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Steve gripped the steering wheel of the van with white knuckles as he drove down the desolate, moon-lit road towards their destination. He knew the teenagers hidden behind him needed food and water, but he didn't have it in him to pull over and see the kids in such a poor state. They were slowly wasting away in the back of the van. They were dying. There was nothing he could do about it. David would have his way. He always got his way.

He had never meant for the teenagers to be brutalized like this. He had thought it was just going to be some kind of hostage situation. He knew David had violent tendencies, but in the 5 years he had worked with him, he had never thought the crazed man could be capable of something like this. He had underestimated him.

But Steve wanted no part of this. Not anymore. It was too much. The kids would die either way, but he wanted out now. It had finally gone too far.

"Hey, let's stop off for food up here and stay the night. We have to hit the road early tomorrow," Marcus grumbled, pointing to a rest stop up ahead. Without even a blink, Steve pulled off into the parking lot and stopped the van.

"Should we let the kids out?" Alex asked, jabbing a finger towards the back of the van.

"Are you nuts? They're all over the news, even in a tiny town like this," Marcus said. "They don't deserve to come out anyway. Keep them locked up."

"David will kill us if we let Kendall die back there," Alex reminded them.

"He's right," Marcus groaned, rubbing a tired hand over his face. "One of ya get them some water and make sure they aren't dead. Steve, go check on them would ya?"

Steve just sighed and watched the two evil men leave the van and head for the restaurant to fill their greedy stomachs before crawling out of the van and making his way to the back. In the back of his mind he sort of hoped the kids were dead now, so it would finally all be over. But when he opened the door with a loud, metallic creak, he was met with a pair of green eyes glowing in the moonlight, staring right at him. He scanned the rest of the bodies with his flashlight to find them all asleep, but still breathing.

"Hey kid," Steve grumbled, casting his gaze downward. He couldn't look into those innocent emerald eyes that were begging for help and relief. "How's the hand?"

Kendall ignored the question. He had more important things on his mind besides his hand. His pain hardly mattered at the moment.

"Have you heard from Logan?" He asked desperately. His voice was dry, cracked, and pained with obvious dehydration. Steve shook his head as he pulled water bottles and crackers from his backpack.

"Do you at least know if he's alive? Tell me!" Kendall pleaded, reaching out to grab Steve's arm. "Please. I have to know."

Steve refused to answer him. He was shaking out several pills from a bottle into his hand.

"Why won't you answer me?" Kendall practically screamed. He threw his head back with frustration, tears leaking out and pouring down his face.

"Take these, they will help you sleep and take away the pain," Steve said emotionlessly, his face a blank canvas as he handed Kendall a bottle of medicine.

Kendall knocked the bottle from Steve's hand. The pills spilt to the ground with a soft clatter.

"I don't care about the pain! Nothing matters except Logan! He can't be dead!"

Steve ignored the hysterical boy, pouring pills and water down James, Carlos and Katie's throats. Kendall just cried, too weak to fight Steve. The man worked silently and briskly, glancing back at the helpless, hurt teen every once in a while.

"I know what they're planning to do to us," Kendall suddenly choked out. He was whispering now, staring at his little sister who was curled up next to Carlos. He hoped she wouldn't wake up anytime soon. She was in a place far away from this hell and he wanted her to stay that way.

Shocked, Steve finally made eye contact with Kendall, speechless.

"Can't you save us?" Kendall begged. "Come on, you've been keeping us alive this whole time, and now you're going to let us die, just like that?"

"I'm sorry," Steve said blandly, swinging his pack back over his shoulders. He began to close the doors, but before the last one slammed shut, he could hear Kendall whisper, "I won't go with him. I'll die before I go with him."

Steve believed him. That boy would fight David tooth and nail, but he knew it would be useless. Nobody ever beat David before, and certainly a teenager would not be the first.

Kendall gritted his teeth in the stifling darkness, struggling to keep the sobs that so desperately needed loose at bay. He had never been so terrified in his life. He wasn't scared for himself, though; his panic was for Logan, wondering what his best friend's fate had been and if he was even, by some grace of God, still alive.

At his side, Kendall felt slight movement, followed by a soft moan. The sounds broke Kendall of the debilitating thoughts. The blonde straightened up, his mind alert with the hope that James would be awake. He needed someone right now. He didn't want to be alone anymore.

"James? Wake up buddy, it's me," Kendall said in a hushed voice, wrapping an arm underneath James' head and tilting him upright a bit. James didn't wake up, he only thrashed in his sleep, as if his mind was taken over by a nightmare, and he was mumbling something almost inaudible. Kendall leaned down close to James lips to hear him repeating Logan's name over and over. His face was wet, as if he were sweating really bad or crying, or both.

"James you have to wake up! It's just a dream, buddy. I'm right here. It's okay," Kendall soothed, no longer on the brink of hysteria with fear. Playing big brother always was the one thing that kept him sane. He shook James gently while stroking his forehead, trying to coax the feverish boy awake. At last, James woke with a start, screaming out for Logan, his body rigid before relaxing in Kendall's arms.

"Ssh, ssh, it's alright," Kendall whispered. He rocked James slowly, hugging him to his chest.

"Kendall… Where's Logan?" James asked in a pitifully tiny voice.

Kendall squeezed his eyes shut, burying his face in the long, silky waves of James' hair.

When Kendall couldn't answer him, James knew immediately that something was wrong. He had a horrible dream that Logan was in extreme danger. He knew deep inside him that his friend was hurt and needed help.

"He can't be dead," James whimpered. "Not Logie."

"He'll be okay," Kendall said, though he wasn't sure if he could believe his own words. "He's smart, and he's quick, and he's so much stronger then David thinks. We'll see him again. We'll save him and then I will beat David to death for trying to take him from us I swear to God. It's not over yet. I'm gonna fight back. Nobody is going to die under my watch…" Kendall trailed off, wondering if he should tell James the sick plan that David had for his friends, but then he thought better of it. Why scare him anymore than he already was? James deserved to have at least some sort of peace, however short-lived it might be.

"I hate it here," James admitted. He was now resting with his head on Kendall's lap, curled up into a tight ball to try to ease some of the pain he was in. "It's dark and I can hardly breathe. It's too dark."

"I know buddy, we'll be out soon enough," Kendall assured him. James had hated the dark ever since they were little kids. "How are you feeling?"

"I hurt," James admitted. "Everything hurts and I'm dizzy. I'm so tired."

"You're tired because of the medicine you're on. You should go back to sleep."

"No. I don't want any more nightmares. I want to stay awake with you. Please don't let me fall asleep again, okay?"

"Okay buddy, I won't," Kendall promised, continuing the steady motions of massaging James' scalp and passing his fingers through his long, soft locks, instantly soothing the taller boy. James grew quiet, lost in his own mind. Kendall couldn't tell what he was thinking, if he was maybe reliving the nightmarish events of the past few days or maybe pretending he was back home, safe and sound. Every once in a while he would let out a shiver or moan, but Kendall was quick to shush him.

"Where are we?" James suddenly questioned about an hour later, sitting up straight so quickly that his head spun. He put a hand to his temple, his other hand reaching out to Kendall, since he couldn't see in the pitch darkness.

"I'm here," Kendall said, grasping James' hand in his and pulling him close. "And what do you mean? We're in the van James, remember? Are you alright?"

"Yeah, but we've stopped moving. That means we are somewhere. Do you think they'll let us out, Kendall?"

Kendall didn't answer, because he was fairly certain of what was going to happen when they were let out of the van.


"It's better that we stay in here, James. Trust me."

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