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How To Cope
Chapter 1

As we join an average 16 year old sophomore during her forth period, her last period in her school day, we find her staring into space (out the window). There were a lot of things bothering her inside and out.

"Ms. Mizuno. My calculus class is not out there. I regret to inform you." Her teacher embarrassed her in front of the entire class, which didn't help her predicament.

Ami's features froze as she heard select comments from the class. There were two that seemed to be said over and over again. She swore she heard the word 'homo' more then once. She also heard the term 'bastard' a few times. She had forgotten how they found out her father died before she was born.

She thought she was all alone, that nobody liked her, not even her closest friends. She felt that they were around her because they felt sorry for her. There was no love in her life, human wise. She had a great passion for chess. Her mother had taught her when she was only 8 years old; she was a very intelligent girl. She had picked up on it very quickly…

"Ami." She heard someone yell after her. "Wait up." That yell belonged to one Usagi Tsukino. Even if she was one of her friends, god she got on her nerves.

Ami blinked nervously as Usagi came running beside her. She knew that she would soon hear comments from fellow classmates. Making fun of Ami, for being friends with a ditz like Usagi.

"Homos!" Both Ami and Usagi heard it. They just brushed it off like nothing.

Ami tried her damnest to fit in. She figured that the only reason everyone picked on her was because she never fought back. She had attempted in the past, but her only reward was laughter in her face.

She couldn't take listening to the constant snickering and comments as her and Usagi walked away from the school. Ami locked her gaze on the ground as a single shimmering line slid down her face. She started running, not knowing where she was heading, just away from Usagi and the school.

As she round the corner, she passes in front of the Game Crown Arcade. Motoki was talking to Makoto, as she saw Ami running and quickly ended her conversation with her boyfriend to see what was wrong.

"Ami! What's wrong?" Makoto yells after her.

She was simply ignored. She slowed as she approached her apartment building. Her hands were shaking and her eyes were filled with tears as she fumbled with her keys.

She stumbled into her apartment, alone. Her mother was at work; she wouldn't be home till after 11 that evening. Ami had the next 7 hours to herself. To waste on absolutely nothing. She had no friends. Yeah, there were people who pretended to be friendly, but only because they felt sorry for her.

The telephone rang, causing her to lose her concentration. She took a few deep breathes before answering, to calm down.

"Hello?" anybody who was paying attention could have easily heard the hurt in her voice.

"Hey Ami, what's wrong? I saw you run by the Arcade and you were crying." It was Makoto.

Ami calms down completely. "It…It…It's nothing." she hoped Makoto wouldn't push it.

"Now, I'm not buying that. I'm your friend, I fear for your safety. Just tell me what's wrong. I wanna help."

She breaks down into tears and hangs up the phone. She kneels down beside the table, her head in her hands, tears blurring her vision. She didn't know what to do, how to handle anything anymore. With determination in her eyes, she stands and heads out to the balcony. She scans over the city of New York, taking it in one last time. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. Re-opening her eyes, she slowly climbs over the metal banister. She pushed herself off.