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Draco complained as they walked towards the Whomping willow. Harry sighed yet again, having heard the various and they were various complaints. Where are we going? Why are we out here? Its too cold? I'm not shagging on the wet grass, remember last time and so forth.

Severus stalked, quietly behind them as if reluctant to follow.

Harry understood his apprehension, the last time they had been in this very place was during the time with Sirius, dementors and a wolfsbane free werewolf.

He shuddered, goose pimples rising on his skin, feeling cold even with his warm, woollen cloak. He turned his head, briefly flashing what he hoped to be a reassuring smile in his direction. A grumpy humph sound echoed behind him, he smiled.

The moon was full and heavy in the sky, no clouds, stars shining casting a shadowy glow across the branches of the now quiet tree.

Draco found himself staring up at the sky, the forest eerily silent, no sound except for his breath puffing out, creating mist, his heart began to beat faster. He unconsciously reached down to grab Harry's hand, realising what he had done, blushed furiously. Harry's fingers squeezed in response, he relaxed.

"Maybe this wasn't a good idea?" wincing at the squeak his voice produced, Harry gave his hand another reassuring squeeze.

"This was your idea, remember?" Harry whispered, an embarrassed look crossing his features when he realized that he too was nervous.

Draco knew that it had all been his idea, he knew that he couldn't back down now. He recalled their reaction when he had shared his fantasy.


"NO! its out of the question, I refuse to participate in this atrocious idea!" Severus spitting the last word, vehemently, before getting out of his armchair, striding angrily across to the front of the fireplace.

Draco physically trying to disappear into the sofa, that he and Harry were currently sprawled on. A look of hurt marring his usual striking features, grey, blue eyes downcast, looking watery. His cock still hanging out of his trousers, limp and sated from the blowjob Harry had just given him .

Harry looked at Severus, angrily at first then a slow smile crept on to his face. Draco watched intrigued, having come to realize that having been involved with Severus longer than him, 6 months before he had become part of their relationship, Harry could read Severus' moods quite well.

Draco nuzzled into Harry's shoulder, flashing a look of hurt in the direction of the fireplace. Harry's arm automatically wrapping around him in a protective gesture.

"There, there Draco, don't let him upset you" He cooed, soft and in hushed tones, glaring in Severus' direction.

Draco burrowed deeper into his shoulder, hiding his face, feeling a smile threatening to emerge. Shoulders began to shake with ill contained mirth, Harry tightened his arms more.

"Look at what you've done!" Harry shouted out, the laugh stuck in his throat raising his voice higher. Severus flinched slightly, straightening his shoulders immediately to cover it.

Draco couldn't look, his eyes were tearing up, he wanted to laugh out loud at the look on Severus' face when he glanced up.

Severus looked horrified, he started to walk towards him, hands raised as if in surrender, obviously unsure of how to deal with a tearful Draco.

"Draco.." He paused, words stuck in his throat.

"You said that we would consider whatever he asked, no judgement, you promised?" Harry sitting up straighter on the sofa, as if preparing for an argument.

"I…I'm sorry, its just.." He stopped, choosing his words carefully, "the wolf?"

Draco faced flamed, mortified at how red he was becoming, if it had been possible to burst into flame from embarrassment, there would have been a pile of ash on the sofa. He nodded briskly, staring anywhere but at them.

"Fine by me," Harry said with a hint of excitement "Now how are we going to get Remus to agree?"

" Leave the wolf to me." Severus replied.

End of flashback.

Draco found himself standing at the base of the tree, looking at a hole in the ground, he turned to Harry.

"Entrance for the tunnel to the shrieking shack."

Draco shivered, having heard the rumours about it being haunted, Harry seeming to read his mind, softly laughed, quiet chuckles that still sounded so loud in the tranquil night.

"Dumbledore made up the rumour, to keep people away."

The tunnel was damp, dark and creepy, Draco quickly casting a spell, lighting the way, Severus walking cautiously, body tense.

"Make sure to keep your wands ready," his deep, baritone echoing in the tunnel. Draco's heart sped up, blood rushing through his veins, beginning to think that this may have been a mistake.

Harry looked at him, understanding and leaned over to brush his lips against his, a soft kiss meant to relax him.

Draco followed him with his lips as he pulled away, flicking his tongue along Harry's bottom lip, asking for entrance. Harry immediately opened his mouth, his own tongue coming out to meet his, lapping inside his mouth. Hands grasping his cloak, pulling him forward, slamming theirs chest together.

Low moans swallowed in each others mouths, hands beginning to wander, undoing clasps, frantic to touch bare skin.

"Ah hum, Gentleman" amusement in his voice, Severus adjusted the bulge at the front of his trousers.

They broke apart, breathless, light headed, skin flushed, cocks straining to be freed. Draco wiping the back of his mouth, turned to see a large wooden door. His heart stopped, swallowing around the lump that had just formed in his throat, Harry touched his shoulder, he jumped.

"Come on, time to play." Harry's mischievous smile lighting up his face, bounding off to open the door.

Severus tutted behind him, muttering about stupid, too brave for their own good Gryffindors, Draco laughed and grabbed his hand, noting that it was warm, strangely comforted by that, they followed.

The place was filthy, covered with a ingrained layer of dirt and dust. Draco noticed a clear set of footprints against the dirt on the floor, leading them upstairs, reluctantly, he followed.

Harry already half way up the stairs, turned, smiled and raced ahead.

"HARRY!" Severus' angry shout chased after him.

Draco placed a tentative foot on the first step, nearly falling back when a long, low howl from above him , pierced the silence of the shack.

Strangely, his first instinct and that of Severus was not to run, his heart thudding in his chest, no other thought than HARRY!. He ran, taking the steps two at a time, hearing Severus thundering up the stairs after him.

Never slowing for a second even when he saw the open door at the end of the corridor, driven to proceed, he ran faster, breath frozen in his chest.

Terrified at the thought of what he might find, this feeling intensified when a second howl echoed from the room ahead.

Severus pushing past him, wand held high, skidded to halt, abruptly freezing in the doorway, Draco slammed into his back, propelling them into the room.

Harry lay on the floor, Draco felt a scream building, stopping when he saw that Harry was giggling, a large black wolf, sniffing and licking his face.

The wolf, turned quickly, haunches low, fur raised, amber eyes fixed on the two of them. Severus tensed, wand in hand, Draco noted that his hand was trembling.

Harry ran a hand along the midnight black fur, calming the beast. It sat back, regarding the newcomers, head tilted slightly, ears pricked, snout sniffing the air.

"Good Moony" a gentle voice soothed.

"Moony?" Draco asked, the wolf's ears twitching at the name, stood and stalked towards him.

He moved back, connecting with the broad chest of Severus. A mouth at his ear, breath hot against his neck. "Don't move." He whispered.

Golden eyes never breaking contact as Moony approached, low as if readying to attack. Draco wanted to squeeze his eyes shut, pretend that this was a dream. Scream almost escaping when Moony reached him.

Draco began chanting to himself, not even realizing that he was doing it.

"Oh Merlin, oh Merlin, oh Merlin OH MERLIN!" Shrieking out as Moony pushed his nose into his groin, sniffing loudly.