Disclaimer - I do not own Harry Potter - I'm just playing with them!

This is a sequel to 'Look who's stalking'. It's not essential to have read the first one but I think you should... I would say that I wrote it!

" YES, YES" Draco's screams reached an alarming pitch, echoing around the room.

"HARDER, HARDER….FUCK ME HARDER!" His voice strained, almost breaking with frustration.

Grunts and moans of satisfaction drifting across the bedchamber as the rhythmic creaking of the bed increased.

Draco's hand braced on the headboard of the bed, pushing back against the forceful thrusts that were pushing him forward. He reached down, swiping his thumb over the head of his cock, smearing the fluid that had gathered around the tip, fluid that was there even with the leather cock ring strapped firmly around the base.

A strong hand connected with his right buttock, a loud smack resonating in the warm, candle lit room. Draco let out a breathy groan, his voice cracking with emotion. The warm sting, the slap had left, tingling and warming his skin.

Callused, rough hands gripped his hips to the point of bruising, a large cock slamming deep inside him, his muscles fluttering around it, the tight ring of his pucker, though stretched, a deep shade of pink from its present misuse, clamped tightly around the base of the thick shaft.

Deep moans sounding behind him, a smile spreading across his face, the moans increasing in volume as he clamped the muscle harder and pushed back.

"Fuck Draco, you feel so good!" a strained voice, high from lack of oxygen shouted out, the last word punctuated with a hard thrust, plunging deep, prostate battered by the head.

Draco screamed, his head spinning, vision blurred, heart pounding ready to explode.

SMACK The left arse cheek receiving the stinging blow this time, he tightened strongly, dragging another heartfelt moan from behind.

Another hand trailed lightly down his back, fingertips ghosting along his sweat drenched skin. The blunt nails scoring gently, but hard enough to leave faint red welts. Draco closed his eyes, the pleasure approaching overload. Between the cock pounding into him and the light, almost delicate touches caressing his skin, he knew he wouldn't be able to take much more.

He had already been fucked twice earlier in the evening, both times a cock ring had been attached, not being allowed to come either times, his frustration was rapidly building. His balls tight, aching, tingly with the need to come.

Annoyed with himself for suggesting the ring again in the first place, he brutally shoved himself back, spasming on the cock when it slammed painfully into his prostate.

The soft, exploring hand paused for a second, fingers splayed across the back of his neck, as if sensing his frustration, they rubbed lightly, calming Draco instantly. He relaxed, muscles he hadn't even realized were tense loosening under the soothing strokes.

"shhh… do you want to come?" A silky voice enquired.

Draco frantically nodded his head, adding a breathy "Yes."

"You may earn the right" a soft stroke, hairs on the back of his neck standing on end, goose pimples rising "You may earn the right, if you make us come."

Draco shivered, that smooth voice heading straight to his cock, hardening further, the cock inside responding too, thrusts faltered slightly before beginning a brutal pace. Draco barely being able to fill his lungs with oxygen, opened his mouth to gulp for air. The dark pink head of a cock, shoving against his lips, he opened his mouth wider to accommodate the thick shaft. His tongue lapping at the head, swirling around to taste as much of the bitter essence that was there, humming around it, as it slid deeper into his salivating mouth.

"Mmmmmm" He hummed, his tongue tracing the thick, throbbing vein underneath.

The grip on his hips became painful, the thrusts erratic and impossibly deep, the little nub of pleasure causing white spots to form behind his eyes.

He reached down, fisting his engorged cock, hand knocking against the ring on the down stroke, it hitting his heavy, hanging balls.

Suddenly the cock inside seemed to expand, hardened more he thought possible, a jerky thrust followed by another, then hotness spurting deep inside him.

Draco moaned, the cock in his mouth slipping into his throat, a grunt, then bitter salty come flooded his mouth. He swallowed convulsively, whimpering at the sensation of some it dripping down his chin and neck.

The pressure abruptly leaving the base of his cock, one stroke, his balls erupting over his hand and bed. The force of his orgasm nearly making him lose consciousness, black spots floating across his eyes.

He slumped forward, strong hands catching him, the shaft embedded in him, softening, slowly pulled out with a wet slick noise, hot fluid dripped down his thighs as he was lowered gently onto soft sheets.

The sound of air starved lungs filling echoed throughout the room, the warm solid weight of a body lying next to him, Draco turned cautiously, his body sore, aching in places he never knew existed.

He ran a hand down the sweaty chest beside him, tweaking a nipple, the body flinched.

"Oi that hurt." Harry panted, struggling to get his breath back.

Draco laughed, sighing happily when the warmth increased at his back, a warm solid chest pressed to his back, an arm draped over his hip, the ugly tattoo that they never discussed, appeared to glow in the candle light. The hand squeezed briefly, before reaching across to lightly caress Harry's hip.

Harry smiled, turning over, Draco wedged between, a tangle of arms and legs. Slow languid kisses and caresses shared amongst them, no one left out, everyone content.

Severus, the first to speak when they came up for air.

"So, you mentioned something about fantasies?" the question was directed to Draco, having brought up the topic earlier, pre shag-a-thon.

"Just wondering that was all," He could feel the heat rising in his face, over the past month they had done a lot together, yet he still felt embarrassed to discuss sex.

Harry looked at him, a knowing smile.

"I think that Draco is trying to say he has a fantasy that he wants to try, Draco?" Harry's voice was soft and intrigued.

Draco blushed a deeper shade of pink, nodded his head.

"I think I may have something in mind."