The floorboards creaked beneath her feet as she walked aimlessly through the halls. She approached the deck and leaned against the cool metal railing. She glanced down and saw her reflection in the railing. She frowned in distaste when she observed her plain features, from her ordinary brown hair to her banal blue eyes. Why couldn't I have been beautiful like… her, the girl he left me for? Tears threatened to escape, soshe closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the wind blowing her pin-straight, chestnut locks behind her. If only the wind could blow away my heartbreak, she thought to herself. Her thoughts were interrupted when a deep voice bellowed behind her.

"Ma'am, it would be in your best interest to come inside. In case you didn't hear the announcement, a storm is heading towards us."

"Thank you sir, but I think I'll stay out here a tad bit longer," she replied as he turned to leave, "By the way, call me Chelsea."

The man nodded and turned away. Chelsea redirected her attention to the darkening horizon and realized that it was raining. The seagulls speckled above in the hazy blue-gray sky, captivated her attention. She observed their flawless white feathers and wondered what it would be like to fly, until her concentration was broken by the ground shaking beneath her. She instantly clung to the railing, fearing for her safety. Her body was helplessly flung to and fro as the ship was bullied by the cerulean waves. She might have actually stood a chance if she hadn't had hit her head on the railing. Her vision began to blur and she literally felt her strength leaving her body. Her death grip lessened and she began to slip away. Another wave hit the boat and the next thing Chelsea knew, she was airborne. Roaring waves crashed around her and filled her lungs with water. She tried to keep herself afloat, but she knew there was no hope for her. Waves enclosed over her as she lost consciousness. So this is how it ends, huh, I don't even get a second chance with love? Please all I want is a second chance…