The Clock Tower


Co-author: JoyTiger

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Batman (movies) x Harry Potter: Batman/Harry,

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This chapter is simply to catch some readers up. I am a firm believer in subtly providing information, that a one-time reader might (most likely will) miss in their attempt to absorb the adherent climatica of the story.

Unfortunately, to better follow my fic, you would need to understand the subtle details that have been hidden in such a way that would make Salazar Slytherin proud. (Pottermore did proclaim me a Slytherin.)

In the previous chapter, we experienced a scene in snippets. This scene is that of Voldemort using his most powerful weapon (how he made it, neither myself, nor most of the reader population, care.) This weapon is the power of memories. Why did I as the author chose this weapon? I could give this whole spill that memories define ourselves, and it furthers the time paradox. In truth, I was too lazy to do a conversation or a flashback. The final memory of Harry's (how he returned to the future, and why he looks older will be explained later, fear not Dani! I will be tying up lose ends and reaching the resolution soon!) is that of a forced (aren't they all?) exorcism by a Catholic Extremist (No offense to Catholics, I'm simply playing on the English Anglican History.) This exorcism, an attempt by the Dursleys to rid Harry of Magic, or kill him, or even better to them, both.

Instead, it rid Harry of the Horocrux. This is the traumatic event that broke Harry. The way I see the horocrux as, is the small part of Tom Riddle that made him human. The soul was that of an infant, an infant with the inherent trust that all people are good. That feeling would have kept Harry believing that, despite the torture that they put him through, the Dursleys, even Voldemort, couldn't be all bad, and that maybe tomorrow, someone would love him for him.

When that was ripped from him, along with his canon looks (the reason for the change in looks will be made in the next chapter.) Harry was left with only a feeling of devastation and hopelessness.

So, he turned to Suicide.

Well, sorry it's short. But in lighter news, I graduate in less than 15 days!