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so without further ado. part three.

Draco knelt there in his cell, hands wrapped around the bars of the cell wall so tightly his knuckles had turned white. His eyes were bloodshot and crusted with freshly dried tears, and they bore an expression of shock and horrific disbelief.

Harry….the only friend he had left, was laying in a pool of semen and piss, most of which was not his own. His breathing was ragged and labored and it shook his entire body as he shifted little by little, gasping in what must have been the greatest of agony when he dared move too much. In his terror, draco had no knowledge of the fact that he had been mumbling to him for at least an hour.

"…so sorry…sorry…sorry…im so sorry…harry…harry im so-"

Harry himself could hear every word, and it consumed his mind, giving him some seed inspiration, which seemed to distract him somewhat from the pain that wracked his broken body. He could feel everything…his bleeding and torn rear, his punctured lungs and broken ribs, the patches of scalp bleeding from the hair pulling, his missing fingernails from clawing for escape, the bruises that covered his entire body, the gashes upon his back that had since blossomed open to reveal muscle and bone…his penis, which was no doubt mauled beyond recognition, had no feeling…it was nothing but dead tissue now. The seed grew, sprouting from the depths of his dead heart and spread throughout his whole being like poisonous fire, consuming him utterly.

"D-…dr….a-co…" was all he managed to choke out of his profusely bleeding throat as blood dribbled from his lips. He just needed to touch him before he died, which would be, he knew, in only moments.

…that's all he needed…just a small touch…

The sight of harrys movement stopped the mumbling immediately and in an instant draco was pressing his face to the bars.

"Harry…" he was unsure weather it was joy or sorrow he felt that Harry was still alive as he watched a broken arm reach for him so slowly it was hard to tell it was even moving at all. Draco took the hint and bent down to the floor and reached as well, their fingers almost touching…almost there…just one more inch…

The moment their fingers touched, draco collapsed into unconsiousness. The last thing he saw was a dark shadow with eyes like the killing curse.


Harry spat on the ground, blood dribbling from his freshly busted lip and sneered at the men standing over him. His furious growl shifted to a hiss when a hand fisted into his hair and pulled his head back forcing him to look at the werewolf who squatted down to his level, leering at him hungrily.

"Just because the dark lord wont transfer control of your curse to us doesn't mean we cant motivate you to cooperate."

Draco held his hands over his ears from where he sat facing the corner. He refused to see or hear it…he would give his friend that much.

harry gave him a crooked grin.

"What are you trying to accomplish, fenrir?" he shifted, struggling against the ropes around his wrists behind him. "some twisted form of revenge for killing your mate in the battle?" Fenrir snarled and stood up bringing his claws in contact with harrys cheek, harry only chuckled emptily

"Heh heh…seems I've hit a ner-hnlgh!" his taunt was cut off by a hand around his throat, completely cutting off his airway as he was picked up and slammed against the stone wall.

"Don't get so high and mighty you little shite!" he growled, barely above a whisper, sounding more amused than angry. harry's feet scraped against the wall, desperately trying to relive the pressure on his trachea and hot breath assaulted his neck and a pair of scarred lips brushed his ear. "Were simply here because we've been craving a good rut." a gnarled hand slid down the side of harrys thigh and cupped his right ass cheek, claws pressing into his flesh. "and this piece of ass just begs to be fucked doesn't it?"

Harry's eyes narrowed in one swift motion, he brought his knee up into fenrirs swollen groin. The hand released him and harry collapsed to the floor gasping and hacking on his first breath in what seemed like ages to his lungs.


There was a crack and harry felt his head impact the floor, blood gushing over his face from his now broken nose.

"Get this pup to his knees." a hand tugging his hair again and he was being dragged across the dungeon floor and lifted up into a terribly uncomfortable position, his neck straining against the force pulling his head back painfully. "were going to house train this cub until he knows who master is…aren't we boy?"

"f-fuck you…" harry hissed out a humorless chuckle, blood spraying from his lips. "you'll be loosing mor'n your dicks in the process." and for extra emphasis, he grinned and licked his teeth, already bloody from sinking into Yaxley's arm, which was now missing a small chunk of flesh.

Fenrir gave him a mocking nod eyes wide, as if silently chastising a child for being so foolish.

"Is that so?" he kept his gaze in place as he lifted a hand beckoning forward a pair of lesser death eaters who dragged in a small girl, possibly no older than nine or ten who was sobbing loudly, a cloth gag across her mouth. Har4rys pupils dilated and widened in absolute disbelief. They wouldn't dare! The poor child's hair was still smooth and shiny, if not a bit disheveled her face nearly unblemished. They had only just captured her.

Fenrir bend down and pinched her chin in his clawed fingers, licking her cheek, causing the poor girl to tremble in terror.

"I suppose she'll cooperate better, don't you think?

"You wouldn't." harry's voice was dark and threatening. But empty as the threat it offered. His answer was a hand disappearing beneath her frilly dress.

"NO! DON'T!"

The hand retreated and fenrir gave Harry a lusty grin that promised much more than he could even imagine.

"We have your cooperation then?" Harry shook where he knelt and looked into the poor Childs frightened eyes and knew he would regret it as much as she would appreciate it…if they even let her go…


There was no hesitation; his hands were unbound, the girl was carried out and clothes were shed. A circle of men gathered around him as he knelt unmoving, waiting for his first command. If he survived this he knew he would die by the end of the night regardless. This was something he would never live with, refused too. He noted everyone present, making sure he knew their faces, just in case it may come in handy before…well before everything was over.

To his right were Rowle, Rookwood, and Scabior. His left was flanked by Dolohov and the Lestrange brothers. Behind him was Yaxley, the Carrows and Malfoy. Of course, their leader was Fenrir, who took the front.

He wanted to think he had any sense of pride left, and that's what mad him strong enough to endure what was about to happen. But he knew it was a fools hope. He had nothing, no pride, no dignity, no will to live. It was simply his own stupid value of that girls life, a girl he never bet before and would never see again, his stupid hero complex. His lips quirked into a shadow of a smile. That girl would have another day to live, another chance to escape…he was doing the right thing…and he was glad.

As they closed in on him, a swarm of cocks shoving themselves in his face, some form of stubborn insanity took over him. This was no different from what life at the Dursleys was like, sure it was chores and cooking there. But he took pride in his work, no matter how grudgingly he did it. Could he take pride in saving this girl through his own humiliation?

he lifted a hand to take the nearest member in his grasp and he imagined the girls face one more time. He wasn't sure if he could…

Fuck it.

He took the cock and guided it to his open mouth, dragging his tongue across it while taking another in the opposite hand and did the same as a slew of lengths in various sizes pressed into his open mouth, or slid over his tongue, slapping his cheek. He drowned out everything in his mind. He had already reached the point of changing his mind. but he couldn't back out now. So he shut himself off, not allowing anything but his animal instincts to be conscious.

It was overwhelming, every time he managed to get the head of a cock into his mouth, sucking on it as he dragged it out of his mouth, another was already in his face and he moved to do the same to that one. Sometimes spending more time on them, enough to take the entire cock into his throat and give it a swallow or two before he gave a pair of balls a flicker of his tongue. He didn't even notice his own moaning, and when he opened his eyes in surprise when he felt himself being lifted, then lowered onto the shaft of a man who had slid under him, he hadn't even realized he had closed them.

The pressure inside him was painful to say the least, as if a white hot poker was stretching his insides as it thrust into him, and his moans turned into pained whimpers, unable to do much else in protest due to the two cocks that had managed to thrust into his mouth in unison. Nor could he lift himself away when something warm and far too thin to be semen filled him, spilling out down his thighs, he cringed in disgust, but it was short lived as both members left his mouth and did the same to his still open mouth making him gag on the salty dirt-like taste. He tried to shut his mouth but once more his mouth was filled, and the stream kept coming and he was forced to swallow, tears flowing liberally from his green eyes, his glasses having fallen off at some point.

When it was finally over the swarm of cocks assaulted him again and he had to continue as before, this time getting small tastes of precum and on occasion a mouth or face full of semen, which dripped from his cheeks and lips, mixing with his tears. The thrusting in his ass was no longer painful but it grew harder. There was a small "Engorgio" and a pair of hands gripped his thighs hard enough to leave bruises and began guiding him up and down, forcing him to fuck himself on the now much more painfully swollen cock, making him shriek and writhe in protest. This only seemed to encourage them and soon he had been pushed onto his back, legs lifted to his chest and a second length entered him, slamming against his prostate on its first attempt, sending such a wave of pain and pleasure through him that he arched off of the chest under him and dragged his nails over the floor, not even feeling one of his nails cracking from the pressure.

What seemed like hours…no days went by as he screamed and clawed at the men inside him, a pair of blunt teeth sinking into his neck at one point. He felt several pairs of hands flipping him over onto his stomach and lifting one leg into the air and a third managed to press in with no small amount of difficulty and soon joined the other two in stretching the now bleeding ass as they pounded without mercy, one by one emptying their load into him and pulling out still just as hard. The one who had engorged himself, Dolohov, returned himself to his normal size nickering as he pulled out last, harry whimpering in what even he didn't know was in agony, relief or disappointment. Perhaps all three.

He lay there on the floor, pink semen pooling under his ass, one leg bent and lifted, the other sprawled onto the floor as he panted, gasping to get a full breath when a foot collided with his side, something inside him feeling it much more than he should have. A rib had broken.

"get up, slut…" harry groaned in protest; but, shivering he managed to get to his feet before another death eater crushed the air out of his lungs with another kick, this one to his stomach, sending him to the floor.

"I sad GET UP!" harry gasped, mouth gaping like a fish out of water as he struggled, finally succeeding in sitting, hands propping him up from behind like kickstands. He could hardly hold his head up he was already so exhausted. A booted foot came into his line of vision and nudged the erection he hadn't even known he had, and was now ashamed of.

"seems like you have a problem there slut…." it was Lucius' voice…he would recognize it anywhere. "why don't you bend over and get rid of it?" Harry looked up at him in confusion. Bend over and what?

A foot pressed him forward from his back and he found himself bent over so sharply his dick was now in his face. He had no idea this was even possible, but now he knew what they wanted him to do.

With a thick swallow, he rid himself once more of any cognitive thought and took his own cock into his mouth, sucking and flickering his tongue over the length balls deep and began bobbing his head, unable to keep the rather loud sounds of appreciation from escaping his throat. He couldn't help that it felt good…no matter how degrading it was.

He lowered his head down as far as he could and scraped his teeth feather light over the underside, caving his cheeks in as his enthusiasm built up. Moans echoed around him and he felt his hair being lifted and magicked back, revealing his face as he serviced himself and when he glanced up, he saw most of the men jerking themselves off, several muttering and one cumming right then and there, apparently from the look of his own face when he had looked up, and semen splashed onto his shoulder and back. He was unsure why, but the sound of the man when he came, mixed with the feel of his own tongue, flickering over his slit, he gave a great shudder, his balls emptying themselves generously into his mouth and in surprise, he pilled away, the rest coating his face. He sat back up straight, his back aching from being bent so drastically and he felt a slight after wave of sensitivity hit him. His eyes went half mast and dazed for only a split second, but the lewd picture was enough to drive the hoard of men over the edge and in a few moments he was all but drenched from his head to the center of his chest.

Only fenrir had planned ahead and cut himself off, groaning in a dry orgasm,

Harry barely had time to recuperate before he was shoved onto his hands and knees, face inches from Fenrirs cock which was dripping incessantly with precum.

"Finish me off boy. " he grunted threateningly. "don't you let one drop of my pre touch the floor." Harry opened his mouth, his tongue reaching for fenrirs dripping cock and caught the next drop, his cheeks were flushed with embarrassment, eyes once more wet with shame. He was about to catch the next when suddenly fenrir took a step back and he lurched forward to catch it just as it fell from the tip. He managed to take the head into his mouth when fenrir took another step back, then another. And harry was forced to crawl after him on his hands and knees, tongue extended as if begging for the werewolves dripping cock as his backside throbbed with stabbing pain, still suffering from before. It was not until the dungeons were roaring with hysterical laughter that fenrir finally stopped. Harry took the throbbing length into his mouth and sucked forcefully and quickly, wanting this particular part to be over. But just as he felt the cock twitch, in anticipation of completion, a heavy boot pressed onto one of his injured fingers, crushing it. With a cry of pain harry pulled back and flinched away, only to watch as cum spilled generously onto the floor at the mans feet.

Harry quickly looked up to the man, eyes wide with horrified realization as that same foot caught him under the chin sending him to the floor whimpering.

"what part of "don't let one drop touch the floor" don't you understand you stupid cockslut?" harry was lifted once again by his hair to his hands and knees his face pressed into the floor. "clean that shit up!"

Harry was all but sobbing at this point, shivering with pain and slowly building up injuries that would cripple him to much to even breathe. He prayed it would be over soon…but he dared not hope for anything of the sort as he stuck out his tongue and began dragging it across the floor, collecting the now filthy cum and swallowing.

He was not surprised when a rather massive length entered him from behind, and he did nothing to react to it, other than flinch and continue licking up the semen from the floor.

"moan for it bitch!" the voice was unfamiliar, but he dared not disobey and let out the most lewd sound he could manage. "tell us how good it tastes…how you would live on our cum if you could…" The man obviously got off on dirty talk. But that harry couldn't bring himself to satisfy…that is until he received another broken rib.

"..s-so good…." he croaked, surprised at how awful he sounded, yet not surprised at all. He licked up the last of the cum and cringed as he spoke again. "W-wanna live off of y-your cum…d-drink n-noth-thing else…." harry choked on his own tears as another shot of cum sprayed onto the floor and he began to lick that up as well, repeating everything they told him to say.

"f-fuck this ...cock wh-hore harder... wanna f-feel you d-deep-per..."

Every time it wae more and more horrid.

"Just a hole t-to fuck...im ju-ahh!...just a hole...a hole to fuck..."

the things they made him say just grew dirtier and dirtier...

"y-yes...f-fill it till...i c-can't...move...w-without your c-cum dripping out of m-me..."

and he soon hated himself as much as he hated them.

At some point during all of this, one of his legs was lifted up and three more bodies pressed up against his and his head was lifted by his hair and two cocks shoved themselves in, rubbing over his tongue as he was forced to suck as they made rhythm inside, hitting the back of his throat. He only wished that the disgust had been enough to distract him from the man sliding under him making the total of men impaling and slamming into his already torn arse hole, four. It was unbearable, the pain of the abusive thrusts and the level of stretching it was taking to hold all that girth and the hateful pleasure that just barely overcame that pain when his prostate was hit. Not to mention the two members gagging him, bruising his throat and the two hands crushing his cock and ball sack in over enthusiastic strokes. It was too much, and as his body was forced to endure, his mind could no longer take it, and his resolve to exist shattered. He no longer gave a damn about who may suffer if he had refused to comply in the beginning. weather it be that little girl or any other piss headed whelp. He no longer felt sorry for the little bint. he hated her. with every thrust inside him, with every time one of the death eaters not yet inside him pissed or came on his body, with every time he was filled and the men rotated positions for a turn, with every second that passed by where he was still alive, he hated everything and everyone all that much more. But most of all, he hated his parents for giving birth to him, for dying, for giving him a life where he ended up as a living fuck doll for the dark army.

He. Wanted. To. Die.

Harry blinked slowly, taking in the lack of pain as if it were something he had never felt. Honestly, he couldn't remember. The only shadow of unpleasantly was his hunger…or rather Dracos. He thought it might have felt odd to see his own dead body on the floor, to see how extensive the damage looked from another point of view.

The visual didn't give the level of pain justice.

"I'm sorry for not asking permission, Draco." his voice was sickly sweet and dripping with malice and mockery. "But I'm honestly don't give a shit about what you think anymore." with that he stood up and stretched his arms above his head, before gripping the cell bars in his hands watching them melt away before he climbed out.

A clatter above alerted him of the daily meal being brought down and he hid in the shadows, blue grey eyes flowing to toxic green as the cloaked man approached the empty cell, followed by a mass of masked men. voldemort had come to see their handiwork, not even noticing the lack of draco malfoy in the room. Fuck the meal tray...this was infinitely better. Dry, cracked lips spread into a wide, manically insane grin

Voldemort peered down at the mangled body, his lipless mouth twitching as his eyes began to glow with excitement, and a high cold laugh filled the room. But it wasn't his.

The group turned to see a figure step out of his shroud of darkness dracos blonde hair floating about him like fire, eyes burning with the promise of death. When he was sure they recognized him, his grin only grew wider, head tilting and he leapt forward, his face only an inch from the snakes. Blood red, met with deathly green and harrys voice echoed through the damp rooms like the devils trill.

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