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6 year old Kendall Knight's small legs pounded up the wooden staircase as fast as he could move them. Tears mixed with sweat stung in his eyes, and his little chest heaved with each breath he struggled to take. He had to get away, he had to hide. The big man he had once affectionately called daddy was right behind him, and if he didn't get to a hiding place quickly, he knew his dad would hurt him again.

With one last burst of strength, Kendall scrambled into the bathroom and slammed the door. He fumbled with the lock for a second before diving into the bathtub. He tugged the curtain closed so he was hidden and pulled his knees to his chest, waiting. He knew he would come. His dad always came from him when he drank from his bottles. Kendall had no idea what was in those bottles, but his dad had custard(1) over him every other weekend and sometimes on those weekends he would drink from the bottles and the liquid would turn him from being funny and silly and teaching Kendall how to play baseball into something like one of those scary monsters Kendall sometimes watched in those movies that his mommy would forbid him to watch, but Carlos would sneak over anyway.

His dad knew he was in the bathroom. The door shook with each heavy bang as his father shoved his shoulder into the door to break it down. Kendall peered out of the shower curtain and gasped. He pulled it shut even tighter, as if the material would make him disappear completely, and laid down in the tub in a shaking ball. He jumped when he heard the doorframe crack as the door was ripped off its hinges and suddenly, 2 huge hands were gripping his shoulders painfully. Kendall grimaced and kept his eyes shut, singing "Jesus Loves Me" to himself to calm his nerves. There was nothing he could do now. His dad had only beaten him a few times before, but each beating hurt worse than the last one.

In one swift movement, Kendall was swung out of the tub and against the hard tile of the bathroom wall. His father grabbed his chin roughly and forced him to look into his strikingly green gaze. Kendall flailed his legs uselessly as they dangled at least a foot off of the floor.

"Daddy," Kendall sobbed. He wanted this to end. He was tired of his daddy hurting him, and the worst part was he didn't know why he was receiving such a cruel punishment. His mommy didn't even believe in spanking him, and before the divorce, his father had never laid anything but a loving hand on him.

"What do you want, you little shit?" David Knight hissed, tightening his hold on his son's tiny body.

"Leave me alone daddy," Kendall whimpered, and to his surprise, his daddy let him fall to the floor. Kendall huddled against the wall, looking up at his father in fear, unsure what the scary man was going to do next.

"Fine! Is that what you want me to do? You want your dad to leave? Well you get your little fucking way! You won't have to see your old man ever again. Look at this, come here." David grabbed Kendall by the back of his neck as if he was a puppy dog and dragged him into the bedroom, where a couple of duffel bags lay on his bed. "You see this? I'm gone from your pitiful little life after this. I never want to have to look at your ugly face again, you little bitch." David brought a hand back and slapped Kendall's pale cheek hard, eliciting a cry of pain and sending his child's body to a crumpled heap on the floor. David grabbed his bags and Kendall just watched him. He wanted to stop his daddy from leaving, but he couldn't bring himself to say anything. If his dad was going to be mean like this, than he wanted him gone from his life. It would just be him and his mommy until his new baby sister arrived, the way it should be.

"Remember, you decide to tell your mother about anything to make my life miserable, I will take this shiny little gun, I will put it to your head, and I will blow your fucking brains out." David revealed a gun from his bag. Kendall whimpered and scooched underneath the bed in fear. The last thing he saw of his father was his bright emerald eyes glaring at him coldly. They used to be so warm and loving, and everyone would tell Kendall he had his daddy's eyes, but these eyes were filled with anger and hatred. They barely looked human.

Without another word, David turned around and left and Kendall just watched him leave, praying that he would stay gone for the rest of his life. The young boy stayed huddled in the bedroom crying until the next morning, when his mother came to pick him up. She was stunned to find her child left home alone and her ex-husband gone without a trace. She picked Kendall's body up and held him tightly, asking over and over what had happened, but the image of of the shiny metal his father held in his hand was burned into his mind, something he would never forget, and he refused to tell her the truth.


Kendall thrashed his legs in a tangle of bed sheets. He was so scared. It was the worst fear he had ever felt in his life. It was almost paralyzing. He begged his mind to wake up from the horrible dream. He didn't want to see his father, even in his dreams. But there he was, running after Kendall just like he had 11 years ago. His eyes seemed to glow an evil shade of green as his hands finally wrapped around Kendall's neckā€¦

"No!" Kendall shouted, sitting upright in his bed. He panted heavily as he looked around his room. It took him a moment to realize he was safe, surrounded by his soft pillows and blankets. A light clicked on and he looked over to his best friend's bed to find the raven haired boy staring at him worriedly.

"Dude?" Logan ventured cautiously, watching Kendall put a hand to his face and wipe the sweat dripping from his bangs. "Was that a nightmare?" Kendall didn't answer, he just worked on calming his breathing, and Logan took that as a yes. "You haven't had a nightmare in years, Kendall." Logan knew his older friend had been suffering from nightmares about his father ever since the divorce, but they had stopped a few years back. Even though he was never told the whole story, Logan just knew that Kendall and his dad didn't have the best of relationships.

"I know man," Kendall whispered. The fear was ebbing away slowly, only to be replaced with exhaustion. "I'm sorry I woke you up."

"No problem. You gonna be ok?"

Kendall nodded, not wanting to worry his friend any further at such an ungodly time of night. He burrowed himself underneath the blankets and closed his eyes. Logan watched him for a moment before turning off the dim table lamp next to him and lowering himself onto his pillow. It wasn't long before the small boy fell back asleep, but Kendall was awake the rest of the night. Every time he would shut his eyes, he would see his father holding that gun and chills would run up his spine. He had no idea why old nightmares were suddenly resurfacing. He just felt as if something bad was coming near him soon.

A few days had passed since the nightmare, and Kendall was trying hard to forget about the random dream. The images still plagued him but luckily, he didn't suffer from another nightmare. Instead, he had a creepy feeling running up his spine during his days. It was hard to describe. It was as if that bad feeling had never left him since that night he dreamt of his dad.

The boys were hard at work in the studio, recording a new song for a movie soundtrack, when Kendall's phone suddenly rang in the middle of his verse.

"Shoot, I should take this," Kendall said, looking at his caller I.D that read "mom". Mrs. Knight knew better than to call while he was at the studio unless it was an emergency.

"Dog! You can't just stop recording whenever you feel like it because you have a phone call!" Gustavo bellowed.

"It's my mom," Kendall said, and that shut Gustavo up. "Hey mom, what's up?"

"Hey honey, I'm sorry to bother you while you're at work but we have a little family emergency," Mrs. Knight said over the other line.

Kendall's bushy eyebrows knitted together in concern. "What's wrong? Is it Katie? She isn't sick, is she?"

"No honey. Katie is fine. I can't explain on the phone, I just need you to come home immediately for a meeting." Mrs. Knight's voice was pleading and the tingly feeling in Kendall's spine worsened.

"Ok mom, I'll be there in a few minutes," Kendall said nervously. He hung up and left the recording booth. "Gustavo, I need a ride home. It's an emergency meeting."

Gustavo huffed. "Fine, Freight Train will drive you. But I want you back here as soon as the little meeting is over, ok?"

"Yeah, sure," Kendall said, already almost out the door with his band mates in tow. The ride back to the Palmwoods seemed to take ages, and Kendall stormed through the hallways up to his apartment.

"I wonder what's going on," Carlos whispered into Logan's ear. Honestly, he was a bit freaked out by the way Kendall was acting.

"Just hold tight 'Litos," Logan said as Kendall pushed the door to room 2J open. He felt his best friend's body freeze in front of him. "Um, Kendall?" Logan asked, confused until he saw a tall man sitting awkwardly on the couch across from Mrs. Knight. His hair was a dark blonde, nearly brown, and his ears were a piercing emerald color.

Logan watched the blood drain from Kendall's cheeks as his mouth silently formed a one-word question.


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1: Awe, Kendall said custard instead of custody. He's so cute.