PLEASE READ (Author's comments): Ok, to start out with; this isn't the first story I have ever written in my life but it is my very first non-RP fan fiction. Hmmm… Let me just say why I decided to write a fan fiction.

1) All of the fan fictions I liked and thought were amazingly well-thought out can't be found anymore. I'm not even kidding, ALL OF THEM are gone.

2) I love Beyblade. I've been a fan of it for 6 years now. We all know about the new Beyblade series floating around right? I was over-joyed there'd be another Beyblade season then I find out it's a completely different series. So what do I do? I hold onto the hope that G-revolution will continue with new storylines and all the old teams. I know about the manga where they're all grown up and have kids of there own but riddle me this. After G-revolution ended, we're to believe nothing important happened in any of the beybladers lives until their kids enter a tournament? Just saying…

3) Re-addressing the point above, in my mind I keep playing scenarios of how a fourth season would be played out. So instead of wishing to see it, why not just write a few for other people (and myself) who would love to see new storylines, or even alternatives to what did happen in the series…you know, just to ease our minds a little.

4) Don't get the wrong impression of me, I love reading fan fictions, but for some reason I'm not getting much joy out of reading them anymore… I don't know why. So I figure maybe I'd write a few to get my ideas out there.

So without further delay, enjoy whatever I limp in with. (this story is strictly off the top of my head, Improv if you will.)

Disclaimer: I do not own Beyblade.


Brooklyn and Tyson's battle continued and ended with Tyson as the victor. Brooklyn walked over to his tattered beyblade and picked it up. This was the second time he had ever lost a battle but a smile was still on his face. Everyone cheered at Tyson's win. The metal gear system was a success and they had saved the sport of beyblading from Boris' malicious intent.

"Well, looks like you've won Tyson." Brooklyn said and closed his eyes, smirking.

"That was a really wild battle Brooklyn! One of the toughest I've ever had." Tyson grinned.

"Yeah, me too." Brooklyn nodded in agreement.

Tyson smiled and held at his hand "Maybe we'll run into each other again at the next world championship and beybattle again. Put all this Boris business behind us."

"Sounds good to me." he shook Tyson's hand.

The crowd cheered at the sight of Brooklyn and Tyson shaking hands. Boris who was watching them from a distance glared at them. Twice his plans had been ruined by Tyson and his friends.

"Surpassed your expectations Hiro? All of this was to make them stronger?" Boris snapped. "All of my plans ruined because of Tyson! Huh?" he glanced over to the right and saw Tala standing beside Mr. Dickenson then noticed Kai on the big rock pillar. Boris gritted his teeth.

"No, because of Tala…" Boris frowned. He stood up and walked off before anyone had noticed.

A crowd was around Tyson now. His friends, his teammates, and all his former competitors congratulating on his win. Bits and pieces of words could be heard among the jumble of voices. Daichi was doing back-flips and kept yelling that they won. Kenny and Emily were chatting about how successful their metal beyblades were, and Mariah had hugged Ray out of happiness while Brooklyn walked back to his own team and still had that simple smile on his face.

"Sorry guys, I couldn't pull off a win…" He shrugged nonchalantly.

"Oh Brooklyn I'm so proud of you!" Ming-Ming squeeled.

"That was the best I've ever seen you blade." Crusher smiled and clenched his fist with enthusiasm.

"You made us all pround. I'm sorry I couldn't help you before." Garland chimed in.

"Well, not like it's over." Brooklyn shook his head.

"Huh?" Ming-Ming looked confused. "What do you mean Brooklyn?"

"I'm looking forward to fighting Tyson again, in a proper match, at the world championships."

"The world championships?" Crusher blinked.

"I think that's a great idea! If I became the world champion oooh! I'd get more fans!" Ming-Ming shouted.

Garland was surprised at Brooklyn's easy-going attitude after his loss to Tyson. He looked at Tyson and all of his friends surrounding him. They all looked incredibly happy.

"Fighting in the world championships…"Garland tossed the idea around in his head and noticed a certain red-head.

He saw Tala and Kai standing next to each other in the distance. They were both staying away from the huge crowd surrounding Tyson. Tala was still bandaged up and walked with a limp from being bed-ridden for so long. Garland's expression changed and he started to walk towards him.

"Garland?" Ming-Ming asked as she watched him.

Garland didn't answer and continued to walk towards Tala.

"Looks like Tyson did it." Tala said.

"I didn't doubt him for a second." Kai said bluntly.

"No, I didn't either."

Kai looked up at him then saw Garland approaching and nudged Tala's arm, nodding in Garlands direction. Tala looked at Kai then looked in the direction he nodded, once he saw Garland his smile disappeared and his eyes narrowed. Garland stood about 4 feet away from Tala and closed his eyes, sighing.

"I don't really know what I'm suppose to say to you Tala…" Garland opened his eyes and looked at him. Kai watched the both of them then walked away so they could talk in private.

"You were right about Boris, he was just using all of us for his own ambition. So I guess, I wanted to apologize to you." Garland continued.

"You're apologizing so you'll feel better."

"No I really mean it. Everything you said about him was dead-on."

"He just used a different strategy to con other beybladers to follow his orders. That's the only thing that changed about him was how to fool newcomers."

"You too huh?" Garland asked.

"Once upon a time…" Tala shrugged.

Garland watched Tala then smiled "We should have a rematch sometime. How about it?"

Tala was looking at Garland suspiciously then smiled "Deal." he nodded.

"Then I'll catch you later." Garland waved slightly and walked back to his team.

Mr. Dickenson chuckled a little and walked up next to Tala. "Looks like you two got things resolved."

"I guess." Tala looked at Mr. D.

"Hey, Tala! Welcome back!" Tyson yelled and smiled energetically at Tala. Everyone had come over to Tala to see how he was doing now that he was out of the coma. Tyson was especially happy to see him. He even offered if Tala would like to stay at his place until he was completely healed but Tala declined his offer. Mr. Dickenson butted in in saying he had to take Tala to a previous engagement, they had to pick Bryan and Spencer up.

The BBA rebuilt itself as a small shack and Ray and Max were helping give lessons to kids who were new to beyblading. They were all wondering what they were going to do for the next world championships. Being part of the G-revolutions was fun battling side by side as a team again but they couldn't just throw away the White Tigers or the All Starz. One thing was for certain, they had to prepare for the next world championship.

Ok, so what do you guys think? Not too bad right? Like I said I have alot of random thoughts about what could have happened just based on certain conslusions I came to from watching the series. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed it. All of it is just improv.