Erin: My sister and I were watching The Secret Circle when we noted that Ethan had told Cassie that their families where connected in the stars, this caused them to develop feelings for each other. Well didn't this mean that Cassie should develop feelings for Ethan as well as Adam? What do you think? Anyways this story is based on if that were true.

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Forbidden Fruit

Chapter 1: Making The World Stop

Every time Adam and Cassie where together it was like the world stopped. They were drawn together, and as much as she tried, Cassie couldn't stop it from happening. Though she rejected this feeling adamantly, she couldn't help but admit to herself what she felt. What she refused to admit, however, was that it wasn't just Adam who made her heart shake. Someone else made her world stop, her heart pound out of her chest, her breath catch… This someone was Ethan.

Adam was forbidden territory. He had a girlfriend who then became Cassie's friend and even though they had broken up Diana was still her friend which meant Adam was off-limits. It hurt to be around him, knowing they could never be. They both cared for Diana too much to betray her like that. Ethan was a whole other problem in and of itself. While it was true he was open market, he was much older, in love with her mother, and Adam's father. Awkward much?

Cassie had then tried to be with someone else, someone who was single, cute, and made her feel something even if it wasn't world stopping. Jake did have a history with Faye but she could overlook that. So Cassie and Jake went out and that worked out so well. It turned out he was a witch hunter and had tried to kill not only her but the circle. He then went and saved her life leaving Cassie more confused than ever. Maybe she should have listened to Faye she had been right for once.

Cassie wanted to slam her head into the table and beat out her taste in men. Why the hell did she have to be attracted to guys who weren't good for her? Couldn't she just fall for some normal, average guy? What Cassie needed was someone safe, cute, funny, and had no baggage. Why couldn't she fall for someone like that? Goddamn, what was with this family, causing her to be drawn in like a moth to a flame?

Sighing, she ran her fingers through her hair. She should be doing her homework at, well, home. But no, instead she was sitting at the bar of the Boathouse pretending to study, when in fact, she was sneaking peeks at the boathouse's owner when he wasn't looking.

It was starting to get late when she finally forced herself to pack it up. She was the only remaining customer and the place was empty with only her and Ethan there. She would have stayed longer if it wasn't closing time.

"A cup for the road?" Ethan asked, holding out the steaming pot of coffee.

Cassie's breath caught as she felt her heart begin to flutter. Just the sound of his voice was enough to make her knees buckle. She prayed her face didn't reveal any of her inner turmoil.

Glancing down at her empty cup, she was tempted to accept, but found herself shaking her head. "No, thanks. One more cup and I'll never be able to get any sleep." Ethan gave her a grin, causing Cassie to smile back in a daze. Placing down the canteen, he reached for his glass of scotch. Cassie quickly placed her hand over the top, preventing him from picking up his glass. "You don't need that," she breathed.

His eyes locked onto hers, piercing into her own. She became so lost in his eyes that when he finally shifted his gaze away to dump liquid contents down the drain, she had no idea how much time had passed.

"Can I walk you to your car?" he asked, eyes returning to study her face.

Cassie nodded, unable to form a single word. He moved out from behind the bar, Cassie shifting to his side. As they walked to her car she couldn't think of a single word to say. She couldn't even think, for that matter. The beep of her car alarm turning off was what finally gave Cassie her mind back.

"Thanks," her voice was shaky.

"Anytime," he replied, and she could have sworn his was too.

As he stepped closer Cassie couldn't believe what was happening until his lips finally descended onto hers. She took a step back, leaning onto her car, his chest pressed to hers. It was everything she had hoped for and more. She was tempted to pinch herself, unsure if this was reality or just another wild dream. Her mind emptied and as her hands moved slowly up his chest, his hand gently caressed her flushed cheek.

When he finally pulled away to catch his breath, her mind was in a deep haze and her lips were a deep ruby. Opening her eyes, she was met with his suddenly, shock in the sudden realization of his actions, and overflowing with uncertainty. He took a sudden step back.

"I'm sorry," he quickly apologized. "I shouldn't have down that. I'm not sure what I was thinking, if I was thinking."

Cassie could tell he was frazzeled, embarrassed, confused. His ears were a cherry red, and his brow was creased. She walked forward, slowly, carefully… reaching out to him, as if approaching a frightened bird, trying to catch it before it took flight. "No, no, don't apologize. I liked it. I like you."

He blinked, gazing at her with disbelief. A simple "Why?" was all he managed to choke out.

Cassie shook her head, trying to think of what to say, how to say it. In the end there was only one truth, "I don't know. I just know I do." She took his hand in her own. Leaning up, she pressed her lips to his briefly and pulled away.

"Dinner," he spoke.


"Tomorrow after closing, I want to make you dinner," he clarified.

Cassie smiled brightly. "It's a date."

Ethan returned her smile, moving to open the car door. "It's a date."

Sliding into the seat, she started her car. She wanted to scream in excitement but waited until she was far enough away that he wouldn't consider her a freak. She wasn't sure if what she was feeling was some predetermined emotion, written in the stars, beyond their comprehension or control? A destiny they shared? All she knew what that when she was with him, she could swear the earth shook beneath her, and the world around them ceased to move.

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