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"You know, if you want to succeed in this industry you really ought to show some sincerity, Yami!" With her arms folded on her voluptuous chest and her fingers drumming on them, Mai-san scolded the man in front of her. The fact the he was bent over, huffing and gasping did not deter her chiding nor did it make her any more sympathetic to his plight. She coolly continued her onslaught. "How many times have you been late to an audition?"

Yami's head dipped even lower at the rebuke. He was conscious of the two pairs of eyes boring into the back of him and it made him most uncomfortable.

"If you continue like this, the only work you will ever get is yaoi!" The high shrill of her voice whilst she uttered those dreaded words indicated she was well and truly pissed with him.

Yami flushed red at the statement, he wished his companion exerted a little discretion and tact in her lecture but that would be asking too much—especially as he had angered her to this extent. Mai-san was loud and pitiless in her outspokenness especially when it came to him!

A snort could be heard behind him and he stiffened in response, his face reddened further.

"I know that you have a part-time job that requires you to work night-shifts and I know you are doing it for your brother but this audition was important!" She stopped for a second and then continued, much to Yami's chagrin. "Okay, it was only a small role; but it's work and it could gain you some recognition! At this rate, you will be only good for moaning and pantin—"

"Alright, I get it and I am sorry Mai-san!"

Mai's expression softened. She knew it wasn't entirely his fault that he was late, since the voice acting job didn't pay particularly well for obscure actors, Yami had to work part-time in a convenience store. Night shifts were the only shifts he could do, as he needed to be free in the day for the small jobs and auditions that may come his way. Unfortunately, it made him oversleep too.

With a sigh she relented, "You might as well go now, the trials are over, just don't do it again. It will ruin your credibility and producers will avoid you. You don't want to be shot down before you even had a chance to rise. You have potential, Yami; you just need to be a bit more reliable."

Yami looked apologetically at his manager and gave a crooked smile. He knew she had every right to be mad at him; despite his exasperating record of tardiness she still stuck with him. Most managers would have deserted him by now since he truly was a hopeless cause. "I am terribly sorry, Mai-san," he said with a deep bow. "I promise I won't be late again."

Mai grunted in response and rapped him on the head with her knuckles. "That's what you said last time, moron! Now off with you before I start venting again!"

With a chuckle, Yami abruptly turned to leave; with the recordings over, there was no point loitering around. In his haste, he nearly crashed into the duo in front of him him. Looking up, he was about to apologise when recognition struck him dumb.

He was faced with two figures, one with piercing blue eyes and the other with dark violet. His eyes widened to the size of rice bowls.

NO WAY! he thought with awe. Kaiba Seto and Ishtar Marik!

He almost fan-boy squealed at the men before him. Two of the most renowned and popular voice actors in the industry was standing right in front of him! Every struggling voice actor wanted to become like them, they were the deities of the dubbing world. He had to ask for their autographs, rarely did an opportunity present itself like this, it was hard enough to catch them without their fan club gathered around them but to have them together and alone was amazing! The two men were famous for their adversary roles on the screen; Marik played antagonist to Kaiba's protagonist.

Opening his messenger bag, he fished out a battered notebook and a pen.

"Kaiba-sensei, Ishtar-sensei…could you honour me with your autographs please?" he looked at them beseechingly.

The blond male took the items of the requester with a wide grin on his face. "Who should I make it out to?" he asked, his rich velvety voice caressed Yami's auditory senses.

Yami nearly swooned from the effects. "T-to Mutou Yami, S-s-sensei," he stammered.

"To Yami-chan…" Marik said as he scribbled the dedication, the sweep of his hand indicated the exaggerated flourish of his signature. He passed the notebook and pen to Kaiba after he was done.

Kaiba looked at the items with disdain, the scowl he wore manifested his displeasure. This prompted Marik to poked him with a slender finger.

"Tsk…come on, Kaiba. Stop acting all hoity-toity and sign it already," jeered the speaker as he nudged his sulky companion with the accessories. "The kid's one of us too, so lighten up for once! I swear with that sour expression, you look as if you have a dozen pair of chopsticks stuck up your ass at all time!"

The frigid man glared at his companion and snatched the items off his hand, the scowl never leaving his handsome face. "And you look as if your are ready to fuck anything that may come your way regardless of age or gender, nympho-bastard!" came the acid reply. With quick glance at the page, he committed a brief scrawl and slapped the closed book and pen onto Yami's chest. "Receive it gratefully," he said frostily to receiver, the curl of his lips was shaped in form of a sneer.

Yami had managed to grab his things before it dropped onto the floor; his face expressed his shock at the other's rudeness. "Hey, that was uncalled for!" he protested indignantly. "If you did not want to sign it you could have just said so, you need not to be rude about it! To think I admire you for your talent when your attitude has a lot to be desired!"

Fixing a blistering glare on the shorter male, the taller one scoffed, "Who are you to waste my time? A 'nobody'! Come back when you have the calibre to speak to me and then I may pay heed to you."

Held temporarily speechless, Yami stood there gaping at the conceited man; he was fuming. Was he serious? he thought incredulously. Just as he was about to make a sarcastic retort, Marik burst out laughing. Yami's eyes steered away from the offensive man and focused on the mirthful one.

"Ooh, a feisty one indeed!" he snickered. "As much as I like to remain and watch the two of you duke it out, I think we'd better get a move on, don't you think Kaiba?" Then turning towards Yami he said, "Don't mind him, Yami-chan. He's like that to everyone!"

Yami grimaced at the answer.

Leaning towards the offended male, Marik murmured, "You can waste my time any day and in any way you wish. I'll even pair with you in a yaoi drama if you want…I'd gladly play seme to your uke." Pulling back, he playfully winked at Yami's red and gob-smacked face and laughed. Then spinning on his heels he began walking away, leaving the other to stare at his quivering back.

Oh, shit! Yami thought ruefully, so it appears Marik-san heard everything Mai-san said about his pitiful workload. With a groan, he fervently wished the ground would open up and swallow him; he was so embarrassed! His self-loathing didn't last though, a sudden movement broke Yami out of his reverie as Kaiba made a move to go; Yami's eyes immediately flew to the tall male and blue eyes locked onto crimson fleetingly.

Staring at Yami for a brief moment, Kaiba turned and made his way to the exit, leaving Yami to unconsciously salivate at the retreating form.

"Well!" exclaimed Mai close to her charge's ear, startling him. "Marik-sensei's reputation sure does precedes him—he is such a flirt!"

Closing his mouth, Yami smiled at the perfect representation of the frivolous man.

"As for Kaiba-sensei…" her contempt was manifested in a snort. "I swear he get haughtier by the day! I guess he not called the 'Ice Prince" for nothing, huh? I am sure it's that detached standoffishness that has the fan girls fanatically squeeing after him!"

Yami said nothing.

"Pity though," Mai continued with a dreamy sigh. "He is so good-looking that I'd forgive his ill-manners any day, if he'd look my way!"

The petit man nodded in agreement. "Hmmm, I know what you mean," he replied distractedly.


The train journey home was long and tedious. It was a wasted journey today, he thought mournfully, not to mention it burned a hole in his wallet. Leaning back into the seat, Yami closed his eyes. With nothing but the thoughts of that day's event as company, the tired male scrutinised every word and detail.

"I know what you mean," he had said to Mai-san without thinking. He groaned at the memory, at the absurd remark and palmed his face. What the hell did he mean by that! It had been said without thinking and he hadn't realised that he said it until Mai-san burst out laughing. Yami pouted at his manager's response.

Everyone seemed to be laughing at his expense today.

Shaking his head wearily, he thought of about the infamous "Ice Prince". Truth be told, he was a very handsome man—even more so in person than the images represented in the media. Tall with a lean body to match it, he was the embodiment of beauty. The cerulean eyes were the colour of the deep blue sea on a summer's day. It was hypnotic and intimidating at the same time. However, what really got his attention was the voice. Oh heavens, thought Yami, the voice was mesmerising. Deep with a hint of hoarseness, the petit male was elated when he heard his idol speak. Like his "live" image, the "live" audio it was better than how it sounded on playback, it wasn't like anything he heard before and Yami was enthralled.

Pity he was such a jerk, he thought regrettably.

With that said, the guy could afford to, with killer looks like that and a voice that made anyone weak at the knees, his fan base was unrivalled. "Lucky bastard," muttered Yami. The guy was so sought after that he didn't even have to do yaoi to have rabid fans pursuing him; just having him in the casting was enough to sell a product. To say he wasn't envious was a lie! Who wouldn't want to be like him? To be able to choose his work and whom he'd work with was a luxury that not many could have. Yami, himself, struggled to make ends meet, he would be happy just having any work come his way—though, with that said, it would be nice to not have to do "Boy Love" dramas all the time. Recently, he has been attracting more and more of that genre. If he doesn't get his lucky break soon, he really will be just panting and moaning for the rest of his pitiful career—just as Mai-san had predicted.

Oh, how mortifying it was to have that uttered in front of his two idols! Yami's cheeks burned with shame.

Remembering the notebook, Yami rummaged in his bag for it. Upon finding it, he flipped it open to the required page. Marik-san's message greeted him warmly.

"To Yami-chan," it read in a flowing hand, "From yours adoringly, Ishtar Marik." It was decorated with a heart…and something else.

Yami's eyes widened at the numbers, which was scribbled beside the symbol.

It was a telephone number!

Yami laughed out loud at the outrageousness of it, Marik-san couldn't possibly be serious, right? It must have a prank on his part, one that Yami was sure he'd play on every fan causing ecstatic hope, one minute and weeping disappointment, the next. It was hilarious! Wiping away a tear, the crimson orbs strayed down to the words beneath it.

He sobered up in an instant.

Written in bold large characters, a strong and elegant hand, different than the one above; the following words read:

"You're a slut if you call that number!"



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