Chapter 1

Jetpack Chase


The safe door flew through the air, clonking the security guard on the head.

The sunlight glinted through the window, and bounced off the shiny steel of a chainsaw. The chainsaw was Saw Fist's, an agent of the evil and attempted world conqueror Dr. Inferno. He wore an orange suit with splashes of green, and had Dr. Inferno's logo on his suit (a head with glowing orange hair) and he also had a chainsaw in place of one hand. His head was half robotic.

His hand reached in the safe and pulled out a glowing red crystal.

"At last," he murmured. "Dr. Inferno is going to promote me for sure!"

In the doorway, a shadow appeared. "Not if I have anything to say about it." Into the light, stepped Agent Chase, one of the best agents on Squad Alpha, one of the best teams in the whole organization. His suit was blue with the Agent's logo on it (a big A). His hair was gelled back with enough gel to slip up an elephant, and he was holding a knockout ray.

"Agent Chase, we meet at last," said Saw Fist. "I've been looking forward to meeting you. What do you think of my new hand? Pretty cool, huh? And it can do… THIS!"

His chainsaw immediately turned into a laser and he began firing at Chase. Chase quickly leaped and dodged out of the way, and fired his own ray, narrowly missing the already-knocked-out security guard. He knew he couldn't destroy the power crystal.

Saw Fist knew it was hopeless, so he pulled out a little cube, and pressed a button. Out popped two jets, and a harness. "Farewell, Chase! I hope we meet again!" he yelled. He took off out of the window.

Chase pulled out his own jetpack and took off after him. It was snowing outside, and all the trees in the forest were covered in snow. Saw Fist had put the crystal under a glass cover on the pack of his jet pack. Agent Chase took aim and fired at the glass cover…

It was a direct hit. Saw Fist looked back angrily, and then realised it was a bad idea as he narrowly missed a low-hanging branch. Up ahead, he could see Dr. Inferno's helicopter.

"So long, Chase!" he called, and fired his laser.

Chase could see the Agent helicopter coming in fast, and that there was no way the laser was going to hit him. "What kind of shot was that?" he yelled.

"I wasn't aiming for you," Saw Fist cried. "I'm afraid we'll never meet again."

Chase realised he was out of control! Saw Fist had destroyed the control unit! "No, no, come on, stinking machine!" he yelled. He fiddled with the control unit, looked up, saw the tree…

There was a huge explosion.

A laugh came from Inferno's helicopter, a scream from the Agents. The Agents forgot about Inferno and jumped down. The fire was burning hard. There was no way Chase could have survived. They took a few shots at Inferno's helicopter, but he was way out of range.

They tried to put out the fire, but it was burning out of control. They realised it was useless as they heard sirens coming their way. Agents Fuse and Charge grabbed the remains of Chase's jetpack, and ran back to the helicopter to get away before the emergency services arrived.

The smoke was seen from the whole city. As the firemen arrived and got to work, two glowing red eyes watched them from the shadows…