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Good Morning

Cassie smiled not really staring at anything just staring as she awoke from a wonderful dream. For the first time in what seemed like a very long time she felt rested. She hadn't slept so well since her mother died. Flipping the covers off her form she sat up her feet lightly touching the floor. Spotting a discarded men's shirt on a chair Cassie moved for it completely exposed. Tossing the shirt over her head she ran her fingers through her pulling it out from inside the shirt so her golden curls waved across her shoulders.

Her bare feet adjusted to the cold floor as padded across the ground towards the sounds that came from the kitchen. Descending the stairs her fingers ran across the railing. Her steps sounded as the creaking from the boards gave away her movements.

Stopping in the doorway she leaned against the frame a small smile gracing her lips as she stared at the male form pouring coffee. Just as naked as her, the only clothing covering him was a loose fitting pajama bottoms that hung from his hips giving her a perfect view of his muscles.

Cassie glided towards him. She stood behind him her arms wrapping around his bare skin her palms resting on his chest. Lips pressed to his shoulder causing his hands to curl around her arms pulling her closer to him.

"Morning," she spoke softly clear evidence that she had just awoken lacing her voice.

"Hmm, morning." He turned around in her embrace holding out the cup of coffee he had just poured. "Coffee?"

"Yes please." Removing one of her hands from around him taking the mug sipping slowly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he whispered leaning down he pressed his lips to hers tasting the warm liquid in her mouth.

Cassie's eyes drifted closed as she leaned in deeper. Finally pulling away to stare at her sleep filled form. Cassie's eyes remained close for a moment longer savoring the feeling.

"Ethan." Her eyes finally opened locking onto his own. "I love you."

Cupping her face in his hands he smiled. "I love you too."

They leaned together like some sort of magic was forcing them the way it always seemed to. As their lips touched again she felt like she was at home. When she was with him everything felt right, felt perfect. Whatever this magic was that brought them together she was grateful that the stars aligned for them.

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