Summary: After the defeat of Voldermort everyone goes out to celebrate. Some drink the night away, others propose, while some decide to spend the night in pleasure. Months later after a night of passion with Draco Malfoy, Harry finds himself expecting.

Pairings: HP/DM HP/? DM/? RW/HG

Warnings: Will have slash, that is male with a male, this is MPREG, which means there will be a male pregnant.

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Chapter 5: Getting Ready and The Awkward Talk

Draco fixed his hair for what seemed like the tenth time. The strand of hair just would not stay in place, at least to his eyes. Out of the corner of his eye he could see Blaise looking at him in amusement and exasperation. To the outside world he seemed detached and self-conceited, vain, and he was for the most part. He just did not want to be here but to do his duty he had to be.

To find a wife he had to attend the engagement ball. It did not matter what his thoughts were about the manner, he needed a bride to have an heir with to continue the line. Then he could do what he wanted for the most part. It would seem like a cruel and demanding life to some but to him and other purebloods it was the way they were raised. Family and blood first, always.

That was probably something that Harry and his friends never understood. Ron, even being a pureblood was not of the same cast. His family had lost their fortune some time ago and no longer held to the rigorous beliefs that others of their former station did.

Money was important for the sole purpose of gaining prestigious and taking care of one's family. It is an undeniable truth that money gets you much further places than anything else. His Father had proved that for years when he held the Minister in his pocket.

Draco felt his blood start to boil. His Father had taught him never to bow down to anyone and then he goes and becomes a hypocrite by falling to his knees to a psychotic man. But he shouldn't blame his Father too much in the end he understood that he and Mother were always in danger of being killed if Father betrayed the Dark Lord. Still, it filled him with disgust and anger and not a little humiliation.

As he draped his cloak over his shoulders he idly wondered what it would be like not to be the Malfoy Heir, to not have the weight of the responsibility that came with it on his shoulders. What it would have been like to be carefree and uncontrolled. Then he shook his head, he loved his life, he could have done without the Dark Lord, but his life is quite fantastic.

He looked over to Blaise and nodded. It was time to leave, to go and find a bride.

To fulfill his responsibility.

Dark tussled hair and mischievous green eyes flashed in his mind and he had to stop his breath from catching. It had been a breathtaking night; one he had thought would never happen. One that would never happen again. He felt a small pang in his heart. He frowned and wondered if he had eaten something bad. For of course Draco had never felt this feeling before and did not understand what it was he felt. So bad indigestion was what his mind supplied. He subtly shrugged his shoulders as if shaking off the feeling.

Tonight he would dance and scout.

For possibly by the end of the night he would be engaged.

He walked over the Floo and picked up a handful of floo powder and tossed into the fire.

"Levant's Manor!" he called in a clear voice.

Harry absent-mindedly wondered around his little flat cleaning this and that. Without notice his left hand rested on his stomach. In his mind he could picture a little spark of life. It must have been an hour before Hermione became fed up.


"Harry" she called again, still nothing. Harry was lifting a lamp, then caused it to hover without thought and dusted the table it rested on. Hermione thought it was amusing that Harry seemed to be oblivious to this fact or that he wasn't using both hands. She decided she needed to try a different way.

"Harry, why is the kitchen smoking?"

Harry turned to face her "Huh?" the look of realization and horror that came to his face was almost too much. He dropped his duster and ran to the kitchen, the lamp floating down gently before wobbling and crashing to the ground.

Hermione was stifling snickers when Harry came back in with a miffed look on his face.

"That was not funny, I actually thought something was burning." He huffed out and crossed his arms.

Hermione grinned up at him, "well it is all your fault, I kept calling you and you wouldn't respond. Would you rather I zapped you? I could next time."

Harry hastily retreated behind the couch "no, no I'm good. Besides we don't know what would happen to the baby. You don't want to be responsible if something happens, right?" He looked at her mock sternly.

She sighed. Honestly. She rolled her eyes "Like I would do anything to hurt the baby. Next time you better just answer me." She hid a smile by looking down "I didn't mean to intrude into your happy cleaning time," she looked back up at him, hints of a smile still lingering "but I was just wondering if you were still coming over to our place for dinner tonight?"

"Of course I am, this is to celebrate your guys engagement, of course I'd be there."

Hermione smiled again noticing that Harry's hand was resting on his stomach again. She was so excited for her friend, even if how he got knocked up are weird and very unexpected for both of them. She had never heard of male pregnancies before. She had researched about them extensively and felt prepared to help Harry through this. Speaking of…

"So, I found out more about creatures who can impregnate males." Harry came to sit beside her, cleaning forgotten.

"Well?" He asked a tad impatiently

"Well," she drew out the word, Harry gave her a look "turns out that a lot of creatures can get a guy pregnant. Veela's, Draken hybrids, Ravclaws, Stiffiens, Mer Folk, Dracoons, are just a few. So I've looked up what is known about the Malfoy family and there are rumors throughout the books that suggest they have Veela and possibly Siren blood in them. So it is possible that he could have gotten you pregnant." She took a breath "Now. I want to talk about why you didn't use protection. Or if you did…" she blushed "let's just talk about the night in general and why you lied to us." Here she gave him a stern look.

Damn Harry thought, she was in her lecture mode. He would have to tread carefully.

"First, I didn't tell any of you because it was Malfoy and that just would not have gone over well." He looked down at his hands, he wasn't ashamed of what he had done, but now he had to tell her he hadn't used a condom. He could feel his face begin to heat as he thought about that night. Pale hair, heavy breathing, skin against skin. Harry moaned in his mind.

"Oi! Harry. For Merlin's sake! HARRY!"

"What?!" Harry asked startled.

Hermione gave him a very unimpressed stare "if this is a cause of the pregnancy I swear I will find some way to get your attention that is baby safe and you will not like it! Now, continue!"

Harry grimaced, he had been thinking about sex with Hermione here. Gross.

"We didn't use a condom, it was spur of the moment and we didn't really think about it, or anything at all really. I really should have, then I wouldn't be in this situation in the first place." He tapped his fingers against his leg. He suddenly wanted to be alone.

"Uh, I think that was all your questions, oh wait. The actual sex was great, it hurt a lot at first but then it just mixed in with the pleasure. Um… that is all really… do we have to keep talking about this?"

Harry was flustered and embarrassed, Hermione was his sister beyond blood and this was just weird.

Hermione was also highly embarrassed "yes, please, lets forget I asked." She looked a little uncomfortable

"Ron is a great lover… it was a bit painful as well at first but he took it away, and the orgasmin, I never thought-"

"Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Shut up! I don't want to hear this!" Harry stood suddenly and started pacing.

I did not just hear that, I did not just hear that repeated in his head.

"I'm sorry!" Hermione yelled embarrassed and flustered.

"I, uh, just wanted to make us even. Oh Merlin, don't tell Ron I told you!" she pleaded.

Harry looked at her in horror "tell him? Never! I probably can't even look him in face now!"

Oh Merlin, her and Ron in the sheets, he suddenly had the urge to gag. He placed his hand on his stomach as if to hold his lunch in. Never, ever want to hear about that again!

"How about this, I won't tell you the details about my sex life and you do the same, deal?"

Hermione nodded and fiddled with her hands, not looking at Harry.

"Sorry" she said quietly.

"It's alight. Just never talk about it again."

They sat in awkward silence.

Harry stared up at the celling.

"Do you want some tea?" He asked still looking at the celling.

"Um, no," she laughed "I actually have to go now; I'm meeting up with Ron to talk about wedding stuff."

Harry nodded and walked Hermione to the floo, ignoring her blush. He bent down and quickly pecked her on the cheek. Hermione gasped and put a hand to her check. Harry smiled.

"Congratulation again"

She beamed "thanks!" she chirped. She took a hand full of floo powder and tossed in into the fire.

"The Burrow!" she called out and was wisped away.

Harry let out a gust of air and collapsed on the couch. That was one of the most embarrassing things that have ever happened to him. Unbridled his mind wondered to how the two would have sex. Ron would lower Hermione slowly to the bed; they would strip each other slowly. Ron's hand would lower to her thigh, and then slide up and stopping right there. Go wash your mind with soap right now! Horrifying! Stop thinking about it!

Taking deep breaths Harry felt a calm sweep over him. He suddenly felt very tired. He decided that the couch was comfy and closed his eyes.

He slowly drifted off to sleep and began to dream of a ball with people dressed in fancy robes and dancing figures. He drifted into the land of dreams surrounded with music and laughter.

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