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WARNINGS - Dubious consent.

Draco froze, feeling Harry tense beside him and hearing the loud expletive from Severus' mouth. The mood filled with heated tension, Lucius held his wand tightly in his hand, it darted back and forth between Harry and Severus, his face thunderous but filled with a devious gleam.

"Well, well Severus, I must say I'm surprised," he smiled, the gleam brighter, "Oh, not about Draco, I'm sure he's a whore just like his mother, but fucking Dumbledore's golden boy, that positively delicious." Draco's face fell at the words, Harry could feel the rage pulsing through his fingers. Severus sneered, eyes filled with a fury that Harry had never seen before.

"Not this time," Severus shouted, Lucius' grin widened, the look of joy spreading across his smug face, "I won't let you ruin this!" Harry felt confused at the conversation, evidently something had happened between them before, the bile rose in his throat at the thought of Severus being with that arrogant, evil bastard.

"Now, now dear friend, be nice or I'll have the boy who lived suck my cock.. while you watch." He walked towards Severus, glaring at Draco, who was cowering behind Harry.

"Just look at him, pathetic," he turned from him to regard Severus, Harry sickened by the lust he could see in the man's grey eyes, "Bet he's a right firecracker in bed though, isn't he?"

Severus' jaw tensed, Harry could see his fists clenching by his sides, Lucius continued deriding his son, "Does he suck your cock like a good little boy and take you deep inside while he begs for more?"

Severus glared at him, his black eyes boring into Lucius', a sudden sneer gracing the potion masters face.

"Isn't that your job, Lucius, do you love the dark lord's cock in you?" the laugh in Severus tone was full of spite, Lucius paled, "Remember how you would beg me to fuck you, do you beg him like that?"

Turning on his heel, Lucius stalked away from the fuming potion master, Harry wished he could reach his wand, it lay on the floor beside the bed, teasingly out of his reach.

"Draco, get dressed," he looked at his son with disdain, adding with an excited grin, "We'll arrange the dark mark ceremony for tonight then you can join me at the dark lord's side, I'm sure he'll enjoy you."

Draco lunged from the bed, screeching like a banshee, Lucius' eyes widened at the attack, lifting his wand to hex Draco. The arrogant blond thrown backwards by the force of the hex screamed by Harry, shocked at the wandless magic he had just performed. A quick incarcerous muttered by Severus and Lucius was trussed up like a turkey, a gag firmly in place for when the blond awoke.

"What shall we do with him?" Charlie asked, Bill smiled and lifted the unconscious man, flinging him on the bed. Harry walked over to Draco, the blond quiet and shaking, pulling away from Harry's touch. Undeterred, Harry pulled the struggling blond into his arms.

"Let me go, he's right I'm no good for you!" Severus approached the flailing blond, concern written all over his face, Harry held Draco tighter. Tears spilling on to Harry's chest as Draco began to cry, sobbing against Harry, Severus came up behind him to embrace both of them, his strong arms making Harry sigh. Draco murmuring about being just like his father.

"Draco, you are nothing like your father." Severus' voice calm and filled with certainty, Draco lifted his teary eyes to look at the two of them. Harry smiled, his face suddenly nervous, his eyes skittish and unable to meet Draco's gaze.

"errmm, Draco, I think that I," he paused and glanced at Severus, shoulders straightening as he psyched himself up to speak, Draco sharing the same look of confusion as Severus, "You see.. I love you both." Harry let out the breath he'd been holding as he finished.

Silence followed the words, Draco stunned speechless, watching helplessly as Harry's face began to fall at their lack of response, his green eyes brimming as he broke the embrace.

"That's ok, it was a silly thought, just forget I said anything." he tried to add a smile to show that he was fine, Draco gasped, his mouth finally catching up to his brain.

"I LOVE YOU!" Draco's voice piercing throughout the room, Harry jumped at the sudden declaration. Draco turned to look at Severus, his black eyes not giving anything away, he touched his arm.

"And I love you," Draco whispered to the shocked potion master. Harry spun him around, their lips crushing together, the kiss full of intensity. Their lips stopping as a deep, rich voice with a slightly strained tone whispered huskily, the words meant just for them.

"I love you both too, my imp and my naughty dragon." his strong arms encircling the pair, Harry sighed into Draco's mouth, he leaned back against Severus' chest. An idea flashing in his mind, he pulled away from kissing Harry long enough to turn his head to place a tender kiss on Severus' lips and then Draco smiled at the two of them, his voice filled mischief and malice.

"I have the perfect idea for Daddy Dearest."

The world slowly returned to Lucius, head aching and mouth dry, he went to move, panicking when he realised he couldn't. Eyes springing open and scanning the room, he quickly deduced he was strapped to a chair and gagged, cruel laughter drawing his attention to the bed, that he had been placed directly at the foot of. As though he was set a front row seat to the show that was about to begin. His grey eyes widening at the sight that greeted him, struggling to shout and pulling at the straps holding him in place.

Draco smiled lazily, his naked body stretching out on the bed, his moans breathy. Harry kissing and sucking his toes, Severus nuzzling his neck, both of them lavishing him with attention from top to bottom. He giggled at the sensation of Harry running his tongue along the ball of his foot, Harry holding on to his calf as he tried to pull away, a smile on his face. Severus laughed at the pair, his agile tongue licking Draco's throbbing pulse point, kissing along his jaw and then slamming their lips together, devouring a whimpering Draco with a heat fuelled kiss.

The kisses from Severus made Draco light headed and incredibly aroused, that and Harry's exploring tongue. Harry was gradually moving his way up Draco's body, the tip of that agile muscle running along the inside of his thigh. Draco held his breath as he waited for it to touch his rigid cock, his shaft dripping pre-come already with excitement. Groaning as Harry bypassed his needy member, to lap at his belly button, tongue dipping and swirling in the little dent. Severus placing gentle kisses down his chest as he made his way to join Harry, Draco almost screaming with pleasure when they both began to lick his navel, Severus curling his tongue and pushing it inside his little inverted belly button, Draco's hips shot off the bed, his cock slapping against his abdomen.

Harry leaned down to lick at the wet head, swirling through the bitter essence that leaked from Draco, Severus moving down to lap at Harry's mouth as they shared the treat. Draco bit his lips to stop his screams, the sensation of two tongues on his cock was pushing him to the edge.

"Cock ring." he managed to croak out, Harry pulled up, licking the drop of pre-come off his bottom lip, a smile spreading across his face, grabbing his wand and muttering the incantation. Draco felt a strange pressure around the base of his cock, looking down to see a black leather cock ring sitting snugly there. Draco couldn't resist looking up to stare into wild grey eyes, his father flushed with anger and something else.

He's turned on!

Unsure of how to feel about the obvious arousal emanating from his imprisoned father, Draco pulled Harry down to kiss him, their tongues duelling slickly, the noise loud to begin with but then drowned out by a surprised muffled scream. Bill and Charlie, still naked were approaching Lucius like he was a tasty looking treat, lust shining the red head's eyes.

"Well, well Mr Malfoy, its appears that you're packing." Bill said with a grin, Charlie laughed, Draco couldn't help but notice his father was very aroused, his cock straining his tailored trousers.

"What would people say, if they knew you got turned on by your own son?" Charlie asked, grabbing Lucius' hair and yanking his head back painfully, Lucius' features became fearful.

"Maybe we should cut it off?" Bill's voice sounded excited by the idea, Draco's heart began to race. Harry deepened the kiss, pushing Draco back into the bed. Lucius' muffled pleading filling the room, shaking his head and beginning to cry. Severus watching with amusement, Draco reached for him, trailing a finger down his chest, his fingertips coming to rest at the base of Severus' cock. Obsidian eyes stared at him, he quirked an eyebrow, Draco smiled and ran his finger along the hot silky skin of Severus' shaft, swirling through the fluid at the tip, bringing it slowly up to his mouth, never breaking eye contact with the now flustered man. The taste of Severus on his tongue made Draco moan, he reached down to run a shaking hand along his own cock, it twitched beneath his fingers. Aware that Harry and Severus were watching him, he lay back and spread his thighs exposing his pucker to their gaze. Two moans echoed from across the room, he looked to see Charlie and Bill watching him intently, Lucius crying freely now, his eyes squeezed shut as he sobbed.

Charlie tugged Lucius' hair hard, the man whimpered and opened his eyes. Bill rubbing his own cock as he watched the display on the bed. Draco's own whimpers were lusty and full of desire, Harry on his stomach between Draco's thighs, his tongue tracing around the tight pucker.

"Watch him!" Charlie's normally pleasant voice venomous and hateful, Lucius shaking on the chair. Bill reached down and cupped his cock through his trousers, squeezing hard, Lucius screeched with pain. Draco closed his eyes and tuned the noise out, his mind and body focused on Harry and Severus. Something nudged against his lips, his tongue peeped out, the head of Severus' cock dripping into his mouth, he moaned and lapped at the tip. Severus stroked his cheek with fondness, Draco sucked the tip into his hot mouth, moaning around the mouthful as Harry's tongue breached him, mapping his insides. Stars and fireworks sparking behind his eyes as Harry's tongue brushed against his prostate, he bucked up and let out a long moan.

"Please." Draco begged, his words muffled as he licked around the head of Severus' throbbing length. Harry lapped harder, pulling his tongue out and nibbling at the edges of his twitching entrance, a single finger sliding into the tight heat, Draco pleaded.

"Please, please I love you, please fuck me!" Harry thrust three fingers inside, Draco writhed on the bed, revelling in the pain pleasure feel of being stretched wide, the fingers scissoring inside him, testing the tightness and opening him up for their cocks. The rest of the room blocked out, barely aware of the taunts and threats spilling from the Weasley men, Lucius crying like baby. The blunt head of Harry's cock teasing the pink pucker, Draco pushing himself down, gasping as the tip slid effortlessly inside him, Severus pushing his cock further into his gasping mouth.

"Draco, you feel so good," Harry breathed, pushing all the way inside not stopping until his balls rested against Draco, " Fuck!"

Draco couldn't catch his breath at the myriad of sensations flooding his body, he felt that he could feel every ridge and vein in Harry's quivering cock. His tongue dancing over the throbbing vein running along the underside of Severus' length, the bitter salty taste was heaven on his taste buds. Harry pulled out, Draco's channel grasping around his cock to hold him inside, desperate to keep the feel of him. The stretch and pleasure pain of his entry made Draco's heart race. Severus' low throaty moans were music to Draco's ears, he could feel Harry's body shaking with emotion and lust, his own body writhing underneath the green eyed man. Squeezing his eyes shut, Draco knew that if he looked at the intense pleasure written on Harry's face he would lose himself ,the knife's edge of control hanging by a thread. Charlie's voice rang out in the room, Draco's eyes sprang open at the words.

"Oh, you want us, look Bill, he's still rock hard!"

Lucius lowered his shame filled face, eyes bloodshot from the tears that had fallen, Bill reached down to rub at his rigid cloth covered cock. The red heads laugh full of mirth and a hint of desire.

"You're right Charlie, Do you want us?" Lucius struggled with his bindings, refusing to meet anyone's eyes, Draco looked at Severus, licking harder at the tip of the potion master's turgid shaft. Dark amused eyes meeting his stare, a smile spreading across his face at the torment Lucius was suffering. Draco winced in sympathy as Bill yanked Lucius' head back by his long blond hair, tilting his neck back and making him look at them. His other hand pulled the gag free and in a move that shocked Draco, Bill slammed his lips against the struggling blonds. Everyone froze, Severus gasped, Harry thrust forward hard, his cock brushing along Draco's prostate, he let out a scream. Lucius moaned into Bill's mouth, gasping and Bill took advantage of his open mouth, sliding his tongue deep into the blond. The slick sound of tongues lapping reverberating in the room, Lucius' moans swallowed by the plucky red head, his brother standing watching the display with a gleam in his eye.

Draco sucked at the dripping tip of the distracted potion master, nipping lightly as his foreskin to get his attention, moaning under the gaze that Severus bestowed on him. Fire in the black eyes, he grabbed Draco roughly by the nape of the neck, pushing his cock deep into his mouth at the same time. Draco gagged as the spongy head hit the back of his throat. He swallowed convulsively dragging groans from Severus, who pulled to push back in, building a rhythm as he fucked the Draco's throat. Harry snapped his hips back and slammed back in, quickly matching the pace set by Severus, Draco keening, his body falling apart with the duel sensations of being fucked hard at both ends.

Lusty moans from the other men reached Draco's ears, fighting to keep his eyes open, he looked across to view his father. Gurgling his surprise around Severus' cock, Lucius still bound, but now on his knees as he switched his attention back and forth between the brothers. His mouth swollen and becoming pink while it stretched to accommodate Charlie's cock, the tongue visible as it swirled around the tip, pulling off with a wet pop before giving Bill's shaft the same treatment. His own groans filled with arousal, his mouth gasping as Bill's pushed in, the sound of his excited gagging echoing in Draco's ears. Harry leaned down to whisper in his ear, tongue licking at the shell, before pulling back to lick the underside of Severus' cock, dark eyes becoming glazed from the attention of both of them.

"Ignore it, think of my cock in you and Severus in your mouth."

Draco found himself obeying, thrusting his hips down to bury Harry deeper, his body drowning in sensation. The cock ring feeling impossible tight, his body desperate for release.

"Yeah, that right baby, come for me." Harry grunted out as he flipped the cock ring open, timing his next hard thrust to slide in at the same time. Draco screamed, his throat closing around Severus, the potion master shouting out his pleasure. Hot salty come filling Draco's mouth and pouring down his throat, all the time his own body erupting everywhere, covering Harry and himself with ribbons of come. Harry's face a mask of concentration and control as he fucked Draco through the spasms, Draco clenching hard around his pulsing cock, Harry slumped forward, twitching as he gave in and emptied himself deep inside the groaning blond.

Loud groans and grunts of pleasure still bounced around the room, weakly Draco and Harry turned to look. Lucius was whimpering, Charlie fucking his mouth hard and fast, lines of saliva spilling from the haughty blonds' lips. Any doubt that he wasn't enjoying himself belied by the hard on hanging from his trousers, its dripped a steady stream of pre-come onto the floor at his feet. Bill stood over him, stroking his own cock quickly, the head wet with fluid , his back arched and he spurted over the blonds' face, strings of pearly white come streaking Lucius' hair. The blonds' eyes snapped shut as the first spurt splashed his face, his own cock spewing forth, twitching and splashing his essence on the floor. Charlie took a breath and froze, Lucius gagged as he emptied himself down the blonds' contracting throat.

The silence that followed was tense, quiet pants were the only sound heard in the background. Bill, the first to speak, wiping his hand on Lucius' face, smearing more come on the flushed blond.

"What do we do with him, now?"

"How about we obilivate him and dump him the forest?" Charlie suggested, pulling out of Lucius' mouth with slurping noise. Draco felt all eyes on him to make a decision, his mind torn between what he could do and what he should do.

If I obilivate him, no one will know.

If I don't, I'll have to choose, ,my life or them.

He glanced at Severus and Harry, Severus lying on the bed beside him, Harry still embedded within him. Gently, he pushed the tired looking Harry off him, ignoring the look of hurt that passed across his green eyes. Standing on shaky legs, he approached his father, even covered in the emissions of the two Weasley brothers, he looked at Draco with arrogance.

"If I stay what will happen?" Draco asked in a tiny voice, suspecting the answer already. Lucius glared at him, looking past him to stare at Severus and Harry, Draco couldn't look at them.

"Staying is not an option, come or die with them in the final battle." his voice hoarse but filled with finality, Draco felt sick at the prospect of being on the opposing side of his father. With his grey eyes beginning to brim, he lifted his gaze to Severus and Harry, the potion master's face unreadable, Harry's was an open book, hurt and longing written on his face, green eyes watering.

"I'm sorry." Harry began to sob, , turning to look at his father. The look of triumph on the blonds face filled Draco with rage. Draco ran to Harry and pulled the weeping man into his arms, turning to look at his father.

"You misunderstand me, father, I'm sorry but I choose them!" Harry returned the hug with a bone crushing one of his own. Lucius paled then became a shocking shade of red, his mouth opened to speak.

"SILENCE!" Severus' tone made everyone jump, the fury evident. Throwing himself from the bed, pressing a brief kiss to both Draco and Harry's mouth, whispering his love to them. He crossed the room in two strides, towering over Lucius, the blond paling further under the intense glare.

"You will not take this from me, not them!, tell the dark lord I've picked my side too!" Harry gasped at the words, Severus had just announced himself as a spy for the light and denounced Voldemort. Lucius began to splutter, fury building, Severus shocked Harry as he threw a hard punch knocking the blond unconscious and breaking his jaw.

"Get this piece of shit out of here." he ordered Charlie and Bill, they both smirked, Harry got the feeling that Lucius was going to end up naked and tied up somewhere public. The two men grabbed the slumped over man and dragged him from the room.

Draco let out a trembling breath and fell onto the bed, heart hammering with the realization of what he had just done. Stunned at himself for giving up everything and sighing his own death warrant, he closed his eyes, struggling not to cry. The bed dipped beside him and then again on the other side of him, a large hand resting on his stomach, another smaller warm hand resting next to it.

"You ok?" Harry's voice concerned, Severus echoed the question. Draco reluctantly opened his eyes and met the gaze of the two men. Harry's face beaming with happiness, Severus more reserved but his dark eyes shined with joy.

"With you two by my side, I'll be fine." Draco smiled and pulled the two men into a heated kiss, certain of his words. Whatever happened and he knew it wasn't going to be easy. He had picked love and the side of the light, he knew they would prevail.

The end