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Me: So would I...

Celebi was happy. He was very amused by that couple, which seemed so improbable, and Celebi thought,

I can make it happen easily. I'm pretty powerful, I guess.

He went to another favorite forest of his, the one the humans called Viridian, and settled in his favorite tree. He tried to find a human who knew that boy, but Celebi's powers were limited, and did not include mind reading. He tried remembering who that Gold boy had spoken to before. He remembered a small blonde human who confused him, because the human seemed to change from boy to girl. Could humans do that? Celebi shook its head and tried to find that…girl? Was it a girl? But Celebi knew what he was looking for. Eventually he found that light-haired human, on a boat with a dark-haired boy. They looked like they were enjoying themselves. Celebi thought,

I'm going to have fun with this one.

Ruby: Section divider! Hey, where'd Platina go?

Yellow was excited. She was going to meet up with her best friend, Silver, today. They were going on a three-day cruise with some other friends, namely Crystal, Platina, Green, and Ruby. She brushed her long blonde hair and put it in its trademark ponytail. She had on her usual dress-like apron with pants and a turtleneck underneath. She was about to lace up her purple combat boots when she thought, maybe I should dress up just a little more. I mean, it is a special occasion.

Yellow looked in her closet. She found was a pale green sundress Crystal had bought for her when they went shopping once, and an orange sundress that Platina had given her for her birthday. She put on the green one, and then looked at herself in the mirror. The sundress was sleeveless, showing off her narrow shoulders. It was mostly green, but it had touches of yellow here and there. It went down about three-fourths of her thigh.

I don't think this one fits very well anymore. Too bad.

She then tried on the orange-yellow dress. This one had more sleeve, covering her shoulders. It had a simpler design, and went down to her knees. It also looked more like her eyes, with the amber-ish color. She elected to wear the yellow dress, and slipped on some light brown sandals. She took a last look at her hair, and decided it was fine in a ponytail. Her bag had been packed and shipped a few days before, so she didn't need to bring anything extra. She left her house with a brief 'Goodbye Uncle' and found her friends Crystal and Platina waiting outside.

"~Whoo, Yellow! Trying to impress certain redheaded males?" Krys called out to a now blushing blonde. Platina smiled and noted,

"You're wearing that dress I bought you. How nice."

"Yeah, thanks! I thought it was perfect for a cruise."

Krys interjected and became her serious self again. "Okay, so us three are going to get lunch on the way to the docks, then we'll check out our rooms, and then we're meeting up with the boys for dinner. Does that work for you guys?"

Platina nodded. "Sounds like an excellent plan."

Yellow smiled and they started walking. It would take a while to get to Vermilion City, but they would definitely get there before the boat left. And Platina had a Rapidash and Staraptor they could use if they needed it. Yellow's hair fluttered around, occasionally getting in her face. She had so many memories revolving simply around her waist-length blonde ponytail-ed hair.


"Say, Yellow. Have you ever thought of helping me out? You could be one of my little spies. I could get you a straw hat so you could hide that ponytail and disguise as a boy! It'd be great!"

Yellow was slightly shocked at Blue's suggestion. She hardly knew her! The only reason she knew Blue was because she was one of Silver's best friends.

"No way! If you need information, get it yourself, please."

"Okay, okay. I'll stop." Blue turned around and added before leaving, "Say hello to Silver for me. I figure you see him a lot, am I right?"

End Flashback!

"Yellow, are you okay? You were totally spacing out, and almost ran into a tree. And you turned a little pink. " Krys woke Yellow up and out of her flashback.

"Oh, sorry! I was just thinking…"

"Thinking what, Yellow?" Platina seemed slightly worried.

"Oh, nothing, just good memories…" When that didn't seem to work, Yellow added, "With you guys…"

"What about that makes you blush?" Krys asked mischievously.

"Nothing, I'm just smiling! That's all!"

Krys and Platina obviously had better judgment to drop it, so they did. They walked in silence for a while, until they arrived at Pewter City, where they ran into a friend of theirs, named Brock. He was a gym leader, so the friends never got to see him unless they were in town.

"Hey, if it isn't Krys! And hey, there's Yellow and Platina too! How are you guys?"

Krys looked happy to see her old friend. "Hehe, we're great, Brock. We're going to Vermilion, because we're going on a cruise! We're meeting Silver, Ruby, and Green there!"

"That's cool! I would go on a cruise if I could, but I've been getting loads of challengers lately! I can hardly leave the gym," he said with a smile.

"Well, that's good, that means there are several new aspiring trainers," Platina added in.

"Yellow, you're especially quiet today," Brock commented. "Anything on the mind?"

Yellow was about to respond when Krys beat her to it, saying, "Nothing much, just certain silver-eyed individuals."

Yellow was about to protest when Brock also beat her to the chase, playing along. "Hm, Yellow? Taking an interest in boy chasing? That's not like you! Especially when it's Silver!"

"Guys, s-s-stop it. I'm n-not chasing anyone." Was all Yellow managed to say.

"Relax, we're just kidding." Krys assured her friend. "Brock, it was nice seeing you, but we've really got to go. Hopefully we'll see you again!" The started walking towards the next route.

Brock smiled. "Okay, take care. And be sure to write to me how your cruise went!"

Yellow was exasperated. "Really? How many times have I told you, I don't like Silver! He's just a friend!"

Krys smirked, not looking at the shorter girl, and said, "How many times have we asked?"

Yellow frowned and kept walking. Soon they were at the entrance to Mt. Moon, which looked big, but was extremely easy to get through if you knew the way. And of course, the girls did. It wasn't long until they were hopping over the numerous ledges on route 4. They avoided trainers along the way, trying to save time. When they reached Cerulean City, they stopped to rest and get some lunch at The Castform Café, a favorite restaurant of theirs.

A waitress with dark blue hair and eyes came to their table.

"Hello, my name is Clair, and I'll be your server today. What can I get for you ladies today?"

Platina spoke up first. "I'll have the special, a Celebi Salad, with no Tamato berry. And a water."

The waitress jotted that down, and then gestured to Krys. "And you?"

"I'll have the Bellossom Berry Burger, with extra Oran Sauce, and some Maractus Pine Juice."

The waitress wrote that down, and then turned to Yellow. "What can I get for you?"

"Um, I'll have the Sandshrew Sandwich, please. And could I get a Magost Berry Punch with that?"

"Of course! Okay, I'll have that right out for you all! Have a nice day."

After she left, Platina looked across their table to Krys with a devious smile, much unlike herself.

"So, Krys, you won't stop teasing Yellow about Silver, but I could mention certain boys whose names rhyme with seen…"

Krys turned bright red and stuttered, "I don't know what you're talking about."

"You don't? That's too bad, because who was that boy you were hopelessly in love with last Christmas?"

Krys turned even redder, if possible, and didn't say anything.

"Ha ha, I'm kidding. Relax! But you are looking forward to seeing him this evening, right?"

Krys relaxed a little, got a bit less red, and said, "Of course! He's been our friend forever. I'm surprised he could get out of his gym leader job to come."

"Naturally. What about you, Yellow? Do you have anyone in particular in mind?"

Yellow turned pink, which could only be expected, but didn't stutter. "Um, not really. I mean, sure, we have some really good friends that just happen to be guys, but that doesn't mean we have to like them like that."

Platina smiled. "Well said."

Krys had enough teasing and blurted out, "What about you, Platina?"

Platina smiled coolly and said, "No. I'm perfectly fine how I am now. Besides, that's really not my choice, because whoever I marry will be responsible for creating heirs to the Berlitz heritage. It's ultimately up to my parents."

Yellow was a bit shocked at this news. Not being able to choose who you marry? That was a bit ridiculous in Yellow's simple mind.

"Platina… that's crazy. You don't get to choose anyone? Your parents do?"

"Well, I get some say. If I have people in mind that my parents approve of, then I would technically choose them. But my parents have veto."

Before anyone could say anything, the waitress Clair came back with their food. She set the ordered food in front of the correct people, and then nodded. "I'll be back later with your bill."

The girls didn't say much while eating. Yellow delicately picked at her sandwich, eating about three fourths of it. Platina ate about half of her salad, which notably meant she probably liked it. She wasn't a big eater. Krys nearly attacked her burger, which was her favorite thing to eat, ever. In about twenty minutes, the bill was paid and the girls left for the next route. Krys checked her watch halfway through and about screamed.

"We have ten minutes before all passengers need to be on the boat! We'd need something as fast as a Rapidash to get there on time!"

Platina smirked calmly and took out a Poké Ball. "Good thing I have one."

The horse came out of its Poké Ball with a "Da! Rapida!" Its fiery mane glittered in the late sunlight.

"Okay, Rapidash. We need to get to Vermilion City as fast as you can possibly go. Do you think you can get there in say, five minutes?"

The fiery horse nodded with a proud expression.

"Okay, guys. Hold on tight."

The three girls quickly got on the horse-like Pokémon and did as Platina advised. The Rapidash, they knew, was more than capable of getting them there. In about five minutes, they were already at the docks. The fast flash of a horse was withdrawn into its Poké Ball after several thanks.

Krys was amazed as they got on the boat with less than five minutes to spare. "Wow, this boat is huge! I can't wait to see what kinds of fun we'll have on it!"

Krys kept looking around as Yellow checked the bulletin board for their names and assigned room.

Joan Peabody Rm. 112

Skyla Feethers, Elesa Helena Rm. 114

Crystal Kotone, Yellow Caballero Rm. 115

Platina Berlitz Rm. 116

Green Oak, Silver ? Rm. 117

Ruby Sawn Rm. 118

Jordan Tasket, Ellen Bean Rm. 119

Lance Wataru Rm. 122

Riley Aaron Rm. 125

Bianca Lati Rm. 127

Cynthia Shirona Rm. 128

Steven Stone, Wallace Mikuri Rm. 129

Melody Blone, Isaac Blone Rm. 130

Lunick Kazuki, Solana Hinata Rm. 131

Alder Adeku Rm. 132

Gold Taro, Red Pallet Rm. 133

Blue Lyre, Sapphire Birch Rm.135

Diamond Fune, Pearl Strata Rm. 136

There was more, but Yellow spotted their names on the paper. She looked at part of the list out of curiosity, and saw names she knew.

"Platina, Krys, look! There are lots of people we know on this cruise! See, Gold and Sapph are here, and so are Blue and Red! And those really funny guys Dia and Pearl are here! You know them, Platina."

Platina nodded and added, "The boys' rooms," referring to Silver, Ruby, and Green," are next to ours. Too bad we won't be seeing them until tonight."

Krys started listening to what they were saying instead of staring at the various features of the huge boat. "Yeah! I can't wait to see what kind of food they have here, too!"

The girls headed to the 100-150 room area to check in.

Yellow thought, this will be a great vacation.

Lunick: Awesome, I show up. Also, section divider.

Celebi was amused at the girls teasing each other, even if the main target didn't tease the others too much. The other girls were enough. He flew to a different forest to amuse himself while he let that alternate future happen. He went to a forest that had recently been run through by a large number of humans with identical looks. They were gone now, so Celebi could have some peace. He looked at the human-made sign with its odd letters. He couldn't understand what it said, obviously. It looked like:

Eterna Forest

The Place Where Time Stands Still

Celebi couldn't make heads or tails of it, so he flew into the center of it, where humans couldn't reach, and rested. He focused on his next target, which he didn't know who it would be yet...

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