The skirt sat on her hips half way zipped up, the rest of the zipper splayed out in a large "V". "This is my favorite skirt." She thought tugging at the zipper. It wouldn't' budge. Rachel Berry took off the skirt, throwing in on the bed. She picked up a blue and white polka dotted dress and tugged it over her head. As she smoothed it down over her body, her hands lingered at her belly. She had avoided it in the shower but there was no denying it now, there was a bulge. Right square on the center of her hips. She slid the box out of her dresser drawer. As she took the test tears streamed down her face. She already knew the truth. Rachel Berry was pregnant.


"And this year we are going to win nationals!" Kurt said chirring away next to her as they strolled down the halls of McKinley High School.

Noah Puckerman walked next to them, slurping on a grape slushie. The slushie looked so good, She could taste the tangy grape as if it were hitting her lips. She just knew that the cool icy mixture would sooth the heartburn she had been having.

"Oh I almost forgot! The most important part of breakfast!" Puck said, pulling a bag of flaming hot Cheetos out of his bag. He popped open the bag with a loud "BANG!" and held them out at Rachel. "Cheetos?"

As soon as the acidic spicy smell of the chips hit Rachel's nose she clasped a hand over her mouth. Her stomach rolled her soda crackers and Ginger ale she had for breakfast churning knots. She ran into the bathroom, tossing her head into the bowl. As quick as the feeling swept over her it had vanished.

"Rachel?" Puck called, pushing the door open on the stall.


"This is the girl's room, I know I know. Whatever. Now are you going to tell me how far along you are?"

Rachel's big brown eyes widened in terror. "Shut up. Do you even know what you're talking about?"

Puck put his hands on his hips. "I knocked up Fabray last year. I'm like an expert at this what to expect when you're expecting stuff."

Rachel rested her head on her knees. "Please don't tell anyone."

Puck soothed down her hair, "Why would I do that? But you know you're going to have to tell Finn sooner or later. I suggest sooner."

Rachel looked up at him, wiping her eyes on the sleeve of her sail boat printed cardigan. Finn. She hadn't even thought about how to tell the news to Finn. She loved him so much. She had picked up the pieces after Quinn Fabray had broken his heart. She had made a beautiful collage out of his heart. But now she had to shatter it all over again. This wasn't his baby.