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Bryan sighed as he looked over the wreckage of the lighthouse. The White Tigers were able to get some fish and the group had built a small fire to cook them with. Daichi had found various pieces of food from around the near forest and began to cook it as well.

"Daichi…are you sure we can eat those mushrooms?" Tyson asked suspiciously.

"Jeez, for the 100th time yes!" Daichi sounded irritated.

"They better not be those weird 'magic' mushrooms that make people wig out."

"They're not! Those mushrooms have spots on them; these are fine, if you don't want any well…more for me!" Daichi sounded snotty near the end of his sentence.

"If only we had a pot. Then I could just make soup for everyone." Mariah nodded.

"Yeah, with salt water…" Kevin sighed.

It went quiet for a while as the group ate in silence. They were too hungry and exhausted to make much noise. Julia had regained consciousness and was given food immediately to build her strength up. Once she saw Raul wasn't there her panic rose slightly. No one could console her; after all, they weren't sure if any of their missing teammates were all right. None of them could even tell her it was better than where Brooklyn, Tala, and Kai had ended up because for all they knew, that's where Raul was. Mathilda tried to remain optimistic and told Julia that Raul was just fine.

"So, what's our plan now…?" Miguel asked as he ate.

"I don't know…but let's focus on recovering." Ray nodded.

The others agreed, but it was hard not to worry with each passing hour. Bryan watched the wreckage as he ate; knowing the picture of Tala's parents was out there somewhere. It was almost mocking him. He knew it was there, but he didn't know where or in what condition it'd be in.

"Would he even forgive me…?" Bryan mumbled to himself.

Ian looked at him "What's wrong?"

"You know Tala's picture is out there somewhere…he'll be mad if something happens to it."

"Picture? Oh, the framed one?" Claude asked.

"What's the deal with that picture anyway? Parents?" Kevin was lying on his stomach and propped his head on his hands.

"Yeah. They're his parents." Bryan nodded but didn't offer anymore information.

"So how come he carried it around with him? This was supposed to be a vacation trip in the beginning, why take the picture?" Tyson asked.

"He always takes it with him when we leave for a long period of time." Bryan explained.

"Huh…" Tyson blinked.

"Like a good luck charm?" Daichi asked.

Bryan didn't answer and gave them a hostile look.

"It's none of our business or anything." Tyson shook his head "But we'll help you look for it" he smiled.


"Sure, we can help look. If he brought it all this way with him it's really special to him, right?" Tyson asked with a friendly smile.

Ian was looking at them over his shoulder before glancing at Bryan.

Bryan was quiet for a while then nodded.

"All right, sweet!" Tyson cheered. "Hey, Daichi…think you can sniff it out?"

"Ha, ha…" Daichi laughed sarcastically.

The others had gotten a small laugh from Tyson's joke. It was nice that the mood had lightened even if it was just a little.

Bryan looked back out at the wreckage, choosing not to participate. He was too angry. This wasn't a joke, yet they were laughing? Out there somewhere, their teammates could be hurt, captured, or even dead. The silver-haired teen frowned at the fact the White Tiger's had found each other, and that the Barthez Battalion was only missing one member. Bryan had lost three teammates and two friends. Tala was in Boris' care and he didn't know where Spencer was.

Their unknown fate scared him. Tala was the first family he ever had. The Abbey was never his home…the Demolition Boys were, and then the Blitzkrieg Boys were his home and family. The fear of having it torn away from him was too much to bear. Ian felt the same way as Bryan. Both of them hoped they weren't the only ones left. The three strongest members of their team were gone. It hurt to think they could be taken down so easily.

"Zeus?! Zeus!" Boris yelled into the headset, but nothing except static came through. The screens were dark. Boris had no idea what became of Zeus.

"Ggggrrrr" He growled viciously as he considered what to do.

His plan was running so smoothly. It was going better than he ever expected. His eyes glanced to the top screen with Brooklyn making his way to the shore.

"I wonder if he'll get there before Spencer and the others." Boris spoke to himself.

"Uhm…sir…" One of the computer attendants said.

"What?!" Boris snapped, not appreciating being drawn out of his thoughts.

"Tala. He's out of the arena…" He clicked some buttons and brought up a visual of Tala walking slowly, like a zombie, through the hallways.

Frost immediately started to form on the lens of the camera and clouded its vision.

"Hm…maybe there's still time. Lead him to the gate." The purple hair man ordered.

"But sir, he'll-"

"Do it. Now. Let him out." Boris ordered.

"Y-yes sir…" He said and opened the gate nearest to Tala's location.

As he stumbled along he stopped and turned his attention to the draft he felt coming from the opening, and began heading towards it.

"What of Kai?" Boris asked.

"We don't know, sir. The cameras have shut off."

The man sighed and began heading towards the arena. He bit his lip as he thought about Zeus' strange disappearance. He became uneasy of who the intruder was and what they were capable of.

Kai lay motionless in the debris where Tala had left him. Frost had gathered on his body and clothes as he opened his eyes slowly. He stared at the ceiling as his body succumbed to hypothermia.

"So…cold…" he mumbled.

He didn't move any long, he couldn't, his body had broken down from Tala's attacks. Of course he always knew Tala was strong but he had underestimated what he was truly capable of. Like himself, Tala had also grown up in the Abbey and had become captain of the Demolition Boys. One had to be strong to get that position.

The Phoenix gritted his teeth as the lost played over and over in his head. Tala was no longer human. His eyes, his posture, the power…it was as if he became a demon.

"Kai." Voltaire's voice echoed throughout the arena.

Kai's body twitched at the sudden booming voice and weakly looked to the observer's room. His eyes were dull and glassy and he had a dazed look on his face.

"G-grandfather…?" He asked weakly.

"Why do you insist on being so disobedient?" Voltaire scolded.

Kai didn't say anything.

"I did warn you, that you would pay." Voltaire frowned. "For what you did at the world championships two years ago. I warned you and all of your friends would pay."

Kai was barely responsive. He moved his mouth to say something else but nothing came out. He was wondering what Voltaire meant, until he remembered back when Voltaire had wanted him to use Black Dranzer. So who was the head of this plan? Voltaire or Boris? Voltaire definitely had the money to fund all of this, while Boris knew of ways of pulling it off without getting caught. The two were masterminds behind it.

Kai struggled to say something again. Tala had already suspected Boris from the beginning, and if he wasn't captured and turned into that…thing, he might have succeeded in discovering Boris' plan and how to stop it before any others were taken.

He came after me instead…why? Kai thought.

It's not as if we're friends.

He kept trying to figure out why Tala jeopardized himself like that. Kai frowned and forced his body to sit up. The two-toned hair blader winced and breathed heavily as sitting up became a challenge. He had a goal he wanted to accomplish. He would fight his way through to achieve his goal like he always had in the past. Before he did anything else…he had to know.

"I'm…never…" Kai forced himself to stand up, using pure willpower.

Voltaire frowned down at him as his grandson continued to rebel.

"This is all…your doing….but; it's my fault I'm in this mess." Kai shakily looked up at him.

"I'm going to fix it, and show you never to mess with me, AGAIN." he threatened his grandfather.

Voltaire scoffed and hit a button on the control panel.

Kai shook as he stood.

"No matter how much you fight me Kai…you'll always come crawling back." Voltaire said bluntly.

Kai flinched. "No…never again."

Before Kai, a creature approached. It had a tall and towering figure. When it appeared, Kai was overcome with fear. Its appearance was horrifying, and it smelt like scorching bodies. This was Black Dranzer.

Its form didn't look human like the other bit-beasts; instead…Black Dranzer had a twisted form that seemed like a cross between a vampire and a zombie. His face looked sunken in, there was nothing but black for eyes, skin was a sickly green color with black veins showing through. The creature was truly not of this world.

Kai took a step back as his heart rate increased.

Its clothing looked as if it were torn away armor…leaving it jagged and showing bits of skin. Chains hung from his wrists, ankles, and neck as if he had once been restrained. The chains themselves were rusted and digging into his skin. Black feathers hung from his waist.

Kai swallowed the lump in his throat. This was Black Dranzer's form.

Voltaire had left as soon as Black Dranzer entered the arena. He knew that the dark Phoenix would not be satisfied until every person in that facility had been slaughtered. Voltaire had only wanted his grandson to feel horror, to have an experience so traumatizing he would never disobey again. With Black Dranzer, this was possible.

Quietly, Voltaire boarded a helicopter and left Boris to his fate at Black Dranzer's hands…as well.

Kai backed up. He knew he had to fight, but he knew he had no chance…not against Black Dranzer.

"I…have to fight" he decided and stopped. He glared directly at Black Dranzer, establishing that he would not run away.

Before Kai could do anything else, he was consumed by a black fire and Black Dranzer's spirit manifested out of the robotic body. The two-toned haired blader looked around frantically, not understand.

A dark winged figure made out of smoke appeared in front of Kai before dispersing all around him and infecting him. Kai yelled and fell to his knees as the power consumed him. Before long, the smoke had filled Kai's body completely and he passed out on the floor.

The robotic body was nothing more than a faceless mannequin as Zeus' was when he had left it. Black Dranzer didn't want a fake body. He wanted a real body.

Kai's skin had turned a sickly green color with black veins visible. The grey part of his hair had turned lighter, it was almost white now. He didn't open his eyes; he just laid there quietly as Black Dranzer nested inside him.

Boris walked through the corridors, completely unaware of Voltaire's departure and what events took place inside the arena after Tala left.

He was only concerned with who the intruder might be and what happened to Zeus. He figured he was defeated which made him uneasy. Who could have defeated him? As worry came over him he threw open a door.

"Artemis!" He called, sounding desperate.

She paused and looked over her shoulder.

"Something happened to Zeus!" He said.

"What?" she frowned and closed a file and laid it on the desk.

"What were you doing in here…?"

"Studying…anyway, what about Zeus? Something happened?"

"There's an intruder on the island…whatever he did, Zeus has not been answering over the headset. Something is wrong."

"An intruder…"Artemis frowned.

"I need you to locate him or her or them." Boris ordered.

The girl's frown didn't go away, but without saying anything she walked passed him and into the hallway.

"Understood." she nodded.

Boris watched her then looked curiously over at the file. As he approached and saw the label, it read "Tyson Granger"

"Hm…" Boris wondered why she was reading Tyson's file so early but figured she was just getting ahead of herself as always.

Artemis walked down the hallway alone until she wondered if she should bring Shiva with her. After some pondering she decided that whoever was on the island couldn't stand up to the sisters. She nodded to herself and went to find Shiva.

Max winced and shook his head "Uhg…"he whined and held his head. When he looked around and saw such dark surroundings he frowned.

"Hey!" He called and started to beat his fist on the bars "Hey! Somebody? Answer me! Come on, let me out!"

It was no use. His voice just echoed down the hall. Max sounded frustrated and looked around his cell. He saw a piece of orange and white clothing and walked over to it, picking it up carefully.

"Does this mean…Tala?!" Max sounded exasperated.

To think that Tala had been there comforted Max a little, but that was soon overshadowed with the question "where was he now?"

Max looked around and noticed some scuff marks on the lock.

"Tala must've tried breaking out…" he said and shook the bars slightly.

"Ah what am I thinking…if he couldn't break the lock I'm not going to open it by shaking it…" Max nodded and looked around for a brick or something Tala might have used.

Maybe it's weaker. Maybe I can break it if I try hard enough.

He thought and picked up a large brick near the corner on the cell. He struggled with it a bit but made it back to the lock and tried his best to hit it. Max wasn't very strong, but he hoped the lock was at least to the point where continuous pressure would make it give way.

By the time Spencer and the others made it back to the shore; Brooklyn had already found Aaron, Hilary, Emily and Kenny.

"No, don't fight him!" Garland called to Aaron.

"Emily, back off!" Michael ordered.

Aaron and Emily blinked and looked over at them.

Once Brooklyn saw Spencer and the others he glared and started to yell. The sudden outburst caused everyone to jump and Kenny to cower behind Hilary. Brooklyn put his hands over his hand.

"Don't look at me! Stay away!" He screamed.

"W-what is this?" Aaron asked.

Emily took a step back once she saw the dark aura surrounding him. She glanced at her laptop but remembered it was water logged. Kenny's computer was in no better condition, there was no way she could record Brooklyn and analyze the data.

Spencer frowned, he had hoped they wouldn't see Brooklyn in a while since their last meeting. He was afraid to launch his blade again. He remembered what happened to Michaels, Eddy's, and Garland's during their last battle, plus they still had Raul to worry about.

Brooklyn's dark power branched out again and as the sand below them turned rancid they scurried to get away from it.

"Now!" Emily ordered and launched her blade.

"No!" Michael shouted at her.

"We don't have a choice…" Garland readied his blade.

Spencer looked at them and frowned "No, we don't know what'll happen."

"Garland's right, we don't have any choice. We have to fight against this." Aaron nodded and launch.

Spencer couldn't reason with them. He set Raul with Hilary and Kenny while Kenny fearfully clung to her waist.

Eddy and Michael launched their blades and after some hesitation; Spencer did too.

Immediately after the launch Garland's, Eddy's, and Michael's blades slowed down and refused to take orders.

"Apollon! Attack!" Garland ordered, but the yellow beyblade did nothing. It was as if Apollon wasn't there. It was the same for Trypio and Trygle as well. The blacked-out bit had done more damage than they all thought.

"Trypio! What's wrong?!" Eddy yelled.

Seaborg charged ahead and smashed into Brooklyn's blade. Trygator and Rushing Boar joined in as they beat Brooklyn's blade back.

"Hehe….hehehe…"Brooklyn laughed before leering up at them.

"Everyone…let's…let's become one." He took a step forward. "Let's join…spirits…" he smiled.

Garland winced and bit his lip. Brooklyn launched another attack, this one was worse than the previous attack he used against Garland and Spencer before. This attack had also consumed Hilary, Kenny, and Raul, when in the previous battle Raul was unharmed.

"Let the darkness reign the earth! Let it all be swallowed up! Let it die! Kill all the evil spirits! Allow only the pure to live here! Aha! Hahaha!" He laughed, his voice cracking several times.

In the midst of all the chaos, Trypio, Trygle, and Apollon had began attacking Trygator, Seaborg, and Rushing Boar. Seaborg was able to fight against them, but the other two beyblades had been trapped by the darkness, just as Garland's and the others had previously. Spencer was the only one free to fight or retreat.

"I hate islands!" Kenny yelled.

"Chief, you're not helping!" Hilary screamed as she clutched onto Raul.

Spencer felt himself getting weaker as Brooklyn's attack remained unyielding.

"I…I can't give up!" He yelled as he was bombarded with attacks from multiple beyblades.

Trypio had appeared and attacked Seaborg, stunning him.

"No! Trypio attack Brooklyn! Not Seaborg!" Eddy ordered.

Apollon appeared next, but instead of appearing shrouded in light it manifested out of darkness and released a harsh flare upon Seaborg.

"Trygator!" Emily ordered him to help fight off Apollon and Trypio, but Trygle side-swiped her.

"Michael!" She snapped.

"That wasn't my fault! Trygle isn't listening to me!" He frowned.

"AHAHA YES! THAT'S IT! Cleanse the filthy spirits!" Brooklyn yelled as the dark poison started to ensnare Trygator and twist it's appearance just as Trygle, Apollon, and Trypio's appearance had been.

Aaron tried to focus and help, but it was no use, Rushing Boar had already been tainted.

Spencer fell to one knee as Seaborg was being overpowered. He heard his bit-beast cry out from the barrage.

"No…"Spencer gritted his teeth and forced himself to stand. His beyblade picked up momentum and began pushing the others back.

The blonde Blitzkrieg put his arms in front of him in a guard stance. He refused to give up, he wasn't going down that easily, he'd pass out before he backed down willingly. That was the Blitzkrieg way. Tala, Ian, Bryan, and Spencer had all agreed you never admit defeat. Even if your beyblade was smashed into tiny pieces, you were not defeated, you just retreat and regroup…defeat didn't exist to them. It was a made up word, it was nothing but gibberish to them.

"Seaborg!" Spencer yelled.

Finding new strength, Seaborg appeared and defended against the others. Spencer's eyes narrowed as he saw Brooklyn's beyblade pick up speed and charge towards Seaborg.

"Oh no!" Hilary screeched.

Before Brooklyn's beyblade connected something had blocked it. It looked as if a blur had done it.

"What was that?!" Brooklyn snapped.

A dark blue beyblade was circling Brooklyn's the way a shark circled it's prey.

Spencer saw the blade and recognized it as a certain girl's blade whom he had encountered before.

"That's…" he blinked.

The dark blue beyblade attacked suddenly, giving no warning, as the shark snuck up and consumed the beyblade.

"Ahhhg!" Brooklyn yelled and fell to his knees.

Garland flinched and took a step forward; wanting to run over to Brooklyn and help him, but decided against it. If he got anywhere near Brooklyn, who knew what would happen after that dark aura touched him.

The dark blue beyblade circled around and helped Seaborg fight the rogue bit-beasts back.

"Stramolyu!" Spencer shouted and allowed Seaborg to unleash it's ultimate attack.

"Killer Instincts!" A female's voice yelled as the dark blue beyblade mercilessly and powerfully knocked into the opposing beyblades.

They were all successfully fought back and stopped spinning. Spencer was out of breath and dropped to one knee from the workout. He stared at the blue beyblade before looking up at the trees, all around to see where it had come from.

"Ngggh…Gogh!" Brooklyn held his head in pain. "It…hurts…" he said before passing out.

Garland gulped and restrained himself from running over to him.

"Is…is it over…?" Emily asked.

Hilary and Kenny examined the blade, thinking it looked familiar.

"Hey chief…that blade…" Hilary started to say.

"Yeah I know…it looks like the one that belongs too-"

Someone dropped in from the sky. They were wearing a dark cloak and stood slowly, catching their beyblade.

"Ah! Don't do that!" Kenny yelled. "I think we've had enough surprises!" He was on the verge of tears.

Michael quirked a brow at her "Who the heck are you?" he asked.

"That's no way to thank someone" she said before removing her hood, revealing long blue haired pulled back into a ponytail.

"…Mariam…" Spencer said in awe.

She turned around and flashed him a smile "Hey there, Spence. Long time no see, huh?" she laughed.

"Mariam…? Hey! You're part of the Saint Shields!" Hilary yelled.

Mariam sighed and shook her head "Ok, let's try this again. 'Thanks for helping us Mariam.' 'No big deal.' " she shrugged.

Spencer glanced at Brooklyn before looking back at her. She walked up and handed him Seaborg back.

"We heard you guys have gone missing." she told him.

"Wait a minute…WHO are you?" Emily asked.

"Ooookay…" Mariam sighed. "Jeez, I'm Mariam, I'm part of the Saint Shields. We all on the same page now? Good. You know, for people being rescued you sure act strangely about it."

"We didn't need your rescuing, MARIAM!" Michael snapped.

Spencer stood up. "You heard we were all missing?"

"Whoa, it's not like we came looking for you guys, but Ozuma had a bad feeling about it. There's been some strange activity on this island. With all the teams disappearing and then with the suspicious things going on here he sent Joseph and I here to check it out." She explained before looking back at Brooklyn.

"And boy is it strange" she nodded.

"Strage activity? This island then-"

"Yep. It belongs to the Saint Shields…well, it actually belongs to Dr. Zagart, though it's not as though he uses it anymore…it's been abandoned for quite some time now. All the activity made us uneasy."

"So in other words…" Garland started to say.

"They stole it…" Eddy finished his sentence.

"Borrow." Mariam corrected them.

"Then, Mariam you know a way off this island?" Spencer asked.

"Of coarse I do. Sorry, I can't take any of you with me, let alone get all of you off this island."

"So what do you plan to do anyway?" Hilary asked desperately.

Mariam shrugged "Well, I have to report back to Ozuma on what I found out. Though, some additional information would be nice."

"Boris is behind all of this…" Spencer told her.

"Ah, that nut job?" She asked.

Spencer quickly exchanged with her what he knew. She listened and could fill in some pieces by herself. After learning about the dark power Brooklyn had and that Tala and Kai had been kidnapped as well, she only nodded.

"Don't worry about a thing, guys. You're in good hands" She smiled and put her hood back on and began walking away.

"Hey! You're walking away, just like that?" Garland called after her.

"I can't help you if I stay here can I?" she looked back at them "Just hold out for a while, we'll come back to get you!" She called.

"Oh, and Spencer! I'll tell the team you said 'Hi'" She smiled before disappearing.

They stood there at a loss for words. Perhaps they would be saved after all. All of them had the hope that Mr. Dickenson would come for them in the morning, but Mariam didn't mention a search part, just that everyone knew they were missing. Maybe Mr. Dickenson wouldn't come for them, but even so, that was fine. Mariam would surely help.

"What do we do now…?" Aaron asked.

"I guess…just wait." Emily nodded.

"I meant with him." Aaron pointed over to Brooklyn.

Spencer and Garland turned their attention over to him. The dark power had died down a little. Now they wondered if they should stay there or leave. If Brooklyn woke up, they'd all be in danger again, but they couldn't just leave him there either.

"We'll keep our eye on him. If he wakes up and it's like before, we don't waste time." Spencer said.

"We run." Garland said bluntly. "We run fast."

The other's didn't protest. The next question was, why did their bit-beasts attack a friend? And above all else, why were the bits black and Spencer's the only one unharmed.

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