Hello guys! It is the first time I write in english for Tales of Symphonia. I am French, so it is logical that my fanfiction for this game are in french. But I wanted to share with all of you my most recent one-shot. I am quite proud of it and I've been thinking of writing for Tales of Symphonia for a long time now. So here is my translation from my one-shot Le coeur de Kratos. I beg for your forgiveness if you find any mistake and let me know where they are so that I can improve.

Disclamer: TOS belongs to Namco and the characters are grateful for it.

' Kratos' heart is long dead'. And it killed Yuan inside to admit it. Based on one of Yuan's line in the fourth episode of Sylvarant no hen.


Kratos' heart

' Not matter what you say it is pointless. Kratos' heart is long dead.' Yuan said to Lloyd who was trying to convince the Seraphim

Kratos' heart was dead. And it killed Yuan inside to admit. It died along with Anna. It died along with Lloyd's dissapearence. Kratos was nothing more than a living corpse. When Yuan learnt that Lloyd was alive, he falt happy. Because he thought that Kratos would live again, that he would be the man he knew a long time ago again. But fate wanted it to be otherwise. Kratos was condemned to live a thousand death before his true demise. And it killed Yuan inside to admit it. When Anna was dead, the human had been a true wreck. Yuan understood him a bit, he had been like that when Martel died. He was not mad at him because he did not know how to fight back. Not everyone has the strength nor the courage. He did but he was one man between a million. He remembered the man crying, he remembered the man he was hugging without saying anything, just being here for him. He remembered he pleaded Kratos' case to Yggdrasill, and not Mithos because, as for Yuan, Mithos was long dead. He convinced him to let him alone for the moment, to let him being in his widowhood, simply to give him time. Yddrasill listened to him for once. He did not listened for him but for Kratos, but Yuan couldn't care less. At least, Kratos could cry without fearing. Kratos' heart was dead. And it killed Yuan inside to admit it. Because Kratos became a cold and distant man who was the perfect opposite of the one he knew once. He was like that with everyone, even with him. And it killed him inside to admit it. Did he forget all of their friendship, all of their past? Did he forget he saved him from himself several times? Without Kratos, Yuan knew he would have comitted suicide a long time ago. On his grave, you could have read the age of eighteen, if of course he was given ag rave, for after all, he was just a half-elf. Kratos savec him from everything. From the others, from himself, from his inner demons, he discovered Life once again. Yuan was not ungrateful, he never forgot that, this was why he never blamed or judged Kratos despite all the times he did not understand him he really forget everything? Kratos' heart was dead. And it killed Yuan insideto admit it. Because he hadn't been able to save him from his distress. Because today, he had to fight against him. Because soon, he would have to attack his son. Because soon, he would have to act like a perfetct jerk. Because soon, he would have to threat Kratos to death, even if he would save him by giving him his mana afterwards. Because it would destroy this friendship the half-elf cared so much about. Because it would destroy everything they were for each other. Kratos' heart was dead. And it killed Yuan inside to admit it. Because he felt all his weakness and powerlessness. He didn't manage to save him like Kratos did for him.

Kratos' heart was dead. And it kilked Yuan inside to admit it. But deep within him, there was a small light of hope. The hope of seeing Kratos smile and live again. The hope of having a very small place in his heart.

Just like before.