Hmm. Haven't really been updating anything have I. I'm such a terrible person and writer. I've been busy, though, discovering new Fandoms, and Kinkmemes, and Tumblr. Also got into a college.

Sentience is such a touchy thing, rather like virginity, really. Something affected by standards, prejudice, and the ability to recognize any somewhat universal emotionally based body language, because even if doesn't sound like words to you doesn't mean it is not in fact someone else's vernacular. It is something the Transformers could understand even if it is not a lesson that everyone, (Decepticon,) subscribes to. Occasionally, Autobots themselves were liable to make mistakes.

No one had ever thought to question whether the Allspark was sentient, for obvious reason, the most prevalent being that they had never considered the fact that it might be alive. Most beings wouldn't consider it a living organism. On the other hand, before they came crashing through the city, most humans would not have considered anything entirely made of metal living either. To be fair, had it been brought to their attention, it would have actually easier for the people of earth to make such a jump than the Transformers themselves, who had spent their existence basking in its presents and never experienced a hint of such a thing.

In any case, the Allspark did not have thought as any other being in the milky way galaxy would understand. It was above that. It was, however, very much alive, and like most living things, felt compelled to maintain that state of existence. It was only at that moment, in the warm hands of one Samuel Witwicky, inching upward towards its evident death, (or maiming as it would have been, but a severe maiming at that,) that it had ever felt in danger of losing itself. Faced for the first time with destruction, well, one couldn't really blame it for panicking.