A bead of sweat rolled down his forehead, the glow of red and green reflecting on the glimmering trail it left behind as it made its way over the sowilo scar on his forehead. His brow was strained tight, accompanying his determined grimace as his spell fought the current of the impending curse.

Harry knew it was almost over. Voldemort was a lost cause, a dead man walking. All he had to do was force his EXPELLIARMUS hard enough to make the mans killing curse rebound. Nagini was dead and to his disgust, the monster had not shed a damned ounce of concern other than for his own shattered soul.

Blood red eyes glared back at him, burning with hatred and utterly swimming with self doubt, and the sight of a tear brimming in his right eye gave him newborn confidence. Was Tom truly that aware of his imminent death? Was he truly that afraid? He couldn't help it; a malicious smirk spread over his lips. The bastard would finally die.

"Just let go, Tom! Accept defeat and end your pitiful existence!" he taunted, quoting the mans own words.

Harry expected the man to be angry, to feel the bite of irony and become enraged by it. And indeed he did, but Voldemort did not make the hasty mistake he had envisioned. He knew he had committed a grave error when his opponent roared out, eyes ablaze and the electric green of his killing curse abruptly flowed into a venomous, amethyst purple.

Harry could almost feel his pupils shrink as the unfamiliar curse burst forth and hit him square in the chest, propelling his body into the air and slamming him into the wall with a sickening thud.

He lost consciousness instantly.

It was with a great jolt that he came to, and immediately he could feel that something was wrong. And one second later, he remembered what had happened. But the fear he felt was nothing compared to what consumed him when he looked up to see a pile of corpses where his friends once stood. Words could not describe the sobbs that wrenched from his heart as he hung his head in despair, just then noticing, but not caring that his hands were bound behind him.

"were sorry harry…were so sorry…" wept a familiar voice beside him. Harry passed it off as a hallucination, having obviously gone insane with greif and let out a choked cry. He'd failed to save them. They had counted on him and he had betrayed them utterly…there was nobody left…

"It's alright mate." Ron's voice echoed in his ears. "we'll get out o' this. I reckon we got a good chance." there was a lack of hope in his encouragement. Ron's voice knew it was impossible. Not even for him. His last trump card had been spent.

"don't worry harry." oh Neville…Neville you were so fucking amazing today. You made your parents proud.

"You'll get to see your mum…" a dreamy voice purred. "and Sirius again. I always wanted to meet him." harry felt a nudge on his shoulder and his head snapped up, his sobbs abruptly cutting off and he looked over. Luna! And Neville! He looked to his left and saw ron and Hermione all four bound and on their knees on either side of him.

"oh Merlin your alive!" He exclaimed with relief. Ron smiled morbidly, his voice falsely cheerful.

"Course we are mate. What, did you think we'd be taken down that easily?"

"Shut up!" ron flinched when a hand slapped the back of his head. "Your Lord speaks!"

"Piss off ya' fuckin twat!" ron retorted, earning himself a much harder slap to his face.


Harry almost laughed. Typical Ron, even as they were about to die, he was strong and stubborn to the end.

The minuts went by slowly as they knelt there, watching the dark lord speak his drivel to the congregation of dark wizards and creatures. The coming of the Dark age and the dawn of pureblood supremacy. It was quite boring if not sickening to listen too. Harry joked to himself that if that was what the future was to be like, he was glad to be leaving it.

"…But harry potter….despite all my efforts….still refuses to die." Harry's interest peaked. He couldn't kill him? Still? How is that possible?

"I should have seen it." The dark lord drawled. "but it was a necessary error. And a beneficial one." Harry refused to cringe when the monster made towards him and crouched down, pinching his chin in his spidery fingers to lift his head for all to see. "Because now, he will watch as his world crumbles in wake of mine…from the window of my bed chaimber."

Harry's blood froze in his veins. And suddenly, death seemed a much preferable fate.

"after all…" Harry couldn't stop himself from cringing in disgust and horror when voldemort spoke only millimeters from his ear. "I have emptied this savior of his purpose. It is my duty to fill him with new meaning."

Laughter rang through the demolished courtyard, stinging his ears as he was lifted up, and he couldn't bring himself to protest and remained limp as they cut his bonds and tossed him to the gound at voldemorts feet.

"You must wonder why I kept your little family of blood traitors and mud bloods alive, harry." Harry straightened up at this and gathered himself to his feet. His friends were still there…he needed to show strength. Set an example. Let them know he refused to be broken while they still lived All for them, all for them. He looked into voldemorts eyes defiantly, only to be met with a sadistic smirk.

"Knowing you, its to have me watch as they die." he spat.

"Why, no." tom patted his cheek in mock affection. "not at all. That would only relive you to know they no longer suffered. Why would I make them martyrs for you to use to embellish your flase hope?" Red eyes darkened to maroon and harry felt the tip of the elder wand under his chin. "oh no dear child…they are witnesses to your first act as a member of my new society."


"MAGNACORPUS!" Harry felt a wave of agony spread through him, branching from his spine like a web through his body until every inch of him felt as if he was being electrocuted. He only realized he had fallen to the ground curling into a fetal position when it stopped as suddenly as it had started. He felt no different. Was it a simple pain spell? That couldn't be it.

"what did you-"

"get on your knees and look at me." Harry's voice was cut off by a groan as a jolt of that same electricity shot through his spine, though not nearly bad enough to even be called pain. To his horror, his body began moving, as if by its own accord and soon he was kneeling, staring at the filthy snake and unable to look away. Voldemort spoke again, this time to the crowd.

"How fortunate am I to have discovered Potter's immunity to the imperious?" he walked in a circle around harry, whose eyes followed, never looking away. "it drove me to create a curse that is far more satisfying."

"The boy is of strong mind, but the Coercendus curse does not effect it. It only controls the bodily functions, the chemical makeup and the impulses of the locomotive aspects of the brain." he turned to harry again and grinned most grotesquely. "for example…if I were to say to him 'break your left wrist.'"

Harry watched, numb with shock as his right hand grabbed his left and snapped it back, forcing a cry of pain from his lips as the sensation of breaking bones shot up his arm with a nasty crunch..

"Harry!" Hermione shrieked as he doubled over, gasping in efforts to keep from screaming like he wanted too. He could hear his friend sobbing. "…oh harry…harry, no…"

"- he will do it." voldemort continued. "But that is not the most exciting part." harry lifted himself up with no small effort and glared hatefully at his nemisis. "No, the most delicious aspect of this curse, is that he is completely aware of everything, his mindset does not change unless you acknowledge the self hatred, and disgust that grows with each passing moment."

"the only downside is that all commands must be given virbally. Quite tedious. But I have found a way around that as well." harry grimaced, when a spindly finger traced the outline of his cheek. "Because you will obey every whim that comes to my mind."

"Yes, my lord." Harry tried to shut off his ears as he spoke those words with such reverence it put bellatrix to shame.

"isn't this a pretty picture." voldemort purred. "unmatched adoration in your voice, yet as you speak your expression is that of a boy determined to slaughter me." He then glanced to harrys missaligned wrist. "Heal." And much to harrys surprise, his wrist snapped back into place with a crack and itched as the bone mended itself.

"My Lord!" bellatrix all but giggled, "My Lord! Humiliate him!" she began to bounce on the tips of her heels. "Make him kiss your robes! Have him worship you before his little friends! We beg you!"

Voldemort chuckled; such outbursts bothered him little at the moment. He was in the highest of spirits. But he had a much more delightful task for the boy who lived.

"ah bellatrix…" he hummed. "such a beautifully sadistic proposal." he turned to her and reached out, beckoning her forward. She eagerly complied, sighing wantonly as he stroked her cheek with his knuckles in a gesture of adoration he could never really feel. "But I have something better in mind…" his voice was like silk as he spoke to her, as if to a lover. "why don't you help the poor child out of his robes; they are tainted with the blood of filth. We would not want him to become ill." With a squeal, the woman practically skipped to the kneeling boy and tore the clothing from his back. Harry was forced to stand and allow it when she relived him of his pants and underwear.

Harrys eyes practically glowed with loathing and as his body removed his shoes he lifted his arm, moving to strike her in an act of defiance that was soely to satisfy his vain need for retortion against the bitch.

But instead of the brutal impact he intended, his hand slipped into her hair and he found himself pulling her into a heated and passionate kiss. He could hear his friends enraged outcry, thankful that they shouted not at him, but the bastard serpent who was determined to break him down until he knew nothing but shame and disgust.

When he was finally allowed to pull away, his voice rang out in a deep and seductive purr.

"A reward for your loyalty, my lovely Bella." Her eyes all but rolled back into her head as she melted out of harrys arms and down to voldemorts feet, where she all but wrapped her arms around his legs.

Harry spat on the ground and wiped his lips clean with the side of his thumb in disgust. But he refused to say a word. He knew his situation was precarious. Only an idiot wouldn't realise that this was only a taste of what was to come. But he refused to be bated. He had already allowed himself his moment of self pity. Now was the time to stand up and take this like a man. He felt his chest swell with pride as he stood there, almost daring Tom to do his worst. He would take it; he had no choice. But he would retain his dignity as best he could. He refused to grovel, he refused to beg. Unless the spell forced him to, he would never give in to anything. He knew it was stupid really the way he glared daggers at the Dark Lord as he was forced to kneel at his feet once more, but this idiotic grasp around his pride was all he had left besides the people behind him. He would show them that his mind could not be broken, no matter what they do to his body.