"I'm going on a little field trip, Yuki." Brioche said.

"Where ya goin'?", Yuki asked.

"Hmm, around Flonyard to see if I can defeat some more demons."

"Cool! Can I come?"

"No, I wanna go alone. I might even find something on the way that we don't find when we're together."

"Okay! I was gonna hang out with Rico today anyway."

"See you later."

"Bye, Brioche!"

Brioche went to the woods where she destroyed the demons lurking in the evil sword that was in the little fox's body.

"Let's see if I can find any demons here."

She looked all over the woods and didn't find any demons. She felt kind of bad and kind of happy. The thought of not defeating any demons for once had Brioche's mind set to relax. But, she didn't give up on her journey yet. Brioche finally figured out what she wanted to do next... Collecting! There were all types of jewels and rocks found in the fields and woods of Flonyard that kids liked to collect. In Gallete, it was the same way. Brioche thought that she would look in Gallete instead of Flonyard for a change.

"Gallete it is."

Brioche felt extremely proud of herself to making the dare of going to Gallete because she never liked to go there because of their leader, Leon. She would never suspect after defeating the demons sword in the fox's body, Leon would finally change her attitude. The thing was that Milhi and Leon were friends ever since they were little. They whole second war after Gallete's first defeat was all Leon's fault. Lastly, Brioche would do anything to protect princess Milhi and defeat Leon if she had to. Brioche is almost impossible to beat in battle.

"Here I am, Gallete. I'm here to find some of your special jewels so while I enjoy my day out."

There was one special jewel that Brioche wanted the most, the Luster Diamond. Brioche would stop at nothing to get what she wanted.

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