The Clock Tower

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Rated: M

Warning: This story contains Yaoi, Male/Male, slash, suicide attempts, ect.

Edit 2/24/2012:Special thanks to Christi for fixing my mistakes in this chapter

Harry Potter looked remorsefully out of the compartment window as rain streaked down the glass. It had been a long summer. Too long.

"This is the last one though" Harry whispered to the damp air, a haunted look in his eyes, a dead tone in his voice.
16 and a half years since that accursed Halloween night when he became an orphan, and 10 years of peace had began. But not for Harry. Never for Harry.
That will change though, won't it. Harry thought to himself, a pale, emancipate, hand snaked from too-large clothing to trace unidentifiable patterns on the cool window pane.
Tonight, that will change...

Severus Snape stood at a window on the 4th floor, one of the one's that had the best view of the mountains and the lake, the lightening illuminating his stoic face every now and then.

Footsteps cause the 36-year-old man to glance up. A elderly man walked towards the Potions professor.
"Albus." The younger acknowledged, before turning his face back to the view.
"Severus, I knew I would find you here." The old man spoke quietly, wishing not to upset the atmosphere.
"You find me here every year, Headmaster." The older man gave the younger one a sad smile.
"Of course, Severus. Always." Albus Dumbledore placed a hand on the other's man's shoulder, giving silent strength to the Potions Master.
The old man removed his hand, turning to walk away. He paused once he was almost to the corner of the corridor.
"He will come back Severus. And soon. The castle is singing tonight." And with that, the old man left, leaving the man in black to gently place a hand on the rain-streaked window, his fingers caressing out an unknown pattern.

The Sorting Feast was in full swing as a boy removed himself from his hiding place behind a statue. To the passerby, he was unrecognizable. His hair, once black, untidy, and messy, was now almost non-existent in color, but for a slight grey. His emerald eyes were no longer full of childish innocence, of curiosity, of a fighting spirit, now the shone with a knowledge to old for the skeletal-like boy.

The figure limped up numerous stairs, hidden by an invisibility cloak, wand in hand. He had to hurry, he could hear the students leaving the feast. The clock tower had never seemed so far away before.

Severus Snape scanned the crowds of students once more. Potter was not there. And, though Snape found the boy annoying, loud, and looking too much like his father, Severus was slightly worried. And with Potter's sidekicks scanning the crowds also, things didn't look well for the missing 7th year. Of course, the boy could just be to arrogant to eat with the rest of them.

Severus sighed. It was no use to set there doing nothing. If the boy was missing, then, of course, it was up to him to find the kid. And, while he was at it, go to his yearly visit of the clock tower.

Harry stood on the edge of the clock tower, the rain pelting down on him. He took a deep breath, almost missing a voice that sounded far away, and yet so close at the same time.

"HARRY!" Harry slowly opened his eyes, turning his head towards the voice.
"Potter..." now the voice sounded surprised. But, it didn't matter anymore, because Harry turned back to face the beyond. He smiled.
And jumped.

Hogwarts felt the young man leap from the clock tower, and knew it was time. The castle called upon the magic buried deep within her halls.
Her boys needed her.

"Hey! Hey! Wake up! Can you hear me? Luc, go get Madam Pomfrey!" a voice, like the one that had before spoke. Harry slowly opened his eyes. He hoped heaven was nice.

But it wasn't an angel, or any of his dead loved ones that his saw.

"Hey, hey, come on, that's it, just open your eyes. Can you speak? Come on, wake up." Harry's emerald eyes flew open, long, effeminate eyelashes framing the orbs, and could do nothing but stare at the young man in Slytherin robes trying to wake him up.
Harry would recognize those dark eyes anywhere.
Severus Snape.

I really wanted to continue typing, but I realized that it was more epic to end the first chapter this way.