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Running on a sprained ankle was tricky. Running on a sprained ankle at an impossibly fast velocity while trying to carry a critically injured teammate and her giant, cumbersome bow was even trickier. Doing it while attempting to maneuver out of a burning building as several tons of steel and cement threatened to bury you alive?

Wally had to admit, it took the cake.

As soon as Artemis was tucked safely into his arms, the speedster took off towards the East Exit of the warehouse, grabbing her bow from the floor and resting it over her presumably sleeping form along the way.

He came to the threshold in a matter of seconds, slowed down only by his wounded ankle and swerving in chaotic patterns to avoid the portions of the roof that fell in his path. After adjusting Artemis' position in his grasp, albeit a bit clumsily, Wally kicked the door forcefully. His ankle screamed with protest, but Wally only grit his teeth and ignored the throbbing pain in his leg as he attempted to open it again and again. Finally, after his fourth attempt and several sickening cracks in his bones, the door complied and opened with a metallic screech, barely audible over the hero and his companion's noisy surroundings.

Wally bolted from the confinement and tumbled onto crisp, Autumn-bathed grass as his ankle finally gave out and the warehouse did as well. He threw himself over Artemis' limp form as the structure behind him collapsed like a tower of playing cards and loose bits of debris assaulted them. Her breath, warm, soft, and slow, seeped through the material of his costume and tickled his neck, silently reassuring Wally that she was still with him.

His grin was still present as a hysterical Miss Martian landed beside him and began fretting over the couple's condition. "Wally! I mean – hello, Meg-Miss Martian – Kid!" She ran towards him and he sat up beside Artemis before he was engulfed in a hug. "Thank goodness you made it out all right! We were all so worried!" Normally he'd respond to her embrace with gusto, but for whatever reason, he only wrapped his arms around her shoulders loosely and promptly let go. Later he'd blame his lack of affection towards the Martian because of tired arms from carrying Artemis and her 'heavy-ass bow' to safety. She smiled at him as she kneeled over Artemis, turning her attention fully to the blonde.

"Did everybody else get out okay?" His mind flashed to Robin, Aqualad, and Superboy as he whipped his head back to the wreckage, imaging his friends in situations similar to the one he'd just escaped.

"Mmm," she mumbled and nodded hastily, absorbed in checking Artemis' pulse. "They're on their way to us now. They were waiting by the North Entrance while I surveyed the area for you two. I summoned the bioship as soon as I spotted you. Figured at least one of you would need immediate medical attention." She lifted Artemis' top to examine the rest of her torso. Wally turned his head away, but not before glancing at the ugly green and purple tone her skin had taken. "Looks like I was right," she murmured with a furrowed brow.

Miss Martian pulled Artemis' costume back in to place as the trio was joined by Robin, Superboy, and Aqualad. "KF! Artemis!" Robin charged to his best friend and clasped a hand on his shoulder. "That was a close call in there. What took you so long, Slowpoke?" He smirked and Wally smiled wistfully, ignoring the jab. His gaze then turned to Artemis, who had begun to stir as Superboy gently picked her up, cautious of her injuries, to carry her to the bioship. It landed gracefully beside Miss Martian and Aqualad, speaking with solemn faces, and came out of camouflage mode.

His eyes trailed after Superboy as he responded. "Oh, you know. Just being my dashing self," he was interrupted by Robin elbowing him for his bad pun before continuing. "And saving our long-range marksmen."

He heard her half-conscious, disbelieving snort from halfway to the bioship.

"Perhaps we should leave and return when she awakens."

"I'm with Kaldur on this one. She's been out for almost two days."

"I know, I know! I just want to talk to her…make sure she's okay."

"And I'm positive that Black Canary will alert us when she does, M'gann." A feminine sigh came in response.

"Okay. You're right, Kaldur." There was a pause. "Oh! I should whip up a batch of brownies! They're Artemis' favorite." Some shuffling ensued. "Come on, Conner. You can crack the eggs!" A door opened and closed, and the room, or wherever the hell Artemis was, felt emptier.

"Told you they were a couple," said a smug voice.

"Yes, your suspicions were proven correct…as were everyone else's."

"Except Kid Oblivious over here." The voice chuckled as what sounded like a scuffle briefly broke out.

"Dude! Not fair. I picked up on Megs and Conner right after the cave got attacked!" Artemis's eyes flickered open beneath her blankets as his voice became audible, before they fluttered shut again.

"It took our team's base of operation getting destroyed by our reprogrammed den mother for you to realize that you didn't stand a chance with Megan?"

"Oh, I'm sorry not all of us are raised by the world's greatest detective," he bit out sarcastically. "I'm also sorry not all of us have hit puberty yet." This garnered a punch, Artemis assumed, from his gruff 'oomph.'

"And yet I still get more action than you."

"Enough. I think we have all received enough 'action' over the past few days." Immature teenaged snickering followed the speaker's statement. "Robin, we still have yet to debrief our last mission with Batman. I will need your assistance."

"Fine," the Boy Wonder sighed. "You might want to clear out too, Wally. I'm sure you're the last thing Artemis wants to see when she wakes up."

"No way. I'm waiting so that Artemis can thank me for saving her life when she wakes up." It took all of Artemis' willpower not to throw the pillow her head currently rested on at Wally.

With a snicker and amused "good luck with that," Artemis and her 'savior' were left alone. She pulled back the thin white blankets that covered her in warmth and blinked as her surroundings came into sight. Wincing as the shockingly bright Medical Bay of Mount Justice greeted the patient, she turned her attention to the boy lounging on the cot opposite of hers dressed in civilian clothing.

He offered a goofy smile as her eyes made contact with his. Artemis scowled before raising an arched blonde eyebrow. "So what exactly am I thanking you for? Jostling my broken ribs picking me up, or tripping and falling on top of me on the way out of the warehouse?"

Wally's face immediately soured before he responded, voice thick with sarcasm. "Nice to see you too, Sleeping Beauty. Or would Rapunzel be a more accurate name?" He pondered the question, staring at the loose gold locks that fell over her shoulders and glided down her back. She absentmindedly twisted a strand of hair around her finger. "Never mind. What am I thinking; calling you a princess, Mother Gothel?"

"The fact that you basically just admitted to watching Tangled is embarrassing enough without my assistance. Nice going, Kid." Artemis smirked and attempted to sit up in bed, gasping sharply as her torso ached with a dull pain.

In a flash, Wally was at her side, gently pushing the stubborn archer back into her pillows. "Honestly I should be the one congratulating you. Six broken ribs, a concussion, minor internal bleeding, and that particularly nasty gash on your right leg…just the cherry on top." He fell into the hard, plastic chair at her bedside and rested his feet on the edge of her cot, careful not to disturb her. Artemis noticed an ACE Wrap around his ankle peek out from under the hemline of his jeans.

"Me? What's the matter, Wall-Man? Your super-healing abilities as slow as your love life?" She nodded at the dressing and Wally lightly tapped her leg with a tennis-shoe clad foot. Artemis made a face and attempted to scoot away, only to grimace in displeasure as her body ached and remain stationary.

"Hey! This ankle helped save your life. Not only did I have to run on it, while it was sprained, but I also had to kick a metal door four times to get it to open! All while carrying you and your heavy-ass bow around. I suggest you lay of off Megan's brownies," he huffed and crossed his arms. Artemis narrowed her gray-blue orbs.

"I suggest you pull a 'Red Arrow' and gain some upper body strength," she retorted hotly.

"And I did not fall on you! My ankle gave out, and I, being the phenomenal and selfless hero that I am," he paused and Artemis rolled her stormy eyes before he continued, "used my body to shield your own from the wreckage. Or did you forget that crucial detail?"

Artemis ignored his tangent and looked down at her Justice League-themed Band-Aid-adorned hands in her lap. She closed her eyes and began playing the events of the mission back in her mind.

'I remember…entering the warehouse with the team…investigating the North Wing…M'gann's panicked warning…seeing the fear plastered on everyone's faces…running…a violent blast…the cracking of my ribs…my head slamming against the floor…coming to…spotting Wally…crawling to hell and back to get to him…his pathetic state…accepting death…the desperation…the relief that came just moments after…his sweet words…and-and…oh. That.'

Realization donned upon Artemis as her cheeks grew warm and she felt it difficult to look Wally in the eyes. Slowly she turned her head to face him. His glare softened as he took in her blank expression and he opened his mouth to speak, only to be cut off by the archer.

"I-I'm…umm…thank you," she stuttered quietly. Artemis was almost as bad at showing gratitude as she was apologizing. Almost.

Clearly taken aback at her words and sudden change of heart, Wally questioned back just as unsurely, "Uh, what?" He blinked.

"You heard me!" The hard edge to her husky voice returned and Wally flinched. Guiltily, Artemis breathed out and her voice softened once again. "I mean, in the warehouse…you went out of your way to save me. So, well, thanks." Artemis flicked her hair over her shoulder and stared at him crossly, daring him to disagree.

"…I have no idea what you're talking about." He blinked. Too quickly. 'Liar.'

"I was halfway to the East Exit when the bomb went off. I know I saw you next to Kaldur and Conner on the other side of the building, in the other direction; near the West Exit. M'gann and Robin had must have made it out by then. I was the only one separated from the rest of the group still in the warehouse, until you ran over to presumably try and save me." He blanched in response.

"I did not! I was…you're crazy!" Wally continued to sputter out poor excuses until Artemis raised her hand and silenced him.

"Oh, so you just decided to run several hundred feet to the exit opposite of the one near you as an explosive threatened to go off at any moment for kicks and giggles?" She shook her head. "I'm pretty sure Con and Kal can back up my argument too. And don't even get me started on what you did after I finally woke you up–"

"Artemis," he stopped her. "You sustained a very serious head injury during the mission," Wally began calmly. His voice became slightly more tight; another sign of fibbing. "Do you realize how delusional you sound right now? I mean, first you insist that I risked my fine ass to save you, and now you accuse me of kissing you."


Artemis smirked, and her voice came out superficially sweet. "Smooth, Baywatch. Really." She paused, readying to bask in the glory of her conquest to come. "But…I didn't mention a thing about you kissing me." Wally paled under his freckles and began mentally recapping their conversation, horror coming over his face as he realized she was right. Artemis leaned in closer to him, ignoring her injuries – for rubbing this in Wally's face felt sweeter than any broken rib could ever hurt – and whispered teasingly, "Any regrets?"

Wally's face reddened and his lips formed a thin line as he lifted himself from his uncomfortable seat. "Only not leaving you behind," he sighed, unable to look her in the eyes. She couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm going to leave now before you begin firing your verbal ammunition at me. Or use your IV stand to bash my skull in," he stated dejectedly, similar to how he reacted when Artemis had learned his name in Bialya. She grinned at the memory.

The speedster began towards the exit of the Medical Bay at an unnaturally slow pace for him, before Artemis called out his name. She realized just how hoarse her voice was from disuse and frowned. He turned around with his hands held out defensively, half-expecting her to fire an arrow from a bow kept under her blankets. Her pleasant expression returned.

"You realize you're taking me out as soon as I get discharged from here, right?" She settled against her pillows with the prompt.

"Oh I am, am I?" A small smile formed over Wally's lips.

"Damn straight. If you think you can sweep me off my feet with a distraught kiss on the floor of some shoddy, flaming warehouse, you've got another thing coming." She turned her head to her side, recounting her memory of the mission. "I can hardly remember it anyway. But what really bums me out is that the same goes for getting carried by Conner," she added regretfully. Wally made a face at this before shaking his head and smirking.

"Fine, fine, fine. I'll bring you somewhere nice and cliché." He turned to leave a pleased Artemis once more before. "Oh, and wear your hair down. It suits you. Softens your glare." Wally faced her again as her face contorted into an expression reserved almost exclusively for him. "See what I mean?"

The pillow Artemis had contemplated using as a trajectory earlier before became exactly that, and hit the wall beside the doorframe Wally currently leaned in with a loud 'thud.'

"Oh just go and get me brownie or something!" She adjusted her blankets, still staring at him heatedly. Wally grinned sheepishly before preparing to bolt for the kitchen for her confection.

"All ready on it, Beautiful."


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