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Chapter 4: I Love You Always And Forever

Cassie loved her job. She had been working there over two months. She spent every day with Ethan and got paid. She and Adam where finally getting along, it would take some time but she knew one day they could finally be friend. Plus there hadn't been anything major happening in her life. She felt normal for a change.

She even had a routine. Every day after school she'd go to the Boathouse and do her homework before starting her shift. She and Adam would work the dinner rush where after words he would take off, sometimes if it was a slow night he'd leave early, and then she would close up with Ethan. The two of them would then have dinner and do whatever they wanted.

The only thing Cassie found herself wanting was a real date. She loved every second she spent with Ethan but they had been dating for three months and have yet to go out to a fancy restaurant or anyplace besides the boathouse or her own house. It made her feel like this whole thing was a dream and one day she would wake up to find none of this had happened. She did know that they couldn't be an "official" couple until she was eighteen and she was counting down the days. For now she would have to be content with their time at the Boathouse.


"I'm worried about Ethan." Dawn glanced over to Ethan who was smiling at Cassie as she laughed at his joke. "He was never good at keeping his mouth shut especially when it came to Amelia. I'm worried that he'll tell her everything. He's already given her a job plus they look extremely friendly."

"Ethan's not stupid enough to tell her. Besides the only reason he couldn't keep his mouth shut was the alcohol and he's stopped drinking," responded Charles.

Dawn's eyes narrowed at them her hand clinching. "Cassie is too much like her mother for my comfort. I think we should have a talk with him. Make sure he knows to keep his mouth shut."

Charles was going to put a stop to this now before she suggested killing someone else. "No we are not. That did not go well last time. He ended up going to Henry."

"I'm not going to use magic. That was stupid," Dawn obviously referring to the fact she still thought he was an idiot for attacking him. "I'm just going to remind him that we all have sworn to keep the secret especially from our kids."

"If he hasn't told her yet I'm sure he won't." Charles was beginning to wonder if she liked to kill.

"What if they get even closer and the guilt gets to him? The urge to come clean?" she questioned.

Charles sighed. "We'll keep a close eye on them. We're not going to interfere. If we keep getting in the middle of things people are going to notice."

Dawn snapped her mouth shut in an effort not to argue. She knew once Charles had made up his mind there was no turning it in the moment. She would have to find a way to manipulate him later.


"Okay everything is locked up, the dishes are done, and the tables had been busted," Cassie called heading into the back trying to locate Ethan.

Suddenly she froze taking in the sight before her. The room had been cleared so only a single small table sat in the center with a white table cloth. There was a candle sitting in the center surrounded by a circle of flowers while the rest of the room was in darkness causing the table to glow. The meal looked incredible so much so that Cassie wondered for a second if it was real. The napkins had lace with silver napkin rings, the plates where china, the utensils where real silver, and lastly the champagne glasses where crystal. The table wasn't the only incredible looking thing in the room Ethan stood before her in a suit, cleanly shaven with his hair brushed back.

"I know our relationship is difficult but I thought if we couldn't go out then I'd bring the restaurant to you," Ethan told her. "Happy Anniversary."

Cassie's eyes watered. "Happy anniversary."

"You remembered." How many guys remembered their anniversary? Let alone plan something as breathtaking as this.

"Of course. Three months ago tonight was the first time I ever kissed you. It was one of the best nights of my life."

She glanced down at her t-shirt and jeans. "I feel a bit underdressed."

Ethan moved to grab a dress hanging off the back of the chair. "I hope this is your size."

Cassie's heart swelled. He knew her, what she was feeling, and what he did he did for her. Before she could even think Cassie crossed the room tossing her arms around his neck. "I love you!"

Pulling her into a tight hug Ethan felt unbelievable. He loved to see her so happy and to know he was the reason why. Backing away he kissed her slowly his hand running through her hair.

"I love you too," he whispered into her ear.

She smiled nothing could possibly make her happier than she felt in that moment. Tears began falling down her cheeks. They just stood there staring into each other's eyes before Cassie finally pulled away. "Let me go change."

She disappeared from the room leaving Ethan to stare after her. Messing with his tie he adjusted it uncomfortably. He hates wearing ties but he was willing to do so for her. The sound of heels caused him to spin around. His heart pounded in his chest and he realized it wall all worth it to see her in that dress. The dress was strapless and went down to her mid thigh. It was made of a white lace that made her skin glow.

He swallowed hard. "Wow, you look, um, God."

Cassie bit her lip smiling a blush coloring her cheeks. He stepped forward eyes never breaking contact. She reached out taking his hand. Leaning down his lips captured hers. It was brief but it was enough to take her breath away.

He held out his arm for her. Cassie placed her hand in the crook of his arm. Escorting her to the table he pulled out the chair for her. Sitting down Cassie wondered what this meal would be as the cart sat beside them was covered preventing her from seeing what was to be served. There was a chilled bottle of what looked like campaign but was probably some type of sparkling cider since Ethan had stopped drinking. Sitting across from her Ethan watched her every reaction savoring the excitement shinning in her eyes.

Grabbing the bottle Ethan popped open the cork the sound filling the empty room, pouring the bubbling liquid into a champagne glass. "Peach cider my lady." He placed the glass into her hand before serving himself. Sitting down across from her he held up his glass. "To three incredible months."

Cassie held up her own glass. "To us."

Tapping them together in a toast they took a sip before digging into the delicious meal before them. Cassie knew Ethan was an incredible cook but he had outdone himself. It was a five course meal where the appetizers where stuffed mushrooms and biscuits. Then there was the salad and a lobster brisk soup. The main course was lobster tail, steamed vegetables, mashed potatoes, and coconut covered shrimp. Desert, the desert was the most incredible tiramisu Cassie had ever tasted practically moaning over it.

When the meal came to an end Ethan sat up reaching into his coat pocket pulling out a small black velvet box. He placed it before Cassie. She reached out to pick it up but stopped herself.

"Hold on one second." Jumping up from her seat she ran to her purse digging through it until she found what she was looking for. Returning to her seat she placed a black box before him. "You go."

He shook his head. "No, I handed mine to you first."

Cassie rolled her eyes with a giggle. "Fine." Opening the box her eyes widened mouth dropped. It was a bracelet simple but elegant. There was a silver diamonded studded infinity with the chain connected on both sides. "Ethan. You shouldn't have. This must have cost-" he cut her off before she could finish, "It was worth every penny." Reaching out he took the bracelet from her. Taking her wrist he hooked the bracelet on for her. "Always and forever."

Cassie's eyes water but she pushed the tears down. "Now you." She waited anxiously. After his gift hers felt a bit small.

Opening the box there was a boat key chain, a perfect miniature of his boat. Lifting it out of the box he realized it opened up. Lifting up the sail of the boat inside he found a picture of the two of them from one of their date nights. Ethan smiled fondly at the memory. They had Cassie's house to themselves Jane had been out of town for a couple of nights. It was one of the few nights Ethan had stayed over with her. They didn't do anything but kiss as she wasn't eighteen. The only memory of the night was a picture Cassie had managed to convince him to take. Now he understood why she had been so instant. She had this all planned out. Inscribed on the other side where four words that meant more to him than anything "Written In The Stars".

His eyes lifted up to stare into her beautiful blues. He didn't have to say anything. Standing up he moved to her side tucking the gift into his pocket. Holding out his hands she placed her own his standing up before him. His hands slid up her arms bringing her to his body as he pressed a passionate kiss to her lips. Cassie's arms wrapped around him for once not having to stand on her tippy toes as her heals gave her some height.

His hand rested on her lower back his tongue sliding across her bottom lip tasting her. Her hand buried in his hair running her fingers through the short stock. Her mouth opened giving him access as she melted into him.

"What the hell is going on?" a shout caused their entire world to fall apart.

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