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Chapter 1: Cursed

There was a chill in the air as Sonya Locke walked down the beach, however her feet were bare in the sand, her toes curling as she dug down deeper into the sand that had been warmed by the day. She pulled her jacket more securely around her as she looked out into the ocean from the bay in Theory's Island. She smiled for the first time that day, watching the sun go down. Her feet hurt. Her body ached. Yet she didn't seem to care. Her boss had told her that she was going to train to be a nurse.

Sonya. A nurse.

She stretched her toes out in the sand again and inhaled deeply. No one had believed her when she told them she was going to be a nurse. Especially after she'd gotten sick...

She blinked, her dark eyes trying to make out the thing that seemed to be floating in the water. Was that...a person...? Grabbing her hair and tying it up in a ponytail, she raced out into the waves and splashed towards the object. It was indeed a person, laying face down in the shallow water. She turned him over, wincing as she dragged him back to land. Leaning over him, she brushed back the sopping wet green hair and ran her fingers over his blue lips. He had drowned. She held her ear to his lips and nodded in satisfaction. He was breathing, though it was shallow. No matter. She put her lips to his and forced hair into his lungs, pumping his chest a few times before turning him over. When he finally decided to start breathing all the way, a lot of water was going to come up. And so it did, the third time she did this. He threw up what seemed like gallons, grabbing her arm and squeezing it as he did. She winced as bruises started to form, panting herself. He wasn't exactly a small individual, but she was. She pulled helped him roll back over, letting him breath for a little bit as she took her jacket off and put it over him. He must've been freezing. It was dark now and the temperature was dropping fast.

His dark eyes snapped open and he looked from her face to the beach around him. "Wh-where...?" He asked through chattering teeth.

Sonya frowned. "Can you walk? You're going to get really sick out here if you stay." She pointed to a cliff over top of him. "My house is just up there. It's a steep hill, but we've got to try." She grabbed his hand, standing up. "Ready?"

He nodded and she helped him up, though there was a second or so when she thought she was going to fall on top of them. Easily getting underneath him, she pulled his arm over her shoulder and took a hold of his sopping wet torso. "Come on, honey. Let's get you cleaned up." She grunted as they started up the hill, ignoring her screaming muscles. Pain was nothing compared to a person's life.

When they finally reached her house, Sonya let him collapse on her couch. She watched his eyes close and sighed. She was going to have to get those wet clothes off of him. This was going to be awkward. Not only that, but seeing as she lived alone, she didn't very well have man clothes sitting around. She'd have to go into town tomorrow after work and find something. She grabbed a few blankets, coming back into the living room. God she hurt. She hurt so much. She shook his shoulder. "Hey. Mr. Green-head."

"...Not a marimo." He grunted, half asleep. He was obviously exhausted from almost dying and she felt really bad, but she had to do this.

She smiled a bit. "I'm sorry, but I need to get you new clothes because yours are all wet and torn up. Can you er...take them off? I'll step out of the room." She watched as he sat up, barely concious, and tore off his shirt. Whoops. Time to leave. She ran out of the room, barely avoiding seeing the pants come off. Goddamn, this man did not do things half way. He was probably buck naked right now. She peeked her head around and saw him drape the blanket over himself, falling back asleep. She smiled and took another blanket, putting it over him.

There was a sick feeling as something bubbled in her throat. She choked and ran out of the room to the bathroom. There it was again. Cherry red blood being forced out of her lips. She watched it splatter on the toilet seat and all over the floor. She forced her hand over her mouth, shaking as tears came to her eyes. She had to make it stop. She would pass out from blood loss if she threw up too much. God, why was she so diseased? She'd pushed herself too hard helping this stranger.

Pain inflamed every part of Zoro's being. Oh god, he was alive. He was alive and he could feel every nerve screaming it. He groaned and rolled over, grunting as he fell off the couch. Forehead investigating the carpet fibers on the floor, he tried to take stock of where he was and what was going only thing he remembered was the ship. He gasped, grunting as he tried to get up too quickly and painfully lowering himself back to the floor. The ship! The Going Merry! He had been on it when there was an attack and he'd been swept into the ocean by the storm...! He was damn lucky he was alive, that was for sure.

He slowly got up, realizing he was naked as he sat back down. He frowned. What had happened last night. He pulled the blanket up over his waist and saw a note that was addressed to "Greenie".

Hey Greenie,

I had to go to work, sorry. I'll buy you some new clothes on the way back. In case you're wondering, the old ones are in the back. Be careful. It's pretty much a straight drop off. I threw out the shirt though. Couldn't salvage that. I'll be back soon.

-Girl who owns the house.

P.S. Sorry about the bathroom. Didn't have time to clean up. Not your blood.

Well that certainly wasn't a good sign. Maybe he should cut his losses and get out of here. She sounded like a total creep.

Just as he was contemplating taking off, the door opened.

"Oh...!" Sonya ducked back out the doorway. "Sorry...!" She threw the clothes in. "H-here! Sorry, that's all they would sell me."

He glanced at the door suspiciously. What did she mean 'that's all they would sell her'? Whatever. Clothes were clothes and as far as he was concerned, he was super frickin naked. He snatched them and held them up for scrutinizing. He was very suspicious of this woman. She might dress him up like a girl or something fetish-y like that. It was just some blue jeans and a black button up shirt. Nothing too fancy. They looked worn, but he was okay with that. At least it wasn't a dress. He pulled them on quickly, wincing as the jeans fit a little tighter then he wanted them too. He wouldn't be able to move around if he got in a fight -

He paused. "Where are my swords?" He asked, eyes narrowing. The white one was even gone. No one touched the white one.

Sonya, sensing the antagonism in his voice, walked in quickly. "I'm sorry, I set them over here." She said quietly, pointing a finger to just behind the couch.

He glanced from the swords to her, noticing her shabby navy blue dress and the dark curly hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. She looked about his age, but she was small compared to him and slender.

"M-my name's Sonya." She offered him a hand to shake. "I found you on the beach and helped you up here. You look better this morning."

"Well..." He shook her hand, surprised by how small and cold her fingers felt. She just looked way too fragile. "Thanks, Sonya, but I better be going. My crew needs me. Do you know where I could find a boat?"

Sonya hesitated, then looked down. "I'm sorry, but all the fishermen have left for the week and there's nothing but a few emergency boats. No one will let you take those. So you're a pirate?"

He frowned. "Yes, I am." He strapped his swords to him. "You live here by yourself?"

She nodded.

"Aren't you a little young to be doing that?"

She scowled. "I'm twenty, goddammit! I'm not young!" She shook a finger at him. "Aren't you too young to be running around doing piratey things?"

He blinked and then grinned. He liked this girl. "Touche. What was all that in the note about the blood?"

Sonya froze. "Oh. Shit!" She ran towards the bathroom and he had to snicker a little. She was so cute when she swore. It was completely unexpected coming out of her mouth. He peeked down the hall to see her already on her hands and knees, scrubbing away. She looked worn down and sad as she scrubbed at a reddish brown stain. Now curious, he peeked in over her and whistled. "Goddamn...are you a serial killer?"

"No." She said curtly, scrubbing harder. "That's my blood."


"No wa-" She paused, blushing. "Er...not usually."

Well that was interesting. He winced as he shifted. He was sore. He supposed trying to drown oneself generally made one feel that way.

"If you'd like, you're welcome to go into town and see if there is anyone willing to sell you a boat." Sonya said from the floor. This strange man watching her clean was starting to get a tad creepy. Besides that, she didn't want to keep him here. That'd be awful for him. "Just...don't tell the villagers that you're staying with me. Don't even mention my name." Especially not now... Her scrubbing grew less fervent as she thought back on today's events. Her boss had said she'd train her as a nurse. She had heard it. Yet her boss insisted that she was making things up. She said she'd rather train anyone but Sonya. Sonya almost lost her job when she had snapped. She should've never talked back to her boss. Now she had no hours. It was going to be hard living this week, let alone having someone else live with her.

"Why not? What's wrong with you?" Zoro asked, interrupting her thoughts.

Sonya hesitated, scrubbing hard again. "It's just better you don't. Trust me."

Very suspicious. He nodded and turned away, limping out. "I'll be back before sundown." He called, then paused. Why did she care? Well, it was more of a precautionary measure, he rationalized to himself. Because he knew better then anyone how lost he got. He set off, trying to decipher the reason as to way she seemed so enigmatic and why the villagers didn't like her.

And why she decorated her walls with her own blood.

The town was busy, as he expected, and he stopped here and there to talk to a few people. They took to him pretty easily after he said he was a wandering swordsman who had lost his way. If he'd been with Luffy, he would've proclaimed his pirate status. However, he wasn't and with the way Sonya said they'd react to just her name...

Curious, he did mention her name to a mother of six who had adopted him like a nephew. The mother's face instantly fell and she sent her children scurrying, demanding that they share a bag of sweets between all of them. She sat next to him and said softly, "Are you staying with her?"

He didn't lie this time. He nodded.

"Please. Get out as quick as you can. She's cursed." She gently patted his shoulder, smiling at him. "You're a good boy. Don't go messing with things like this. It'll only lead to trouble." And with that, she left, taking her children with her as the sun started to set.

Zoro watched her go, frowning as he sat there. "Cursed, huh?" He stood up stiffly, stretching out a bit. All in all, no one, no matter how generous, was willing to give him a boat. And seeing how he was poor, he couldn't exactly offer money. They all told him to wait until the fishermen came back. Surely one of them would cart him off to where ever he wanted to go. He made his way back down, pleased that the village was on a slope up to a large mountain and that he could clearly see Sonya's house.

So that was why she asked him not to speak of her in public. But that still didn't explain the blood. Sonya would have some explaining to do.