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"Hey Maggs," Jasper greeted, while walking up to his friend's locker, watching her rummage around in it, pulling out a random sort of books hastily. He rested his back on the cold icy metal and just patiently looked at the number of books growing steadily.

"Hey," she huffed exhaustedly, her head still in her locker, and proceeded to frantically tuck book after book into the pile supported by her arms.

"Woe, I don't think you need all these books for next class," Jasper commented, but it was more as if he questioned rather than stated. After he was finished saying what he said, Maggie suddenly pushed a heap of books onto him causing him to grab the humongous hardcovers. He stood there holding them as he waited for some sort of reply from the apparently stressed out girl.

As Maggie pulled out the last of the books, she slammed the locker shut and began advancing down the hallway, having Jasper help carry her load from behind. "Speaking of next class," she began, speaking in an ironic tone, "It's starting right about now." She looked to her side, to show Jasper the annoyed expression on her face. Then she looked back in front of her, making sure not to bump into anyone, which could trigger an avalanche of books. "Why are you just loitering around?"

Jasper just walked in a lackadaisical pace falling a little behind her, as the hallways grew less crowded. He answered nonchalantly, "Relax, will you? It's just Morneau's class, no big deal, and it's the end of the day. Anyways, what are you being all stressed for?"

Maggie quickened her speed as they turned, around the corner, into the hallway with Julian Morneau's class at the end of it. Her hair began to flow from her increased speed, making waves out of her coffee colored locks, as she juggled with the huge lot of books in her arms. Jasper trailed behind her, taking weak slow strides, looking down at the books in his arms. Growing curious to what the book fuss was all about, he carefully picked one out of the pile. It's cover read 'Aztecs, Incans, and Mayans' in big bold letters. Furrowing his brow, Jasper grew more interested in what possible reason Maggie had for carrying such books.

Looking back in front of him, he saw Maggie almost at the door of their next class. He caught up with the speedy girl. "And why do you have so many books about Mayans and junk?"

As stressed as Maggie was she stopped on the short descending stairs that were in front of the room that was their destination, and whipped around to look at Jasper. Stopping suddenly Jasper looked down at her, the smile on her face bearing all her teeth. "Oh, there is going to be a new exhibit replacing the Napoleon one in about a half a month. It is going to be about the Aztecs, Incans, and Mayans," She exclaimed, washing away all sense of worry, "It is going to be so exciting!"

"Riveting," Jasper replied, in a sarcastic tone, mocking the excitement of his overjoyed friend. Although, he was a bit creeped out by the joker-smile plastered on the face of the girl that was in front of him.

Ignoring his obvious attempt to mess with her, she went on, "The most exciting part about it is that the museum is going show case an ancient Incan mummy, that is going to be shipped from Peru, and a well persevered sacrificial stone that was once used by the Aztecs during their rituals. I, of course, volunteered to help out with it," Maggie squealed with delight. After she calmed down a bit and noticed her overly hyperactive behavior she covered with, "You know, Haha, you can never have too many college credits," she said sophisticatedly, and shrugged.

Jasper just stood there and tried not to laugh, but couldn't help to stifle a couple as she turned around, embarrassed. As they walked in front of the dreaded door, the bell rang signaling the end of transferring in between classes. Maggie peeved that she was late, jerked open the wooden door and rushed into the classroom trying to make it in without the teacher noticing she was late.

"Ah, Ms. Winnock, thank you for stopping by," Morneau said and stopped writing on the chalkboard to face her. He glared her down as she made her way in the room. Then he caught sight of Jasper entering right behind the insolent girl, and made a face, as if he looked constipated. "And Mr. Bartlett, it was nice of you to grace us with your presence also." He then returned to writing the topic of today's lesson on the blackboard, with an extra crease on his brow. With his back to the class, he still warned with a rhetorical question, "Class should I remind you not to come to class late?"

Escaping from being reprimanded more than what was necessary, and about the twenty of so glares coming from the already seated students, they made the way to the rows of desks. They passed a couple of rows until they saw a familiar face belonging to a one curious Henry and maneuvered to a couple of seats next to him.

Jasper sitting next to him, Henry whispered inquiringly, "Hey what's up? Why are you are guys so late?" He then focused on the mountains of books lying on their desks.

Jasper laughed, "We were making out in the janitor's closet," then he sniffed and brushed his shoulder in a cocksure way. And like clockwork, Maggie hit his arm and went back to stuffing the books into her bag.

"Really, Jasper… Seriously," He said, shaking his head disapprovingly and amused, and picking up one of the books off the desks, "What are these about?" He looked over the title of the book carefully, and grew wide-eyed with delight. "Oh, I spent a month on an Aztec site," he said ecstatically, a little louder than a whisper.

Jasper rolled his eyes; sure, that Henry was going to snoop around the imminent exhibit. "There's going to be a new exhibit, that is replacing the napoleon one soon, about them," Jasper whispered back.

Maggie reached over and took the book out of Henry's hand, and placed it in her overflowing bag. "Yeah and there is going to an Incan mummy and a sacrificial stone that was once used by the Aztecs," she said joining in on the conversation, while opening her notebook to record notes on the ongoing lecture Morneau was spouting.

"Oh, I loved learning about the sacrifices that the Aztecs and Mayans preform," Henry said in a nostalgic voice, looking away for a second as if remembering something lovely. Jasper stopped whatever he was thinking, and whipped his head to stare fully at his cousin as if he grew two heads, when he heard Henry finish his comment.

"He's a freaking weirdo…" Jasper stared, bug-eyed.

"Oh, me too," Maggie agreed, like it was an everyday subject, "They were so fascinating, especially the gruesome ones," She ended with smile. Jasper whipped his head the other way to now gawk at his other oddball friend, on his other side.

"You're both freak 'in weirdos…" Jasper grumbled under his breath, staring straight ahead trying to focus on Julian's teachings.

For the rest of the period Jasper and Henry started a conversation, mostly Henry's mouth overflowing with memories of his time at the Aztec ruins and Jasper just getting irritated by the abundance of the unneeded knowledge his brain now knew, and Maggie off to the side taking notes to repent for her being late. However, Jasper liked this. He really liked this. Being able to hang out as they use to, without anything—or anybody—interrupting them. Under his annoyed and irritated look, he was enjoying sitting there talking normally to Henry, without him asking what's wrong, and fighting with Maggie, without her rushing to talk to Claude.

"If only…if only things could be like this. I wish time could freeze," Jasper closed his eyes and breathed in and out.

Then the bell rang.

"Hey Jasper…Jasper?" Henry asked, shaking the spaced out boy lightly.

"Huh?" Jasper realized the bell had rung and it was time to leave. He patted the back of his hair, smoothing it out. "Oh, haha."

After getting up and leaving their last class of the day, the three of them walked down the hallway, sharing small talk about their history projects; well mostly Henry complaining about how he instinctively knew he was going to get a D, at best. After turning the hallway, and into the hall full of lockers, they saw an irregular sight. The odd view was that of Claude talking to a mysterious girl next a water fountain, off to the side.

"What do you suppose, that's about?" Jasper said, stepping closer, intrigued.

"Maybe our Claude has a girlfriend?" Maggie said hopefully.

"I doubt it, I know Claude, and I don't think he has one yet," Henry said, confident. Almost too confident.

"Henry… are you… possibly jealous? You can't be… can you…?" Jasper just shrugged off that thought to the back of his mind.

"Well whatever it is, let's go check it out," Jasper said, and began crossing the hall to meet up with Claude and the stranger. As soon as Jasper was going to take a step closer, Claude shared a couple of words with the girl, and then she scurried off after he gently patted her on the shoulder. When all three of them greeted Claude, they were all on their tippy toes in anticipation and curiosity.

"Oh, hey guys," Claude, said in a nervous chuckle. He looked back and forth at the girl, now a good length down the hallway, and at his friends.

"Hey," Maggie smiled, "Who was that?"

"Oh, umm," He said turning his head around to look at the girl, "I don't know actually, I didn't quite catch her name."

"Don't know?" Jasper said irritated. "Then what were you guys talking about?"

"Yeah, she just asked where the bathroom was," Claude chuckled again, "And she just ran off. I guessed she really had to go."

"How convenient," Jasper said, hinting at he was lying.

Henry just quietly watched the girl as she turned the corner. As he raised his head higher to get a better look, he noticed she had frizzy red hair that reached all the way down to her waste. He noted her, curious as to whom she was. "That is a shame," He said disappointed, and watched her disappear.

"Yeah," Claude said quickly, a little too anxiously.

"Well, anyway," Henry began, changing the subject, "So what time are you coming over for movie night, tonight?" His blue eyes shimmered brightly at Claude.

"Oh, tonight? I'm sorry but I can't make it tonight," Claude said, forcibly sounding disappointed.

"Why not?" Maggie asked, also disappointed. "We were going to watch Twilight and order pineapple and veggie pizzas!" Her inner fan girl was crying at the thought of her friend missing the shirtless werewolves and hot sparkly vampires, angst filled, romance. Jasper rolled his eyes and slapped his forehead, forgetting it was her turn to pick the movie tonight.

"I promised a couple of my friends, from English class, that I'd go hang out at the mall today with them," he said, now sounding apologetic.

"Well that's a shocker," Jasper stated sarcastically, "Our Claude, hanging out without us, and with other people to boot."

Henry slowly turned his head around to face Jasper, frowning at him. 'You could have told us, I mean, we could have rescheduled," He said dejected. He looked down at the ground and fumbled with the buckle attached to his satchel bag.

"THE FUCK?" Jasper looked at his cousin bewildered. "Henry! A guy like CLAUDE, made HENRY act this way? I never saw Henry like this, the only time is when my dad or Uncle Zafer and Aunt Rosemary are scolding him. This bromance has gone far enough; I need to stop it before Henry gets to the point where he will be heartbroken if he found out about Claude."

"Well, I can come over tomorrow, if you'll let me?" Claude said, looking to cheer up Henry and Maggie.

"Yeah," they both yelled in unison. Henry picked up his head, and smiled cheerfully as he always does.

"Damn." Jasper bit his lip, angrily breathing heavier and flaring his nostrils. "Henry!" He hollered spontaneously, breaking up the little love feast that was taking place. "I-I need you to come with me."

"Wait, why?" Henry questioned, a little surprised by Jasper's brash behavior. Maggie and Claude just stared at his strange behavior.

"I need you to—to accompany me to my locker," Jasper explained, saying the last bit of the sentence awkwardly. He grabbed his cousin's arm, and started tugging him down the hallway.

"Wait—," Henry croaked, flabbergasted by the harsh yank of his cousin. Jasper pulled him away, without loosening his grip; he needed Henry to just stop.

Once they were far away, and into a less crowded hallway, Henry broke free from his cousin's hold on him.

"Jasper? Why?" Henry asked anxious boy, perplexed. He stopped in the dead center of the hall, staring at him.

Jasper stopped walking and turned around, looking at his cousin who was serious. He realized that he had just done something out of his character. His cheeks reddened and he began to look around at the people starring at them. "M-my locker-r," Jasper tried to explain but he saw Henry's eye were unmoving, locked on him. Those eyes looked like they were trying to figure him out, shifting everywhere like they were look for something, like one would do with a symbolic painting.

Henry sighed heavily and looked away, blinking hard. He then looked at his cousin again, confused and exasperated. "Your locker is the other way," He pointed out, throwing his head to the side motioning down the hallway. "So, why?"

Jasper's stare focused on his cousin grew stronger, and his breathing pattern increased.

"Dear lord, this doesn't fit me. This scene… You ask 'Why?' Because… you, of all people can't see what is so obvious, and I'm beginning to think what is obstructing it, is something beyond my comprehension." He then shuffled to the side of hallway, having Henry following him. As soon as he got to the side, he rested his back on the wall. Jasper was just as confused as his cousin.

He threw his hand on his face and tried wipe the stress away. He sighed, "You know, for someone so experienced and wise, you sure are dense," Jasper said lowering his voice, almost inaudible. However, Henry's trained ears heard every word loud and clear, even over the loud background noise the school provided.

"What?' Henry questioned.

"I hate when he does this; staring at you until you have a mental breakdown…" Jasper fidgeted and picked his back of the wall. "Forget it; I just was edgy because of the history project. You remembered what happened last time when you were failing history," Jasper lied, unbelieving that he had to resort to lying.

"Stop lying," Henry practically whined, as if he could read Jasper's mind. He huffed, his eyes growing red and strained. He threw his head back, and went back to staring. Then he quickly pressed his palms against Jasper's arms, throwing him back against the wall. He virtually glowered at his cousin. "I learned this technique from an old friend back in the Andes Mountains a long time ago. The technique can allow me to know what exactly people are feeling—thinking even. Every face twitch, every motion you make can tell me what exactly is going on with you," he said staring into jaspers face, not at just one thing, but many things all at once.

Jasper cheeks burned, as how Henry was holding him, quickly embarrassed him; he, pushed against a wall and Henry inching closer and closer. He looked around watching the odd looks coming from the surrounding people.

"Henr—," Jasper began, but was cut off by Henry's body crashing against his, with a push from behind.

"Hey Barf-lett," said Hunter, as he stood in front of them laughing and snorting like a pig. Henry quickly separated from Jasper, growing a little tint of red. All jasper could do was gulp. "Haha, I didn't know you and Monkey boy, over here, were an item," he said practically yelling, making sure everyone in the hallway could hear. "You turned gay or something," he made sure to prolong the middle word.

"WHAT?" Jasper screamed straightening his body, making sure he gave of the impression that he was far from it.

"Don't get you're fairy balls in a bunch," Hunter said poking Jasper right in the chest, lightly pushing him. "All I'm saying is that you guys looked like you were about to kiss," he defended.

"Hunter," Henry loudly grumbled. He was pissed. No, not because Hunter had made fun of him in front of the whole school, but because he interrupted on his important discussion with Jasper, who was about to tell him what was wrong. "Stop." Only one word was enough for Hunter to back up slightly.

Jasper stood there feeling like there was a bright light shining down on him, making him sweat immensely. He glanced in all directions, seeing people texting, probably about the new hot couple of the school. They were all laughing and pointing, the scene looked like it was straight out of a drama-filled movie. His breathing increased dramatically.

"Haha, welp, I'm out of here," Hunter said backing away slowly. "Don't want to get in a tussle with the Kung Foo master, over here, and have Dean Bartlett's baby snitch me out," he said, and left. The hallway was completely filled with laughter and taunts directed at the two boys.

"Fuck," Jasper let a curse escape his mouth.

"Fuck, fuck fuck, fuck, fuck… What the hell did I ever do to deserve this? I should've just let Henry fall deeper and deeper into Claude trap if I knew it was going to cause this much drama in my life." Jasper was frantic, all he wanted to do is go dig a hole and die in it. He darted down the hallway pushing everyone and everything out of his way. He needed to get out of there, before he caused any more trouble, that would come back to haunt him later.

"Jasper, wait," Henry yelled out, grabbing his arm and jerking him back, causing Jasper's body to turn around. "If you just run away, you're just feeding the crowd more, and then they'll just ridicule you more. Calm down, it is not that big of deal, as you think," Henry tried to convince him, but only made matters worse.

"Get the fuck off of me!" Jasper yelled, throwing his cousin's arm off and continued running down the hallway. Henry just stood there, shocked. That was the first time his cousin cursed at him, and it hurt. All that filled his mind was Jasper's words. It echoed painfully.

Jasper steamed into the bathroom, slamming the stall's door as he rushed into the small space. He kicked the toilet in front of him, cursing it out. He then went on to throw his fists against the hard plastic wall of the small cubicle; his punches making his knuckles burn red. He wasn't just mad at one thing. He wasn't even sure what he was mad about. All he could do is curse out everybody and everything he saw in the last few hours, including Henry.

As his knuckles felt numb, he threw his head into his palms, mumbling into them. Every single bone of his body was fuming and raging. His red eyes began to become blurry with wet droplets, but not tears. Because, heck, Jasper denied the fact that he could ever shed something as wimpy as tears. Tears were for sadness, he was frustrated. He promised he would never cry tears of sadness after his mother left and he saw his father cry, crying the very same way he was right now.

He pushed his back violently against the cold plastic surface, bruising himself more. He collapsed onto the dirty ground, giving up his strength. He put his elbows on his knees, with his hands still glued against his face.

As he gave up his rage, he heard the bathroom door squeak open, and footsteps leading to the sink.

"Yeah, yeah," said a low voice. Jasper rolled his still puffy eyes, for he couldn't even spend a minute alone without being interrupted. He turned around, onto his knees and peeked through the crack in the stall, to see a person on the phone, sitting on the sink's countertop.

Through the crack of stall and the stall's door, he saw a slender figure, with hair rimming around the person's eyes. He was dressed in a leather jacket, his clothes all black. Jasper wiped his eyes on his sleeve, clearing away the water staining his eyes and blinked. As he looked back through the crack, he realized it was that bastard, Claude. Jasper chose not to jump out and punch the heck out of him, and just stayed in his spot.

The male was on his phone, no doubt talking to Henry. Than Claude began to talk, only he slurred something in French. Jasper cursed out his Spanish teacher and his choice of not taking French as an elective. All he could rely on was making out the other guy's tone and movements. Jasper then cursed out Henry and his technique of knowing what face twitches meant what thoughts the person had.

"No, no," Claude said, with a very heavy accent.

"He never had that heavy of an accent. Heck I was beginning to doubt he was even French, he never spoke it." Jasper leaned in closer, practically sticking his eyeball and ear through the small part in the cubicle.

"Je ne peux pas venir ce soir," he heard Claude mumbled. Jasper tried to decode his words, thinking back to the time he took French in first grade. All he knew were the colors, a couple numbers, and a few words in French, but not enough to put together a full sentence besides how to introduce himself.

"Uhh… Je means I, I think? UGH! I don't remember! Je suis means…uhh.. I am? So Je is I… God, I don't know! Ne has to be no or not, right?" Jasper moved his head away from the narrow opening, and face palmed, trying to bang his memory into focus.

"Ok, bye," Claude said from outside the stall, getting off the sink counter. He exited the bathroom slowly, looking a little annoyed. Jasper got up off the floor and opened the stall after he heard the bathroom door shut. He paced around the bathroom for a couple of seconds, covering his mouth and mumbling, repeating what Claude had said.

"I should follow him, right?" Jasper glanced at the bathroom door. He then quickly left the bathroom in one swift motion. As he came into the hallway, he glanced around in all directions looking for Claude, he shifted into the middle of the hall. He then saw his target, turn the corner at the end of the hall in the direction of the museum. He bounded in the direction of the other boy, following him.

"I guess I'm following him then." Jasper continued to gain speed then stopped as he saw him open the doors into the museum. He then trailed his foots steps through doors and couple hallways, he noticed him going in a route he recognized.

"Is he going where I think he's going?" Jasper ran ahead and hid behind a pole as Claude stopped and entered an exhibit. The banner above the exhibit read in big blue letters, 'Napoleon'. As the other disappeared into the crowd of people, Jasper stepped out of his hiding place. He then folded his arms and began pacing again.

"Why would Claude go into the Napoleon exhibit again? If I remember correctly he likes Napoleon, but, still, so does Maggie and she wouldn't go back again, seeing that she already went and saw everything… Why is it that he is so sadistic anyway? What is up with Claude, having him act the way he did to me anyway? What is he thinking?" Jasper kept pacing and pacing. He eventually closed his eyes, fully concentrating on his thoughts, now that he knows his suspicions were right about Claude.

Then he ran into something. He threw open his eye lids. "Oh sorry, I—," Jasper began to apologise but then realized he was face to face with a pole.

"Oh, haha, It's only a pole. I thought I walked into a person," He laughed and back up, rubbing his neck. He turned around and then walked into something else.

"If this is another pole, I swear…" Jasper said, thinking it was not funny anymore.

"Oh, I'm sorry," piped a soft voice, from below.

Jasper looked down to find a petite girl close to him. She was holding her arms crossed over her chest, looking down at the floor. Jasper step back surprised, "Oh I'm sorry, I thought you were a pole."

"Oh," she said looking up; a little hurt filled her small green eyes.

"Oh, not that you look like or feel like a pole, haha," Jasper defended, trying not to let the girl think he was insulting her.

She just smiled meekly. Jasper looked at her, not checked her out because he didn't think it was good manners, considering he just bumped into her and she was right in front of him. She was a small girl, and was a little chubby but still had nice curves. Her hair fell down nicely upon her shoulders and her back, reaching her waist. It was frizzy and waved, but nonetheless, it had a solid mesmerizing color to it, rich red hair. He stared at her for a long time now.

"Umm, may I help you?" She said nicely, looking up at Jasper questionably, as to him staring at her strangely.

Jasper snapped out of it, and blushed slightly. "Oh, it is just that I think I know you from somewhere?"

"Yes, I have English with you," she said obviously hurt, considering it was half way into the year and he did not notice her.

Feeling like jerk, Jasper lied, "Oh yeah, I know you. I was just playing around, come on?" 'No harm can come from telling a white lie right? Well by the way my luck has been treating me, anything could happen.'

"Oh, haha," she looked down at the floor smiling.

"But seriously, I know this chick from somewhere else…"

"So what are you doing here?" She asked, starting small talk.

"Oh, you know, just going to the annual president exhibit they have every year," Jasper said pointing to the exhibit across the way.

"Oh, really? I was going to go into the exhibit of evolution, over there," she said pointing to a random room.

"Well, I don't want to keep you from you're activities," Jasper said, trying wrap up the conversation. He glanced over at the Napoleon exhibit; watching for Claude.

"Oh, yeah, well bye," She said, scuttling away like the way a puny scavenger would.


"Haha, she walks weird, like a little animal." Jasper laughed at this thought and then remembered something. The memory was of Claude and the mysterious girl talking from earlier. He looked back at the girl, he just talked to, noticing her hair was the same color as the girl from earlier and she was about the same size as her too. "Oh no way… Claude's girlfriend is that girl? Huh..."

Jasper had no time to think about that as he made his way into the exhibit to get a better look at what Claude was doing. He walked carefully, so not to run into him directly. He walked casually, as he pretended to look at some of the bobbles and signs that were scattered around the boring display. Before he walked out into the open space, he saw Claude standing next to a large sign, reading carefully, fully absorbed into it. Jasper peered over at the sign to get a better understanding as to why Claude was reading such a thing like his life depended on it.

"Hmm… let's see." Jasper read the heading of the sign. It read, "Biography of Napoleon," and then Jasper smirked. "Wow so absorbed into something that is so boring."

Then he saw Claude take out his cell phone. He held it awkwardly, having it stick half way out of his pocket, in secret sort of way. Then he jabbed the button on the side of his phone, producing a flash. After doing so, a security guard confronted him and he slipped his phone back into his pocket.

"Haha, what a loser, taking a picture of the sign and then getting reprimanded by a guard. He must really love that Napoleon guy so much as to take a picture of sign about him." Jasper eyes then followed Claude as he made his way out of the exhibit. He stepped out of hiding once Claude was gone and went over to the sign; the obsessive boy was just at, to have a look for himself.

"I don't get what's so great about this to actually take a picture of it. It just lists random fact about Napoleon," Jasper thought aloud, placing all his weight on one foot and clutching his chin, putting his full thought into it. He let his eyes wonder after rereading the sign five times. Boredness plagued him after he spent twenty minutes looking at the sign.

Jasper looked to his right, to see a young kid and his mother come to the sign to read it also. Jasper made room for them to be in front of the sign, and watched the kid wrestle with the mom to go to a 'more exciting' place rather than read.

"Hey," the mom began to speak, "Did you do this? Huh?" she said pointing to scribble on the wall next to the sign.

"No," the little kid said and ran off.

"That kid is going to be the death of me," she mumbled as she went to catch up with him across the room.

Jasper chuckled to himself and agreed with the kid that the exhibit was mind-numbing. He then started staring at the dull sign again. His attention wondered to the scribbling on the wall. He moved closer to the wall trying to read it and crouched down to get a better look. It looked as if a kindergartener wrote in crayon when he tried to read it. But then he soon realized that it was eligible to him considering it was in a foreign language. French.

"What a coincidence," Jasper said, thinking of Claude. Then shock filled his body, making him freeze right there in a squat position. "Hold on…"

"What if Claude wasn't taking a picture of the sign but instead, this, a possible note, right next to the sign? But who would have wrote it? Is there something going on here that only Claude has the knowledge of?" Jasper's eyes widen, and his mouth fell agape in realization. Realization that Claude could possibly not just be here for school and a normal life, here at Washington D.C, Smithson high school but was here for something a little more intertwined and deep.

"I'm just over thinking this. Gosh darn it," Jasper shook his head and began leaving the exhibit he hated with a burning passion.

"God, Henry really screwed my normal life, and turned it into this. Mystery solving and narrowly escaping death. It's like Scooby Doo but without the Cartoon affects." Jasper sighed heavily, "I just hope Claude isn't a killer…"

First of all, sorry if i screwed up the french, i only know little (enough to say what i like and don't, and the colors/numbers :P) it is supposed to read:

"I can't come today." (or something like that, i forget... ;P)

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