Remy watched as the clock's hands signaled 7: 00. His owner, Alfredo Linguini, had not arrived home yet and it was an hour past supper. Remy had prepared two bowls of Chestnut soup, which was Linguini's favorite; unfortunately, it had gotten cold thirty minutes ago. Remy climbed off the sofa where he was sitting and scurried off into the kitchen. Climbing onto the counter, he looked out the window, but saw no sign of Linguini anywhere. He had never been out this late with his fiancee Colette, because he tended to worry about leaving Remy alone for too long. However, now it was Remy's turn to worry, because he knew that Linguini would have been home by now.

"I guess I'd better look for him." Remy said to himself.

Pushing open the window, Remy climbed onto the ledge outside and then down the drainpipe which led him to the ground level. It was getting dark, but Remy had lived in sewers and holes for so long that he learned not to fear it when he was still a tiny rat pup. He made his way down the streets of Paris, looking for any sign of Linguini. Remy remembered that Linguini told Colette that they would be going to a cinema on a certain street; it was only when he saw the street sign that Remy realized it was the street.

As he walked along the street, he passed the cinema, but saw Colette was standing in the parking lot by her motorcycle. Panicked, Remy ran up to her and tug at her pant leg.

Colette looked down. "Little Chef! What are you doing out of the apartment?"

Remy looked down towards the ground, giving Colette a brief, shameful look. Colette could only smile and lowered her hand towards the ground, which Remy climbed onto.

"You were getting worried, weren't you?" Colette asked and Remy nodded. "Well, you had good reason; I just went to purchase the tickets and Alfredo was gone when I turned around. It's only been a few minutes and I was just about to look for him when you came along."

Remy pointed to Colette, then himself, and then made a splitting motion with his paw. Colette took a brief moment to consider what the rat could be suggesting, but then she realized what he wanted.

"Oui, it would be best if we split up to look for him." Colette sat Remy down on the ground. "You go right and I'll go left. If you find him, then come to me and vice versa. Do you understand, Little Chef?"

Remy nodded quickly and rushed off to search for his master. He peeked into every building, went down every alley, but found no sign of him. Feeling defeated, Remy slid against a brick wall and tried to ponder his surroundings. His thoughts were cut short, however, when he heard a painful moan echoing in the alley.

Remy shot up, knowing that moan belonged to Linguini. He ran down the darkened alley and followed the moaning, until he found a bloodied and bruised Linguini behind a large dumpster.

Remy gave a squeak which woke the unconscious Linguini. His purple, swollen eyes opened as best as they could, and Linguini gave his best, but painfully forced smile.

"Hey Little Chef." Linguini tried to sit up, but only crumpled onto the ground and gave another moan. "I-I was jumped by thugs."

Linguini lost conscious again, but Remy could see his chest rising and falling, which meant that he was still breathing. What could he do? Colette had told him to find her if he had found Linguini, but Remy couldn't very well leave Linguini the way that he was. No, he needed help now and Remy had to make sure he got it. After all, Linguini was his only friend and the only human that understood him.