To Serve Fwaggles
Extra: The Outtake Reel

[Junior is holding an unconscious Wembley down on the cutting board, a knife raised in his other hand. He puts down the knife and raises Wembley in one hand to examine him.]

Junior: But soft! He lives.

[Junior takes a dramatic, declamatory pose and speaks to the camera.]

Junior: Will I do it, or will I not do it, that's a tough question.
Is it nobler to sit back and put up with whatever life throws at'cha,
Or fight back and kick your twoubles out the door?

[Looking at Wembley]

He looks so cute when he's asleep, yet sleep looks just like death, which isn't cute at all.
But what is the diffewence, besides you don't wake up fwom one of 'em?


Do you dweam when you're dead, and what do you dweam about?
It might be nice to sleep your life away, and never get hungwy, or lonely,
Or cold, or bored, or hafta do spwing cleaning or fardel a bear or anything-

Wembley: [interrupting] Junior.

Junior: [stage whispering to the Fraggle in his hand] What? I'm having a Stanislavsky moment here!

Wembley: Would you mind doing the dramatic gestures with your other hand? I'm getting dizzy.

[Red and Gobo are in the Cave of Shadows, each holding a basket of duganberries.]

Gobo: Let's get these up to Boober!

Red: Wait! Who won the berry-picking contest?

Gobo: Red, who cares? C'mon!

Red: You just don't want to admit you lost.

Gobo: Lost? You're crazy.

Red: My basket's fuller than yours!

Gobo: My basket's bigger than yours.

Red: There's only one way to tell. Weigh 'em!

Gobo: All right, you're on.

[Each picks up their own basket. Then they trade places and lift each other's baskets. Red scowls.]

Gobo: [smugly] So who won, eh?

Red: Fine. You're a better berry picker than me. Woo hoo, let's have a parade.

[They pick up the baskets and continue up, away from the camera.]

Red: [in the distance] Best two outta three.