Pairing(s): Paul/Harry, Harry/Ginny

Warning(s): Male/Male relationship, slight Ginny bashing, over use of 'imprint' spin

Prompt: 92 Attraction of 100 Drabble Table

The moment his eyes laid on the werewolf he knew there was some kind of attraction between the two of them.

Hell the whole room could feel it, by the way their spines stiffened and their eyes widened when the werewolf's dark brown eyes met his own emerald ones.

Harry watched as the other's lips curled up into a smirk, ignoring the whining voice of his girlfriend behind him. The boy-man-mountain stalked from across the room to stand in front of him and for once Harry didn't mind that he had to crane his head up to look at someone. He let his eyes trail over the well defined tanned abs of the other and felt his own body turn a touch bit warm.

The mountain slowly reached his hand out in a handshake and Harry reached out to grab it in his own without thinking. Hot, unimaginable warmth extended from his hand to the rest of his body, setting fire to places he didn't even know were cold. "Name's Paul," the mountain rumbled, dark eyes glittering down at him.

Harry shivered, letting the smooth and husky voice drift over him. "Harry," he whispered, voice shaking with a passion he didn't know he had.

Paul gave a small short laugh that had his knees going weak. "You want to get out of here?" he asked, eyebrows going up in a way that Harry would think to be obscene on anyone else.

The answer was almost out of his mouth –yesyesohgodyes- when his hand was ripped from Paul's harshly. Paul growled low in his throat, eyes darkening to look black as he whipped his head to glare Ginny down.

She met his gaze shakily, pulling her wand from her pocket and pointing it at the gigantic man. "No he does not!" she stated fiercely, gripping Harry's hand tight enough to cut off circulation. "And you will do well to know he isn't a bloody pouf, but is madly in love with me! Isn't that right Harry?" she demanded turning to look at him with a crazed look.

The male wizard looked at her with wide eyes, shifting his gaze to Paul who was shaking violently. He attempted to reach his free hand out to him when Ginny violently started dragging him towards the door.

She started seething and ranting as she went but it went unheeded as Harry look one final look at everyone in the room. The rest of the tribe was torn between looks of shock and anger but it was nothing compared to the large werewolf in the center. The shaking looked almost painful now and when he locked eyes with Paul, he got a cocky smirk in return before snarling at those of his friends who tried to hold him down.

A blush settled on his features and the last thing he saw was Paul throwing back his head and howling before he was squeezed in a tube, apparating to where ever his pissed off girlfriend took him.