This one was inspired by Curt getting his Uptown Girl solo. Congrats Curt! Even though he won't read this.

So this is like Jeff's reaction to the porn star teacher and Nick's obvious flirting.

Enjoy jealous Niff!

Jeff looked longingly at Nick, who was currently singing Uptown Girl to their French teacher. That should be me! his head screamed. He watched Nick flirt with Ms. Avery, rubbing up alongside of her before she finally shooed the boys away. They finished the song, laughing with each other like always at the end. They sounded amazing, and Blaine had come to visit, but Jeff wasn't happy. Something about Nick and Ms. Avery unsettled him. How she let him flirt and dance with her, how she eyed him up, like a piece of meat. It disgusted him.

He continued thinking about it long after he left the practice room. He was nearly at his dorm when he heard footsteps running up behind him.

"Jeff! Jeff wait up!" Groaning, Jeff turned around and saw Nick running after him. Right, we share a dorm, he thought. Nick finally caught up, slowing to a walk as they turned to walk down the hall to their room.

"So, what'd you think?" Nick asked nervously.

"You sounded great Nick," Jeff said, honestly, but painfully. He kept seeing images of Nick and Ms. Avery.

"Thanks, but I got so nervous when Blaine showed up. It was fun though, don't you think?" he said, continuing on the conversation in a direction Jeff wanted to put a dead end sign on. Sighing, he nodded his head.

"Yeah it was great, tons of fun," he all but muttered. He smiled, but it didn't quite reach his eyes. Nick knew better.

"Jeff, what's wrong?" he asked, concerned.

"Oh nothing, I'm fine, really," Jeff said, pushing past as he entered their room. He flopped down on the bed, closing his eyes. Not a minute later, he felt Nick sink onto the bed with him. He opened one eye, looking up the brunette sitting beside his stretched out body.

"Jeff..." he said sternly. He saw Jeff's mouth moving, and he heard mumbles coming out, but he couldn't separate the words.

"Excuse me? It might help if you e-nun-ci-ated," he mocked. Jeff rolled his eyes for the umpteenth time that day, and looked seriously at Nick.

"You and Ms. Avery. I didn't like it," he confessed. Nick looked at him with a confused look.

"What? What's your deal?" he asked softly, confusion dripping from his words.

"I was jealous! God Nick, you're not stupid," Jeff all but whined. Nick bit his lip as Jeff rolled over, turning away from the brunette.

"So it worked," he said with a smirk. Jeff froze.

"Say what now?" he asked, peeking over his shoulder at the boy next to him. Nick laughed.

"It worked. You didn't seriously think I'd flirt with Ms. Avery for no reason? The woman looks like one of those creepy teacher porn stars, the ones that 'punish' their students for 'dropping grades'. She kinda scares me, to be honest. She just happened to be in the right place at the right time," Nick said, still laughing. Jeff rolled back over to face Nick, realization hitting him hard.

"Wait so you did that, on purpose?" he asked slowly. Nick nodded at the blonde, then leaned down and pressed his lips against Jeff's. Their lips moved together in perfect harmony, not breaking apart for a long time. When they did finally stop for air, the two boys smiled at each other nervously.

"You know, you're kinda, super hot when you're jealous," Nick joked.

"I think I'm hot all the time," Jeff responded, his expression dead serious.

"Sure you are, hun," Nick said before leaning down and kissing Jeff once more.

The next day in French class, Nick and Jeff walked in hand in hand, sat next to each other, and even kissed each other during the lesson, sending a perfectly clear message to Ms. Avery that Nick Duval was taken.

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The first thing I thought when I saw that teacher was, OMG A TEACHER AT DALTON!, and then, why does she look like a porn star!

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For any I'll Never Run fans, I have the first 2 chapters completed, their about 1000 words each, I hope that's okay. I'll probably plan out the rest of the story before I upload them.

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