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Saturday, year five, hiding behind the broom shed, enemy just around the corner, by the sound of it.

"We can do this."

"I know we can."

"Just…walk out there and take 'em out."

"I know, Harry."

"This is gonna be bad isn't it?"

"Of course not, honey. We'll be fine…there's only three of them. We can do this."

"We can do this."

"Are you ready?"

"Yes. And…in case we don't make it out alive…" He leans down and kisses her softly, lingering for a few seconds. "I love you."

She nods at him seriously and kisses him one last time. "I love you too. Now let's do this."

He taps his weapon to hers and presses against the side of the broom shed so he can peek around the corner. "I see them," he tells her. "On three, okay?" She nods. "One…two…three!"

They twist around the corner and raise their weapons, loosing battle cries in unison when the enemy turns to look at them, shock evident on their faces. Without hesitation, Harry and Hermione press the triggers and smile as the ammunition hits their opponents.

"Garrr!" Ron growls as water sprays his face, closing his eyes against the spray from Harry's water gun.

Ginny lifts her own water gun at Hermione, turning her face away from the stream of water from the brunette's gun. Instead of firing, though, she yells, "Now!"

Looking at the redhead in confusion, Hermione watches as a small boy jumps out from behind the nearby apple tree and starts shooting at her. "Jamie!" she yells, unable to fight off her smile as he hits his intended target. Harry stops spraying Ron and looks towards her, eyes wide with dramatized panic. "Don't worry about me!" she tells him. "Save yourself!"

Instead, Harry shakes his head and says, "It's over." He drops his water gun and lifts his hands in surrender. "We give up."

"Victory!" Ginny cries and scoops Jamie up in her arms, spinning around his circles while Ron walks over and hugs them both, jumping up and down. "In your faces!"

"Yeah, yeah," Harry says with a sigh, walking over to Hermione and wrapping his arm around her waist and drawing her close. "Go ahead and mock us in front of our son."

"Oh, we will," Ginny assures him, setting Jamie back on the ground.

"By the way, Harry—" Ron holds up his squirt gun and smirks. "You said muggles made these?" Harry nods. "They're bloody brilliant. I'm gonna have to show my dad."

Ginny smiles after her brother and shrugs at the other two. "I'm gonna go dry off before these clothes become permanently attached to my skin."

Once they've left, Jamie takes a few cautious steps towards his parents. "Aunt Ginny said I had to," he says quietly, clearly afraid of how they'll react to his attacking them.

"Oh, sweetie, it's okay." Hermione kneels down and opens her arms. Jamie steps into them and she picks him up.

"Yeah, you did what you had to do." Harry ruffles a hand through the four-year-old's messy brown hair and kisses his forehead. "Between you and me, Aunt Ginny can be pretty bossy sometimes." Jamie cackles and leans his head down on Hermione's shoulder.

"We should dry off before the guests arrive," Hermione tells her husband and he nods and grabs her hand, leading her into the house.


"Ronald was right! This is great!"

Harry watches Arthur Weasley inspect the water gun his son handed to him and smiles a bit to himself as he does. "Thought you might like it."

Arthur looks up at him, eyes wild with excitement. "Oh, I do. Marvelous!"

"Daddy?" Harry feels a tug on his pants and he looks down to see Jamie.

"Hey, buddy." He sits down on the couch beside Arthur and pulls his son to stand in front of him. "I thought you were helping Mommy in the kitchen."

"Grandma told me I had to leave."

Harry frowned. "Why would Grandma Molly do that?"

Jamie shrugs. "I don't know."

"Alright, well I think Uncle Ron was trying to start a game of Quidditch out back. Wanna go with me?" Harry smiles at Jamie's answering nod and stands, picking up the little boy as he does, and swinging him onto his back, heading to their backyard.

"Harry!" Ginny calls from the air as soon as they step out onto the back porch. "Joining us?"

He shakes his head. "I think I'll just watch for now."

Ron laughs from a spot near George on the opposite end of the yard. "Ginny, I think we scared the big, bad professional Quidditch player."

Harry glares at him and lowers Jamie onto the ground while George, Bill, Charlie, and Ginny laugh. "Go beat 'em, Dad," Jamie tells him with a smile.

"Only if you promise to cheer only for me," he answers, leaning down so that they're eye-to-eye.

"I promise."

Harry smiles and slaps his son a high-five before fetching his broom from the broom shed. "I'm coming for you, Weasley," he taunts, mounting the broom and point at Ron as he rises to a spot by Ginny.

Ron just laughs. "Yeah, but you could be talking to any of us."


"This is the gift table, right?" Hermione glances up from washing her hands and nods. "Good," Luna sighs, setting her gift on the table. "I thought it would be strange to keep a table that held only wrapped up packages for decoration."

Hermione smiles at her and nods before turning to look at Molly. "Cake done, Molly?"

"Just about, dear." The older woman points her wand at the beautifully frosted cake and smiles when frosted words appear on it. "There we go. All done." She pushes the cake towards the corner of the counter and looks to Luna. "Jamie can come back in now. Would you mind fetching him?"

Luna nods and makes as if to leave, but Hermione shakes her head, wiping her hands on a towel by the sink. "I'll get him," she tells her. "I think we might have hurt his feelings when we asked him to leave earlier." She starts to leave and turns back to Luna quickly before she's stepped completely out of the dining room. "Could you or Neville keep an ear out for the door? Draco should be here soon."

Luna nods and turns away, whistling as she inspects the family pictures on the walls in the dining room.

Hermione finds Jamie sitting on the porch stairs and cheering loudly for his father. "There you are," she says with fake exasperation—like she's been looking all over—as she sits down beside him.

"Hi," Jamie says, quieting down immediately and crossing his arms.

"What's wrong?" she asks, even though she knows the answer.


She frowns and thinks for a moment. "You wanna hear a secret?" Despite himself, Jamie looks at her excitedly and nods. "We only sent you out of the kitchen because we were making your birthday cake," she whispers and his face lights up.



"Hey, honey!" They look up and see Harry standing in front of them, his broom slung over shoulder as he tries to catch his breath.

"Hey." She looks him over and frowns at the light sheen of sweat on his face. "Thought you were playing against the others."

"I was, but—" He looks back over his shoulder and she watches the Weasleys touch down on the ground again, looking upset. "—they were no match for my skill."

"No one ever is." She gets to her feet and walks towards him, placing her hands on his chest as she leans up to kiss him. His free hand presses against her cheek and pulls her closer.

"Ew!" The break apart and look at Jamie, who has his hands clapped over his eyes. "Stop!"

"What? Would you rather I kiss you?" Hermione asks. Jamie uncovers his eyes and gives her a confused look. She quickly pulls away from Harry and walks back over to her son, leaning down to hold his face while she covers his cheeks, nose, and forehead with kisses.

"Okay, okay," he manages between giggles.

She stops kissing him and smiles down mischievously. "Do you surrender?"

"I surrender."

"Alright." She kisses his hair and nods towards the back door. "Why don't you go see if Grandma needs any help, okay?"

He nods excitedly and scurries into the house. As the glass door slides open, she's able to hear the faint sounds of a familiar voice drawling out greetings from just inside. "Sounds like Draco's here," she tells Harry when she steps back over to him and resumes her previous position.

"Really?" They see Ginny grin and hurry her steps towards the house. "Draco's here," she repeats, stepping inside.

"Really?" Ron mocks in a high-pitched voice that makes George laugh. "Draco's here.' Honestly!" The last part he says in his normal voice, shaking his head as he does so.

They all head inside, Bill and Charlie taking bets on how long it will take Ron and Draco to start dueling, leaving Harry and Hermione alone for the first time since that morning.

"Now that I have you to myself." Harry sets his broomstick down and cups her face with his hands, kissing her full on the lips.

She closes her eyes and tries to remember how to think when his lips trail down her chin and into the hollow of her neck. After a few more minutes of this, she finally pulls away, worried that someone might come looking for them. "We should go back inside now."

Harry groans. "It's going to be a madhouse in there."

"I know." She shrugs. "But at least it'll be interesting." She grabs his hand and starts to tug him forward, sighing when he resists. "If you're good…" She steps back over to him and leans in next to his ear. "I'll give you a present tonight. Okay?" He nods against the side of her head and she draws back and kisses him on the cheek. "Come on."


It is, indeed, a madhouse.

Dinner passes in a blur of odd comments and a lot of glaring towards Draco from Ron's end. Once everything is cleared from the table, the cake is brought in—causing the people gathered to sing horribly off-key while Jamie smiles and blows out the candles. After presents are opened, they break off into smaller groups to talk—or glare some more, if you're Ron—and Jamie tries to play with all of his presents at once. Which is, eventually, why he's fast asleep on Neville's lap by 9:00 that night, still wearing the Falmouth Falcons jersey—the one that's made to look exactly like Harry's own jersey—that Ginny bought him—he'd put it on directly after opening it and claimed that he wanted to play Quidditch just like his dad someday.

During the party, Harry and Hermione had alternated between smiling at their son and trying to find a spare moment alone. So, it's really a miracle when Jamie falls asleep. As soon as they've been assured that Neville is fine with keeping an eye on him, they sneak out to their backyard and sit on the edge of the porch, so that they're feet dangle off, just brushing the grass.

"See? That wasn't so bad." Hermione leans her head onto his shoulder and snuggles in when his arm wraps around her.

"Maybe not in Hermione's Secret Magical Happy place, but it was a bit hectic where I was."

"I'm sure you'll survive."

"No promises." He rests his cheek on the top her head and closes his eyes against the summer night all around them. "Jamie got some pretty great stuff."

"Yeah, he did." There's a pause. "He's not using that broom Draco got him, though."

"Why?" he asks, opening his eyes. "It's meant for little kids. It barely goes two feet in the air."

She pulls away from him and looks up at him. "And two feet is far too high for the son of Harry Potter. Just because your childhood was spent on the ragged edge of life, doesn't mean his has to be."

He sighs. "So what do you expect him to do with it?"

She shrugs. "I'll hide it or something," she says nonchalantly. "No big deal."

She leans back against him and Harry smiles. "You're always so good at this," he mutters and she shifts her head on his shoulder.

"Good at what?"

"This being a parent thing. Sometimes I don't think I'm a great Dad."

She lightly hits his arm. "Harry Potter, you are a magnificent father. I couldn't do any of this without you. And, remember the day I went into labor? I freaked out. I might have tried to completely call off having him had it not been for you calming me down," she reminds him and he chuckles at the memory. "Parenting is something you grow into or you don't. And, trust me, you have already."

"Well, yeah, but him being a kid is the easy part, isn't it?" he asks. "James Oliver Potter might be a bit of a hassle as a teenager."

"I think we can handle it," she tells him. She surprises him then by pulling out of his arms and swinging around so that she's straddling his lap.

He smiles at her and ignores how hard it is to breathe when she looks at him like that. "Are you sure?"

"Mhm…" She nods and plays with the neck of his shirt. "It's you and me, remember? We can do anything together. You told me that once."

He leans forward and kisses her slowly for a few seconds before pulling away. "You have a pretty good memory, Mrs. Potter," he says slyly. He leans forward again and lightly nibbles on her ear, smiling when he hears her breath hitch.

"So…I've been…told, Mr.…Potter..." Her arms wrap around his neck, one hand disappearing into his hair.

"And since you have such a great memory…."


He pulls back and smiles. "Don't you have some sort of present to give me?"

Hermione just smiles and leans in close so that their lips brush together. "I believe I do."

Harry barely has time to think of a response before his wife grabs him and kisses him fervidly. His head starts spinning and he pulls her closer because, even after their 5 years of marriage, she's the only one who can make his heart pound like this.

Which is perfectly fine with him.

Saturday night, year five, back porch…

The end.