So, this is the idea i had, mentioned in Chap 6 of my other story, this is a quick intro, the other chapters will be much longer(I hope)

Enjoy. This story is soooo random. :P

Celebi: SchloopywoopyXD totally doesn't own pokemon!

Me: *Ahem, Arceus?*

Arceus: Do I have to?

Me: Yup!

Arceus: Fine... If she did, she would...

Me: Come on Arceus, you're holding up the story!

Arceus: She would... make lots of more cute guys like Silver and Green show up.

Me: Yay! I knew you could do it!

"But Arceus! I'm so bored!"

"Are you neglecting your forests, Celebi?"

Celebi was bored, not because he was neglecting his job, but because there was simply nothing to do. Celebi wanted to mess with humans for once, instead of humans messing with him.

'No, every forest in the world is at peace, for once. There are no threats! Nothing to deal with! That's why I'm so bored."

"I will not allow you to change any human's future."

"I would change it back! I just want to see how they'd react! Nothing would happen permanently!"

"But what they saw? That could change them, Celebi."

"What if I changed their past as well, so I never did anything to them?"

Arceus, the great creator of everything, sighed. Celebi would be persistent.

"Fine. Mess with them. But at your own risk! If anything permanent was to happen to these humans, you would pay the price."

Celebi flipped in midair with happiness.

"Thanks, Arceus! How many of them can I mess with?"

"I give you… ten."


"Twenty? That's preposterous. Twelve at most."

"How about nineteen?"

"Nineteen? I'll let you have… thirteen."

"If I could have twenty, what if they all knew each other, so it'd be a small group of people?"

"You know what? Mess with as many as you want, as long as they all know each other. I'm done arguing." The legendary figure turned around, ready to go back to its cave.

"Bwee! Thanks, Arceus! You won't regret it!"

Arceus had a strange feeling he would, while Celebi ran off to go have its… fun.

What I said about Silver and Green, totally true. I kind of fangirl over them a lot. But I am the biggest fangirl for Morty, actually. I think he's just too cute! I would say more, but you all probably didn't read this story to hear me fawn over Morty, so I'll go fangirl in a corner while you guys read. Deal? :P