Nick slid his history book back into his bag. Sighing, he left the class, heading back to his dorm. It was 4:00 on a Friday, and everyone else was gone. He'd had a terrible day. He'd failed his French exam, got in trouble in Math, forgotten his homework in English, at lunch Trent accidentally spilled Cherry Soda on his white dress shirt, and he got detention in History (hence leaving so late). All he wanted to do was go back to his room and relax. Was that too much to ask?

Apparently it was.

His best friend/roommate Jeff was practicing his dancing. The stereo was blasting the final notes to First Dance by NeverShoutNever. When How You Love Me Now by Hey Monday came on, he was jumping around everywhere. Nick couldn't tell if he was trying to be good anymore, or if he was just being crazy. Nick stood there in the doorway watching, laughing quietly to himself. When Jeff finally saw him, he pulled him into the room and started dancing with him. Nick laughed as Jeff spun him around, belting out the words. Nick was pretty sure they looked incredibly ridiculous, but who cares? Jeff was doing the impossible by making him feel better.

The song was almost over, when Jeff and Nick tripped on each other's feet, sending them both falling to the ground. Jeff pulled Nick on top of him before they hit the ground so he wouldn't hurt himself. Nick's hand instinctively went to the back of Jeff's head so he didn't slam it onto the ground. They looked up at each other after the fall, still laughing.

"Are you okay?" Nick asked between giggles.

"Yeah, I'm fine. What about you?" Jeff asked him. His bright eyes were filled with laughter, but also concern. Only now did Nick realize how beautiful they were.

"Fine," Nick said, looking at Jeff's face more intently now. His lips looked so soft.

"What is it?" Jeff asked, suddenly self conscious.

"Nothing I just..." Nick stumbled.

"Nick? Are you sure you-"Jeff was interrupted by Nick's lips on his. The kiss was needy, full of want, but they both melted into it. Their lips moved together in sync. It was perfect. When they finally broke apart, they both looked at each other, breathless.

"That was,"

"Yeah," Nick finished. "Sorry, I just-"This time it was Jeff interrupting him with passionate lips. Nick didn't object, pushing his hands into Jeff's blond hair. Jeff moaned into the kiss. Nick shivered.

Maybe this day wasn't so bad after all, he thought to himself.