Chapter Fourteen "Terrible Twos"

Jethro Gibbs found his patience wearing thin with the two-year-old before him. Jamie giggled up at him, dashing forward to probably hide away only to be grabbed around his waist by his father. Jethro stole the bright purple paint from his son and glanced at the office walls of his workplace, the purple scribbled wall. He really wished he hadn't brought his son to work today, but it'd been just a paperwork day.

"Real artist, your son," snickered DiNozzo.

"Thanks DiNozzo, you can clean it up," Jethro said as he carried Jamie to his desk and sat the boy on it, narrowing his eyes at Jamie who finally realized he was in trouble.

"Uh-oh," the toddler said.

"Yes, uh-oh is right little man," Jethro said firmly as he lightly tapped his son on the nose. Jamie squirmed and made to jump off the tall desk, but his father held him in place and he shook his head.

"Jamie twouble?" James asked hesitantly in his toddler voice, sensing Gibbs's irritation over what he'd done. He hadn't been able to resist temptations. Ever since his second birthday with Gibbs, he'd felt these uncontrollable urges to do the most ridiculous things. Tony, he knew, wasn't about to forgive him for ruining his chance at getting some girls number by throwing up on the girl. Today, however, he wasn't feeling good. He'd thrown up on Tony's target last night and he'd been somewhat cranky since they got in today, letting out some energy on the walls with his paint set from Ziva. She always gave him artsy stuff like that on his birthday.

"Yes, Jamie is in big trouble. For now you're going in timeout, son," Gibbs informed him as James was picked up and set on the small chair that was brought from home. The chair was turned to face the corner and James sniffed, having never really gone through a time out. It should be easy! Piece of cake! Right?

Ten minutes later and James was definitely disagreeing with his past self. He felt completely miserable by now and he'd tried to get up every minute he could only to be sat back down, his time started over, and to have to go through it all over again. He needed to go to the bathroom soon too. Knowing he was in the process of his toilet training, he decided to see if his dad would let him go before he got into an accident. He found that getting one's body toilet trained again wasn't the easiest thing in the world.

"Daddy! Jamie got—"

"Not now Jamie, daddy is on the phone," Tim whispered to the boy and Jamie frowned at Tim.

"But I have to—"

"Didn't your dad want you to stay in time out," Tim reminded him. Jamie began to hop out of his seat and was about to run to his father when Tim held out a hand and stopped him, jerking his small body and that did it. James's eyes watered as he had his first accident since his dad had finally started the darn toilet training. Merlin, this was so frustrating!

"McGee! What'd you do?" Gibbs barked at Tim who stammered when he realized that Jamie hadn't been trying to get out of his time out. The father swiftly picked Jamie up and patted his back, grabbing the diaper bag and carrying his son to the men's bathroom.

"It's alright, kiddo, it was just an accident," Gibbs assured James as he was sat on the changing table and the toddler sniffled, allowed his adopted father to unhook his denim dungarees and change his pulls up he was wearing. Since his overalls had gotten wet from his accident (making them both realize he really had to go), Jethro realized he didn't have a pair of pants for his son.

"Hmm, how about just wearing a pull up baby boy?" Jethro suggested to his son. Jamie frowned at the idea but decided it couldn't hurt. He'd been paraded in just a diaper and tee when he was one before (though that was by Abby) so he nodded to his father.

"Alright kiddo, let's go back to the office," Jethro informed Jamie as he lifted him off the changing table and took his hand. The little boy toddled alongside his father before he stopped and sneezed miserably. Jethro took notice and he scooped Jamie up, putting his hand to the baby's cheek and finding his son to have a small fever. No wonder the little boy had been acting up, he seemed to be coming down with a tiny cold.

He shook his head and carried his charge to the bullpen where his team was goofing off on their slow day again. Gibbs opened his mouth and was about to tell them to get their butts back to work when his phone rang. Praying it wasn't a case so he could take his son home, he answered after setting Jamie in his playpen.

"Gibbs," he grunted. The man cursed and slammed the phone down, looking at his son and back to his team.

"Grab your gear, dead marine in a restaurant." Gibbs ordered as he wondered what the hell he was going to do with his two year old son who was currently developing a cold, "McGee, load up Jamie's car seat in the back of the van."

"Boss?" Tim stuttered in surprise before going to do as ordered. The team shared a look as Jamie was lifted up into their boss's arms and they reluctantly followed. It went against their morale to bring an innocent little boy to a crime scene but they trusted their boss knew what he was doing.

They arrived at the scene apprehensively and Gibbs had ordered Tim to watch over Jamie in the van while the others did their work. Tim had his laptop and would research in the van while Jamie took a nap in his car seat. Tim looked at the sleeping toddler guiltily and hoped Jamie didn't wake up needing to go to the bathroom again. The poor boy was probably mad at him for not listening to his pleads to use the toilet.

Jamie mumbled nonsense to no one, stuffing his thumb in his mouth as he slumbered in the car seat. Tim fished around in the diaper bag and produced the red and gold pacifier, gently pushing it into Jamie's mouth. The baby slowly began to suck on it, his thumb now free. Tim smiled at the kid and went back to typing.

They got the evidence and witness statements easily enough and began to sit in the van, Tony theorizing whom it could be with Ziva rebuking him. Gibbs had run to the store and returned with a pair of shorts, which he dressed his son in. Tim realized the baby had been in nothing but a pull-up this whole time.

Jamie awoke to his father yelling at someone quite loudly and he blinked blearily a few times before realizing he was in his stroller with Ziva holding the handles. Huh, when had he been taken from the car seat? He guessed that didn't matter much, so he just paid attention to his dad who was belittling the officer in front of him for something. Wow, his dad looked intimidating when he yelled like that. The poor guy looked like he was ready to wet himself as Gibbs tore him a new one.

Gibbs returned to them and knelt down to feel Jamie's head, noting the fever was no longer there thankfully. The toddler yawned and kicked his legs, smiling to himself as he saw Tony hit on another chick. This time he wasn't going to go over there.

He'd learned his lesson after all.

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