smile and he was lost.

Malfoy pulled him close and began kissing down his neck. Soft butterfly kisses that set Harry's skin on fire. He put his hands on either side of Malfoy's face and pulled Malfoy's lips to his and he kissed hard and passionately. Malfoy opened his mouth and Harry slipped his tongue in while pushing Malfoy down on the bed and began kissing deeper. Malfoy let out a moan and then they started a fight for dominance with their tongues. Harry pulled away panting, lost to lust, he didn't notice really what he was doing, he just wanted to make Draco feel good.

He started kissing down Draco's jaw line and down his throat. Harry swore he heard Draco purr. His hands began unbuttoning Draco's silk shirt and tossed it to the side without a thought. He continued kissing down Draco's chest, when he came to Draco's nipple, he paused. I wonder if this feels good… he gently pinched the nipple, when Draco let out a soft "ah" Harry smiled. He pulled at it with his teeth gently then started working it with his tongue while his other hand messaged Draco's other nipple. Draco arched his back slightly and let out a small "ah, Harry" Harry could feel his groin area begin to get tight.

He bit his lip and let his hand slip towards Draco's pants. When he found a buckle preventing access, without thinking he wandlessly banished the belt and pants away. His hand slipped under Draco's boxers and found his errection already starting to get wet. Harry smiled devilishly as he gently began stoking it. Draco let out a surprised gasp and arched his back again. Harry claimed Draco's lips and started kissing him furiously while speeding up his hand movements. He felt Draco start to whimper and shudder underneath him. He let out the most amazing sex sounds Harry had ever heard (Not hard as Draco was only his second, but that doesn't matter!) Harry felt almost ready to come just by watching Draco's pleasure.

Draco started gasping and panting heavier and Harry pulled on his lower lip. Harry softly kissed his way to Draco's ear, never letting up his hand movement, and gently nipped Draco's earlobe, he softly whispered into Draco's ear "Cum for me Draco" in a deep husky voice. Draco came, hard, shuddering violently beneath Harry. Harry let him rid his ecstasy until he had finished, then started licking the cum off his fingers. He watched as Draco bit his lower lip and watched him clean his hands with his tongue. He heard Draco growl then was flipped onto his back.

"Can you do better, Dragon?" Harry purred into Draco's ear, then laid back and gazed up at Draco. Harry couldn't remember the last time he had had so much fun. Watching Draco cum beneath him made him feel powerful and excited, being able to see this side of the normally cool and collected Malfoy heir.

He wanted to see what Draco would do with his challenge and he wasn't disappointed. He watched as Draco started scooting down the bed, closer to Harry's groin, he closed his eyes and felt as Draco stripped him of his pants (his shirt had been banished some time before.) He felt as Draco gently grabbed his cock and began moving his hand. It was too gentle for Harry's taste. After the somewhat violent life Harry had led, he had gotten use to roughness.

"More, harder" Harry hoarsely said.

Draco stopped for a moment and Harry let out a sound at the loss, then he felt as Draco closed his mouth around Harry's erection and gasped. Harry couldn't explain the feeling of Draco sucking on his cock, it was just amazing. Harry felt himself start to shiver and shudder as Draco deepened his hold on Harry. He felt himself start to buck into Draco's mouth, he also heard Draco start to chuckle, which just resonated through Harry starting at his crotch. Draco started to do something incredible with his tongue on the tip of Harry's cock and he couldn't hold it anymore.

"Le- let go! I'm about to" he gasped "cum" he felt as his pleasure reached the max and he was lost in a white haze. It seemed to last for eternity bound in a second.

Harry was left panting and shuddering occasionally. He looked at Draco, who had messy dishevelled hair and Harry swore he heard his heart swoon. Draco looked like a god in bed sheets; he suddenly wanted to be even closer to Draco.

Draco seemed to have the same idea. He covered two of his fingers with cum and whispered into to Harry's ear "Relax and take a deep breath." Harry did as asked and he felt as Draco slipped a finger into his anus. He heard himself gasp then heard Draco say "relax" again and Harry tried hard to do as asked. He took a couple deep breaths and slowly got used to the feel of Draco's finger. He felt as Draco tapped on his lips and opened his eyes. He realized that Draco was looking down at him and Harry was suddenly lost in Draco's mercury storming eyes. He let out a soft sigh and felt as Draco added another finger.

Draco leaned down and started kissing Harry again; Harry idly wondered what it would feel like with a tongue ring. His thoughts were stopped as Draco hit a pleasure point. Harry moaned into his bed partners' mouth, Draco hit it again and again.

Harry turned his mouth away to let out his gasps and whimpers but Draco captured h is lips again. Harry felt himself to push down on Draco's fingers. Harder! Harry thought faster! More! Ah! Ah! My fucking god! Ah!

"Harry let out your voice" Draco commanded into Harry's ear. Harry tried to listen but couldn't seem to move the arm he was biting into. Harry could himself start to reach his max again.

"Ah! Draco, I'm about to cum!" Harry started panting out. Draco quickly pulled out his fingers.

"What the hell are you doing!" Harry practically yelled at Draco.

Draco flashed a dazzling smile "I'm going to make it better, do you trust me, Harry?"

Harry bit his lower lip, could he? He didn't know, but right now he thought he could. Harry nodded his head.

Draco smiled again and conjured a string and tied it around Harry's cock. Ah, what the hell is he doing? He felt like he was about to explode. Draco slipped his fingers out and positioned himself. He lifted Harry's legs up a bit. He looked into the forest green eyes and whispered "Hold your breath."

Harry once again did as told, he felt as he and Draco became one. Slowly Draco pushed deeper in and Harry gasped and felt as tears started to fall down his cheeks. It hurts! He thought. He felt as Draco started to move and wanted to scream out for him to stop. Draco untied the string that was holding the pleasure in limbo and began stoking again. Slowly the pleasure started to come back. Draco hit the sweet spot again and suddenly Harry melted.

Fuck whatever he said about pleasure and ecstasy before. This! This is what it feels like. The pain had suddenly melted away into the most incredible pleasure he had ever felt before. Draco started thrusting faster and deeper and Harry couldn't keep in his voice anymore.

"Ah, Draco! That's amazing, fuck, so good" he grunted and started pushing down on Draco. Draco also couldn't keep his voice in and together they sang into the night with pleasure. They entwined their hands and as they came, they both screamed out the other's name.

Both breathing heavily took a couple seconds to recover before turnig to the other and saying "again." For the rest of the night they fucked like no tomorrow.

In the morning Harry woke up to sunlight on his face. He smiled and hugged his pillow. When he turned the other way he noticed that this wasn't his room. He sat up suddenly and looked around. Oh my fuck, what have I done? He thought as he realized what he had done last night. With Malfoy! Oh god! What was he going to say… He realized he wouldn't have to say anything because Draco had apparently left.

"Well!" Harry said to himself "I'm not sure that I'm pleased or pissed off that he's not here." He walked around the room and noticed breakfast sitting on the kitchen table with a note.

Thanks for last night.


Okay, slightly pissed. Harry looked at the breakfast, scrambled eggs with French toast, bacon and sausage, and frowned. He didn't feel like eating. He didn't notice much of the flat as he left, he had a killer headache. He had to get home to take a potion and then sleep the rest of the day away. When he thought about it in later years he realized he had no idea where Draco's flat was because he was too out of it to care. How he would dread that realization for a good few months afterward.

Harry had decided to tell no one about his night of passion with Draco and let it fade into a happy if slightly embarrassing memory.

Months later when Harry was training for a Quidditch national tryout he threw up and then fainted on the pitch of Hogwarts. He was rushed to Madam Pomfrey by Headmaster Snape. She took an hour doing diagnostic tests. When she couldn't seem to find out what was wrong with him she asked Snape to explain how Harry had been feeling the last couple of days. Snape crudely remarked that how was he supposed to know, when Madam Pomfrey glared at him he mentioned that someone had seen him throwing up the last couple of mornings and again on the pitch. Madam Pomfrey quickly nodded and banned Snape from her hospital. She turned to Harry and preformed a test she couldn't believe she was performing.

When Harry woke up a couple of hours later Madam Pomfrey had a potion waiting. Without thinking, Harry took it and drank it. Madam Pomfrey did a few tests on Harry and nodded in satisfaction.

"Harry, dear, I need to tell you something. I want you to take a deep breath"

Harry took a deep breath getting a little worried. "What is wrong with me Ma'am?" he asked a little softly.

Madam Pomfrey smiled, "nothing is wrong with you dear, it's great news actually."

Harry nodded.

Madam Pomfrey took a deep breath "Harry you're pregnant."

Harry fainted.