"So, what now?"

"Well, Brent, might I suggest you ask Lacey to your thanksgiving dinner?" suggested Wanda.

"Lacey? Why Lacey? Is she special or something?"

"Well, you've invited everyone else but her, so either that, or we all assume she's allergic to turkey and good family fun!"

Brent just stares after Wanda as she leaves the station.


"Hey guys, what's up?" asked Hank, as he entered the store.

"Brent isn't inviting Lacey to his thanksgiving dinner!" chided Wanda.

"You're not inviting Lacey?"

"Yeah, either that or we all assume that she's allergic to turkey and good family fun!" answered Brent sarcastically. "Eh Wanda?"

Wanda just gave Brent an angry stare. "What?"

Brent shrugged at Hank. Just then Davis and Karen showed up.

"Hey guys. Hey Brent, looking forward to your thanksgiving dinner tonight." called Davis.

"Uhh yeah, should be a blast. In fact, here comes dad now! Hey dad!" he called.

"Shut up you jackass!" said Oscar as he entered the store.

"So any way Brent, why aren't you inviting Lacey?" asked Hank.

"Your not inviting Lacey?" asked Davis.

"And after all of those chilly cheese dogs she made for you!" said Karen, shaking her head.

"Are you gonna pay for that chocolate bar Karen? Or are you gonna steal it like you did that muffin? I just wanna know."

"I'll pay for the damn thing. And I thought we were over the whole stealing thing. I was going to pay for it."

"Sure. And we're all gonna get rich and get super powers." said Brent.

"Hey, I like super powers. If I had to choose I'd pick super speed," said Hank.

"Really? I'd go with fire conjuring. What about you Wanda?"

"I'd bring Lacey to your thanksgiving dinner!"

"Really? That's not a super power," said Brent.

"Sure it is. Now give me a chocolate bar, you jackass!" said Oscar.

"Ok Dad. Here you go!" Brent threw him a kit kat.

"What the hell is this? A kit kat? I asked for a chocolate bar, you jackass!"

"Kindness, huh?" he asked Wanda.

"OK so maybe I was over exaggerating a bit. Just show kindness to Lacey and bring her to the damn dinner!"

"OK fine, if it will make you all feel better, I'll invite Lacey over for dinner tonight! But I'll ask for more chilly cheese dogs in the future."

"Wow, nice looking turkey Mom!" said Brent, now at the Leroy house. "Who's gonna carve?"

"I am you jackass!" answered Oscar.

Emma just rolled her eyes. "I thought you were gonna do it, Brent?"

"Nah, we'd better let Dad do it this year. It seems that this year is a wild card for him."

"Oh yeah? How so?" she asked.

"Well, this morning I gave him a kit kat, and now he gets to carve a turkey on thanksgiving!"

"So you mean a milestone, not a wild card?" asked Emma.

"Huh, milestone. See, I would've gone with wild card."

Emma rolled her eyes again. She took the turkey over to the dinning room table and the waiting guests. Brent sat next to Lacey.

"OK everyone, dig in!" called Emma.

"You owe me more chilly cheese dogs later!" whispered Brent to Lacey.