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"What?" Ishizu exclaimed on the phone, staring at Odion with disbelief as he looked back questioningly at her. "What do you mean you can't make it?"

Silence filled the air around them, it was charged with the elder Ishtar's increasing fury, her knuckles showing white as she clutched the phone in a death-grip. "You knew this was going to be an important shoot," she griped. "I informed you that Alex had to fly to Egypt in the evening for the Ishtar Fall Collection and I warned you already not to do a do anything that would jeopardise the job!"

Odion continued his muted observation. He watched his young mistress rub her temple in agitation and he sensed she was fighting a losing battle.

"Well, fine then! It was you who asked me to include you in this campaign and instead of using this opportunity I have presented you, you foolishly squander it because you couldn't remain abstinence for one night!" Ishizu was by now seeing red and Odion suspect the caller's indifference was stoking her anger. He shook his head; Marik had truly wasted this chance. He looked at his watch; they had approximately one hour before the shoot, it might be wise to think about finding for a replacement.

"Don't 'Nee-san' me, Marik!" berated the female. "We cannot postpone it any longer, the perfume is launching next week; you cannot expect everyone to adjust their schedule just because of your carelessness. I am sorry, but it is your loss." Subsequently, the irate sibling hung up.

Odion raised a quizzical brow at her; his expression spoke his query.

Ishizu sighed. "Marik cannot come because apparently he decided to play the 'hero' last night." The corners of the silent man's lip twitched slightly. Ishizu glared at him and he coughed to mask his rising mirth.

"But surely Marik-sama could still come, despite last night's . . . ahem . . . chivalry."

Ishizu shook her head despairingly. "If that were the case then I could use him. Unfortunately, he's at the moment stuck in hospital with concussion, a black eye and a broken right arm. Apparently, he got between a lovers' tiff, heavens knows why, and it turned ugly. Marik was knocked unconscious and he awoke not long ago and was detained for examination and questioning, which is why I was informed now. He was hoping the damage wasn't enough to prevent him from the photo shoot, and that he was going to be released earlier."

"Oh." It was all Odion could muster. His young master could never resist minding his business where women are concerned, and if he could defend a woman from an abusive lover, even if it meant he got hurt in the process, he would. The timing was most unfortunate though. His act of gallantry cost him dearly.

As if sensing Odion's bewilderment, Ishizu sighed. "Well, karma finally caught up with him and so did that woman's lover. With only an hour to go, I think there is only one thing to do," she conceded, looking at her phone and opening her contact list to scrolled down to a certain name under 'S'. Pressing 'dial' she placed the phone to ear.

Waiting for the briefest of moments, the call was answered, and Ishizu said, "Hello? Sakaki? It's Ishizu here. Can I ask you for a favour?"


For the second time in less than a fortnight, Yami found himself at the mercy of two women who were painting his face, tugging his hair and gossiping like a couple of fishwives. He felt like Osiris undergoing his gender transformation.

"You are lucky Ishtar-sama forbade me to change the style of your hair since you are more recognisable with it," Totani Ialos, the hair stylist, said. "Pity though, I would have loved to be able to do something different with it."

Thank heavens for small favours, Yami thought with an internal roll of his eyes.

"Well, at least I have some flexibility as long as I stick to the two colour schemes: Cool and Exotic," the make-up artist, Chono, supplied with a slight smirk. "Initially, Mutou-san here was supposed to be done up under the Cool colour scheme because Exotic suited Ishtar-san's colouring and appearance, but now it's been changed around and Mutou-san is wearing Exotic."

"Oh?" The stylist paused in her work, an eyebrow raised curiously at the make-up artist. "Why's that?"

"Well . . . " Chono peered cautiously over her shoulder to see if any one was near. Seeing the coast was clear, she licked her lips and leaned forward in a conspiratorial way and whispered, "It appears Ishtar-san is unable to make it the photo shoot, which is why I was instructed to represent Mutou-san in Ishtar-san's colours."

"Really?" Ialos gasped with exaggeration, looking utterly scandalized.

Yami looked just as shocked upon hearing the news. There was no indication that Marik was not planning to attend the photo shoot, in fact, he knew for a fact the Egyptian was immensely looking forward to it. So why, if the gossip proved correct, was the hentai not here?

"Uh-huh," Chono affirmed with a slow dip of her head, the knowledge giving her a sense of superiority. "Ishtar-sama was frantically looking for a replacement when I arrived. Seems like she's found one if she's reversing the roles."

Yami remained silent but the stylist hummed for the make-up artist to continue. Both were extremely curious to know more and the other was more than willing to disclose.

"I'm afraid I don't know who the replacement is," admitted Chono with a sad sigh. "I heard it could be the famous model Sakaki Ryuichi but that is uncertain. All I know is this mystery person is on his way now. I guess we will know when he arrives."

Yami forced himself to relax but it was difficult when the unknown struck him with question after question. Knowing he had a different partner than the one he was originally assigned with made him nervous. If he were honest, he preferred Marik—shenanigans, lewdness and all—because the pervert's familiarity was comforting to him. Now he had to work with a stranger.

Oblivious to Yami's growing discomfort, Chono and Ialos' chatter grew with excitement as they began going through a list of possible candidates for the shoot. Most were men Yami was not familiar with; he assumed they were models, singers or actors.

"Right then, all done," Ialos said in a singsong voice, removing the cloth on his shoulder that shielded his clothes. "Now, come with me to see Odion-san and he will get you kitted out. Chono," Ialos turned to the make-up artist, "go to the reception and see if our mystery guest has arrived, if so, start work on him. I'll be back soon."

Chono nodded and swiftly left the room, leaving Yami to meekly follow Ialos. They arrived in a room filled with rows upon rows of clothes. All Yami could was stare at the assortments of clothing in multiple colours and various designs and sizes. To the side of the room, stood Odion, shifting through a rack of clothes with a frown on his face. Ialos cleared her throat to get his attention.

On seeing Yami, Odion's frown dissipated and a bright grin emerged. "Mutou-san, all done I see and you look amazing!" Giving Ialos a wide grin, he said, "Great job, sensei. Now, I need you to return and tend to our prestigious guest." Giving the flustered female a cheeky wink, he added, "I am sure you are very curious of his identity."

Whooping loudly, Ialos threw a cheery wave over her shoulder and sprinted out of the room with Odion's exuberant laugh nipping close at her heels as she sped away.

Yami gave the Egyptian a questioning look, but the latter smiled and shook his head gently. He wasn't telling. Disgruntled, Yami pouted. It made Odion laugh again, earning him a lengthier pout from Yami.

"Right," Odion clapped his hands together and rubbed them gleefully. "We need to get you into your first chosen outfit." Glancing at Yami's zipped hoodie, he said, "Come, get this off but mind your face and hair." He turned to a small clothes rail that was adorned with numerous outfits. There were different types of footwear lined neatly beneath it.

Odion selected a pair of black leather pants and a loose white linen shirt with a low V-neck and two white linen cords below the opening that fastened the garment together. Flared sleeves at the wrists topped it off.

Careful not to mess up his face and hair, Yami started to strip down, folding up each item of clothing as he removed them. Soon, he was down to his boxer trunks. Odion hummed with approval and passed him the leather pants to put on. For some bizarre reason, Marik in leather pants came to mind and he offhandedly enquired if his outfit was influenced by Marik's preference.

Odion chuckled good-humouredly and replied, "I will admit that he did have some sway over our decision on the outfits since he did mention that he'd be thrilled to see you wearing them." Odion omitted Marik's exact words and gave Yami the censored version of the request. He didn't think the actor would appreciate knowing how Marik insisted he wanted to see 'Yami-chan's delectable booty clad in tight ass-hugging leather'. Luckily for Yami, the pants weren't as tight as Marik would have liked. It made putting on and removing them a little easier. It also meant Yami did not have to forgo his underwear to avoid unsightly creases.

Yami slid on the pants, grunting a little as he hefted the waistband up so the seat of the pants covered his ass. He deftly tucked his underwear inside ensuring it was straightened out nicely. Then he bent his knees a little to stretch out a little of the stiffness of the pants around the legs and ass. Surprisingly, the leather was soft and supple that Yami could not but compliment it.

Odion beamed at the praise and informed him that the type of leather had been tried and tested by Marik-sama. If the quality had got his master's approval then it would be used for production. Odion fondly commented how apparel testing was young master's job.

Yami listened to Odion's doting commentary as he slipped on the shirt, enjoying the way the soft and delicate fabric caressed his skin. Odion stopped talking long enough to help Yami do up the linen ties and fixing them so it was perfectly shaped. To finish off the outfit, he handed Yami a black pair of ankle boots with a zip on the side and watched with concealed amusement as Yami stiffly bent down to put them on. When it was all done, Yami stood up and looked at Odion who was circling him and critically inspecting his outfit.

Yami tried not to fidget when Odion smoothed down the wrinkles in his shirt around the shoulders and straightened the shirt from the back. Shortly after, the Egyptian went up behind with a lint roller and passed it around the shirt.

"All done now," Odion chirped, looking rather pleased. "It's not a bad assemblage considering how we had to change what was intended for you and Marik-sama with very short notice."

Yami cocked a brow and beckoned Odion to continue.

"Marik-sama and your outfit were designed with the cologne's promotion in mind," he waved at a small rack with garments in hues of cool and warm colours. "Sadly with the young master's absence, we will not be able to use these outfits because it will not fit his replacement. Instead of the 'cool' and 'exotic' colour theme we have opted for dark and neutrals."

"It seems such a waste," Yami commiserated, looking at the discarded garments once again.

"Well, let's hope you and Marik-sama will get the chance to collaborate in another photo shoot so our efforts will not be wasted. That's," Odion chuckled softly, "if the young mistress forgives him enough to give him another chance."

Yami snorted. "I am sure she'll forgive him . . . eventually" he assured. "Siblings are incapable of holding grudges against each other for too long."

Nodding his head, Odion agrees with Yami. "True, there is very little Ishizu-sama can deny Marik-sama, just as there is little Marik-sama won't do for his sister."

Yami concurs. His relationship with Yuugi is similar to that as well.

"I think we should move on now." Odion leads Yami out of the room and down a wide corridor before stopping outside a door that had a plaque with the word Studio adhered on it. Odin knocked twice on the door and waited for permission to enter.

A muffled "come in" follows after a few heartbeats.

Twisting the door handle, Odion opened the door and motioned Yami to enter. Complying, Yami found himself in a bright and spacious room. A wide white backdrop dominated the room with lights and reflectors surrounding it. A few personnel were shifting props around while others were tinkling with the equipment and lighting. Wide-eyed and gaping, Yami took in the surrounding in awe.

"Ah, Sensei!" Odin's voice broke Yami from his reverie and he turned to where Odion was calling. A tall blond happily greeted Odion who turned to introduce him to Yami. "Sensei, this is Mutou Yami. Mutou-san, meet Alex Brisbane sensei."

"Please to meet you, Mutou-san. You have certainly piqued my curiosity since I learned about Marik-sensei's desire to work with you."

"The pleasures all mine, Sensei." Yami politely greeted, bowing to the photographer. "Please take good care of me."

Alex emitted a small chuckle and gestured to Yami to step in front of the white background. "While we are waiting for your companion to get ready, I would like to take a few snapshots of you in different angles and poses so I know what works best with you. Now I want you to relax and look casually at me." He stepped back and held out his hand to the side as his subject attempt to do as he was told. A robust-looking youth immediately appeared and placed a camera in his outstretched hand. Murmuring his thanks, he bought the camera up to his face and began snapping away.

"Now look to your left . . . yes, great, and now turn around with your back towards me and look over your right shoulder . . . ah, yes, good." The rapid clicks of the camera's shutters punctuated Alex's demands. "Now smile for me . . . yes, like that . . . good, turn your face away so your chin is parallel to your shoulder and your profile is facing me. Yes, relax your shoulders a little more . . . chin up a bit more, look thoughtful . . . yes, super!"

Alex spewed encouragements as he instructed Yami. The session was more of "testing the waters" than anything else—an exercise to find out how to bring out the best out of his subject as well as to get him follow instructions and loosen up in front of the camera. He had noticed how tense the actor was when he arrived. Not everyone was like Ishtar Marik who was comfortable being photographed. In front of the lens, the Egyptian was a natural and the camera loved him in return. It was a shame he couldn't make it for the photo shoot. He didn't doubt he would put his kouhai at ease.

"Okay, let's have a small break while I take a look what we have so far." Alex lowered the camera and peered at the large screen on it. He hummed his approval as he scrolled through the images captured on it. The actor was surprisingly photogenic. He sneaked a glance at said actor as he stretched himself.

Calling for his assistant, Alex requested for a change of lens and went about removing the existing lens from the mount. After a quick and smooth exchange, Alex attached the macro lens to the camera. Its speciality was for close-ups and portraits. He was going to take a few mug shots of the actor.

"Right, I am going to take a few portrait photos, Mutou-sensei. If you can, ignore what I am doing," Alex informed Yami as he held his camera up again. "Do you have a favourite food?"

Yami 's face brightened instantly when the photographer mentioned "food". "My favourite food has to be taiyaki," he said with a wide smile. "

"You have a sweet tooth then?" The clicking began again. "I'm more of a savoury person myself."

"And what is your favourite food then?"

"I don't have a particular favourite food per se. It's rather me have a liking for certain cuisine."

"And what cuisine is that?"

"Well, it's mainly Greek food." Click, click, click. "Although I am taking a liking to Egyptian cuisine. It's hard not to when some of the dishes are similar to Greek food and I do spend a lot of time in Egypt working for the Ishtars. I am partial to the falafels sold near the Ishtar Head Office over there."

Yami nodded and made a mental note to ask Marik about Egyptian food. It sounded intriguing.

"Are you adventurous with food, Mutou-sensei?"

"No, I am not particularly adventurous," confessed Yami, although it had more to do with the financial aspect more than anything else. What the photographer implied sounded expensive. The most "adventurous" he had been was trying out a new flavour of instant ramen or when Yuugi tried a new recipe on him. "If any one is adventurous, it would be my brother," Yami added. "He likes to cook different things and feed me with them if I'm around."

"Oh, you have a brother? Younger or old?" Click, click, click . . .


"Any other siblings?"

"No," Yami replied with a fond smile and a minute shake of his head. "Just Yuugi and I."

Alex smiled back. "I can see you have a close relationship with your brother."

Yami's eyes brightened at the comment. "Yes, we are very close. At the moment, he is studying at Tokyo University and lives away from home."

"I bet you miss him very much."

"Yes, I do. Thankfully we stay in touch despite the distance. He is visiting next week."

"Then I am sure you are looking forward to his visit," the photographer chortled.

"Oh definitely! For his company and culinary skills."

"Ah, home cooked meals! What I wouldn't do for one of those!"

"One of what, Sensei?"

All heads turned to the sound of Odion's voice, but what held everyone's attention was the person standing beside him.

Kaiba Seto stood, dressed in an outfit similar to Yami's except for the shirt was more tight around the chest and the sleeves were tied around the wrists instead of being flared out. The activity in the room came to halt as people stared at the newcomer. Then the silence erupted in a ripple of excited whispers, an effect of Kaiba's superstar status.

After the initial shock had worn off, Yami stared appreciatively at his colleague. With Kaiba's height, good looks and fit body, the man was built for modelling. Next to him, Yami felt puny and insignificant.

"Kaiba-san," Alex greeted amicably, walking towards the tall actor and extending a hand. "It's an honour to finally to meet you."

"Even if it is at the expense of your esteemed employer's brother?" Kaiba said with a smirk as he shook the photographer's hand. Odion had to stifle a snort at that comment.

"Well, whatever it is that has rendered Marik-san absence is most unfortunate," sighed Alex. "But we will have to make do and hope for the best outcome. I hope it will be an enjoyable experience for us all."

"As do I. Please take care of me, Alex-sensei."

"Well, now that the introductions have been taken care of, shall we get started?" Odion said with a gleeful clap of his hands. "Ishizu-sama and I am looking forward to the results of this shoot." Everyone hummed an agreement. "Oh, before I forget . . ." Odion handed out a small flat box to each of the actors. "Here, wear this for the photo shoot."

Yami took his and opened it. Inside the box, nestled in the velvet padding, was a gold pendant that was shaped like an upside pyramid. It hung on a fine gold chain. Yami's eyes lit up at the sight of it. 'It's beautiful," he gasped as he traced the pendant with a gentle finger.

"I am glad you like it," Odion replied, his voice fused with pride. "There are two different designs, one for each perfume. The Millennium Puzzle is yours and Kaiba-san's has the Millennium Rod. Both are made with twenty-four karat gold and are yours to keep after the photo session. The replicas included in the special promotional editions of the fragrance are gold plated over silver."

Yami peered curiously over to Kaiba's necklace. The pendant was rod-like with a pointed end and a small orb attached to the top of it. Sharp-edged wings adorned each side of the orb. The rod was almost axe-like and, like Yami's pendant, it was about two inches in length.

"Here, let me help you put it on." Odion took the necklace out and unfastened the clasp and hung the chain around Yami's neck before fastening it again. Then he took a step back to admire Yami's ensemble. "It looks good on you. Ishizu-sama will be pleased." Turning to Kaiba, he cast a critical eye over the actor as he adorned the necklace and nodded an approval at the result. Admittedly, as much as he missed his master, Marik-sama's replacement looked just as fine as his master. He wished for the millionth time that the other hadn't messed up his chance.

"Well, now that everyone is ready, let us resume. Time is of the essence and we had a tight schedule to keep." Alex gestured for the actors to approach the background, his camera at the ready.

The two actors made their way to the screen and waited for further instructions from the photographer. Yami was bursting with questions for Kaiba but he knew he would have to wait until later for his answers.


"So, how come you're here?" Yami questioned. "Don't you have, well, business matters to attend to since you have precious time off from voice acting?" The pair was on a late lunch break and sitting in the corner of a room that was used as a temporary base for their lunch. Since they were stretched for time, Odion had arranged a catering company to provide lunch so staff and models need not leave the building. The staff huddled into small groups, chatting away while they ate. Yami did not miss the frequent furtive glances aimed in their direction—particularly at Kaiba. The latter, used to the attention, ignored them.

"Didn't I say I'll see you tomorrow?" Kaiba replied, matter-of-factly, though the sly grin he wore revealed the opposite.

"But I thought—" Yami paused and narrowed his eyes. Lowering his voice, he whispered, "You didn't have anything to do with Marik's sudden absence, did you?"

The accused cocked a brow and looked at his companion with an 'I don't know what you're talking about' expression on his face. Yami returned it with a 'don't give me that' look.

"Did you think I would deliberately sabotaged Marik's chance to work with you? Are you disappointed that I am your partner instead of Marik?"

"Well . . ." Yami's conviction waned and shrivelled up in face of Kaiba's words. "It does seem suspicious when you said 'see you tomorrow' despite we don't have work and then show up unexpectedly at the photo shoot. What am I supposed to think?"

"Think of this as an opportunity for us to work together outside of voice acting. As for Marik," Kaiba nonchalantly evaded. "I am sure he will wheedle another photo opportunity with you again. The man is persistent if nothing else and his sister dotes on him too much to refuse him."

"I suppose so," Yami conceded. He felt bad for Marik because he knew how much the man was looking forward to today. "I wonder what happened to him?" It was a pity he left his phone in the changing room. Perhaps Marik had tried to get a hold of him to explain his absence.

Kaiba shrugged. "Who knows," he replied.

Silence befell them again and they resumed eating or, in Kaiba's case, picking the food.

"Has your manager given your schedule for the next few weeks concerning promotional events?" Surprisingly, Kaiba struck up the conversation again.

"I know I've been booked for several magazines and radio interviews once the series have been aired. The schedule will be sent to me once Mai-san has gone over the details." Yami threw Kaiba an enquiring look. "What about you?"

Placing his plate on the floor beside the chair, Kaiba wiped his hands on his napkin before depositing it on the discarded plate. "To the best of my knowledge, there are a few interviews that require all of us present and there has been one request for an interview with Marik, Shizuka and I, but most are solo interviews." Kaiba sighed and leaned back into his seat. "We are in demand now so it will get busier from now. A warning in advance, you may be required to give up some of your personal time, so be prepared."

"It'll be fine," Yami snorts. "I don't mind if it's for the good of the project. Besides, it's not like I am super busy after work."

"Expect when Marik offers to take you or home or invites you out for dinner."

Sheepishly rubbing the back of his neck, Yami forced out a chuckle. He hadn't realised his subtle rejections were not that subtle. "It can't be helped," he hedged. "Marik can be handsy sometimes."

"Sometimes?" Kaiba's brow almost arched off his face, making Yami laugh in response. It earned them a few curious stares.

"What can I say?" Yami snickered. "He's an affectionate man and likes to show his love to those he likes."

"Especially when it comes to you, Yami-chan!" mocked Kaiba. "One would think he is in love with you."

The off-handed statement hit a lot closer to home than Yami would have liked. Knowing how Marik felt about him and with him not being able to return those feelings, Yami tried to avoid spending too much alone time with Marik. He didn't want the other to get his hopes up for nothing. It was a shame though. Perverseness aside, the Egyptian was well liked by his peers and was pleasant company when he wanted to be. Admittedly, they worked well together.

"Like I said, Marik has a big heart and loves indiscriminately."

"His heart isn't the only thing that's big."

" . . . " Yami cocked a bemused brow at Kaiba.

"What?" Kaiba huffed. "He has a big ego too."

"Some can say the same for you too," Yami retorted.

"Talent and affluence can do that to you. Being a renowned actor and a CEO of a multi-billion yen company, I can afford to be egoistic."

"Which begs the question of how a 'CEO of a multi-billion yen company' ends up being a voice actor. It seems an odd career choice."

A dry laugh followed the question. "Let's just say the decision to become a voice actor was influenced by the fact that my father disapproved of it," Kaiba professed in a low voice. "We had a disagreement on what I should be doing after I graduated from university. I didn't want to be tied to him and the company so I took the opportunity to defy him when Pegasus scouted me."

"But you still end up running the company, right?"

"Yes, I inherited the company upon my father's death. My uncle ensures the business is run smoothly in my absence and I ensure everything is as it should be. It's a precarious balance, but so far it works."

"It must be tiring for you though."

"It is and I had plan on taking working less after Broken Bonds so I can focus on KCC. However, things happen and my priorities have changed now."


A smirk was all Yami got as a reply. Whatever Kaiba meant he kept to himself, leaving Yami to decipher his cryptic remark.

"I think lunch break is over now. Alex-sensei is getting up." Kaiba said, motioning to the photographer who was on his feet and stretching out. On cue, his actions prompted the crew to finish up and get up too. Soon the room was emptying with Kaiba and Yami following their trail.

"Ah, Kaiba-san and Mutou-san, please follow me for another outfit change." Odion led the pair to the changing room again. Yami inwardly groaned. It was their fifth outfit change and it was getting increasingly difficult for Yami to keep his gaze away from Kaiba when he was changing. From the discreet glances he stole across the other's way, Kaiba was a very fit man.

Back in the changing room, Yami and Kaiba were shown their next change of clothes. Compared the previous elaborate attire they were requested to wear—the most extravagant being the Egyptian themed outfit with shenti, headdress and all—made the cashmere jumpers (V-neck for Kaiba and roll neck for Yami), drainpipe jeans and suede Oxford shoes seem too casual. The only difference between the two was the colours. Kaiba's were in cool tones of pastel blue and grey, and Yami's were in warm hues of mustard and terracotta.

Once they were dressed, and their hair and make-up touched up, they were herded back to Alex again. The room had undergone a change and props were added to the scene. A beige chaise lounge was positioned in the centre of the white background and a freestanding lamp placed at the head of it.

"Great to see you back, gentlemen," a delighted Alex hailed when the trio walked in. "I like to call this session free-mode where you can interact and pose however you want, with or without the props provided. All I ask is that you act natural in front of the camera. Now, any questions, gentlemen?" Both Kaiba and Yami shook their heads. "Good, the props are here," pointing to a small table stacked with various items. "Feel free to use whatever you want. We will begin when you are ready."

The pair of actors walked over to the table to inspect the items. There were a pile of magazines, a pack of playing cards, a pen and pad, a wooden puzzle and a book on Egypt. Kaiba selected a business magazine and Yami chose the book on Egypt. With the props in their hands, they made their way to the chaise lounge. Kaiba sat gracefully next to the armrest of the chaise lounge, his legs crossed before him and the magazine on his lap, whereas Yami sat stiffly on the other side with the book hugged to his chest.

The latter's awkwardness was noted by the photographer and he called him out on it. "Mutou-san, please relax."

Doing as he was told, Yami relaxed his body, pushed back into the seat, crossed his ankles and opened the book in his hand. Trying hard to ignore the goings-on around him—and more importantly the man sitting next to him—Yami willed his mind to focus on the book. Pages upon pages of beautiful images greeted his eyes as he flipped through the book. In no time he was memorised by the colourful illustrations and the wealth of information the book offered.

"The pyramids are truly magnificent, aren't they?" The closeness of Kaiba's voice startled Yami. Turning his head to the side, he noticed the actor's large frame was leaning towards him and looking at the book over his shoulder. "Imagine, those beautiful structures were tombs for the pharaohs and his families. They were built during their lifetime in preparation for their death."

"Sounds morbid," mumbled Yami, taking one last look at the structure before turning the page.

Image after image graced Yami's eyes and soon he became completely absorbed with the book. Kaiba would impart valuable knowledge as he progressed through the book, elaborating on details that were not available in the book. Before he knew it, Yami was reclined comfortably back against Kaiba as they happily shared the book together, the latter's magazine forgotten on his lap. They were so lost in each other's company that they hadn't realised the time until Alex informed them the photo shoot was over and that they were ready to go.

Surprised by the abrupt end, Yami blinked owlishly at the photographer before closing the book and, with great reluctance, move away from Kaiba.

Alex beckoned the duo over; he looked delighted with the outcome of the session. "I have to admit, this went pretty smoothly," he gushed, beaming widely. "I am very pleased with the way it turned out—not to mention the beautiful pictures gained. The pair of you complement each other very well despite this photo shoot was catered specifically for Marik-san and Mutou-san."

"I can't agree with you more, Alex-sensei," Odion affirmed. "And I am sure Ishizu-sama will agree once she sees the results."

"Yes, I'll forward the photos once I've had a look at them. Hopefully, I'll be able to work on the background and any touch-ups during the flight to Egypt. If that is the case, Ishtar-sama will get the file containing the photos tomorrow for processing."

"Thank you for your hard work, Sensei," Odion said with a bow. "I'll let Ishizu-sama know and warn the advertising department in advance of the photos." Then turning towards Kaiba and Yami, Odin bowed once more and said," Thank you, Kaiba-san, Mutou-san, for your hard work. On behalf of Millennium, you have our utmost gratitude."

"It's our pleasure," Kaiba and Yami simultaneously responded, returning Odion's gesture with a deep bow of their own before expressing their appreciation to the photographer.

"It's been a pleasure working with you both and I hope we will have the opportunity to work together again," Alex enthused, holding out his hand for the actors to shake.

After the final farewells were exchanged, Odion led Kaiba and Yami back to the changing room. Once they were inside, he turned to the pair and said, "Once again, thank you for your hard work today, especially Kaiba-san for coming to our aid on such short notice. We are indebted to you."

Kaiba replied with a curt "no problem" and Yami nodded a response.

"Well, I'll leave you to remove your make-up," he pointed to make-up removal lotion and cotton wool balls on mirrored dresser, "and change. You are free to go when you are ready." With a final bow, the Egyptian left the room, closing the door firmly behind him.

Both actors went about removing the make-up from their faces first. Then strolling towards the table where his clothes were neatly folded on, Yami turned his back on Kaiba and began to remove the outfit he had on. Grabbing the hem of his sweater, Yami pulled it over his head. The static of the sweater caused his hair to raise and crackle, and he tried to pat it down after tossing the garment to the side. Even tamed, it was sticking up all over the place; the last thing he needed was it to puff out like a dandelion ball as well.

Yami was reaching out for his shirt when he felt hands grasp firmly on to his waist. He immediately stiffened at the contact.

"Relax," a voice near his ear whispered, causing Yami to shiver.

"Kaiba," Yami weakly protested as fingers caressed his naked chest. "We shouldn't . . ." Now was not the time nor the place for it.

With a sigh, and much to Yami's relief, the hand slipped back down to the hips giving one final squeeze before relinquishing its grip. "You're right," Kaiba murmured before retreating and leaving the other to dress undisturbed.

Once Yami was dressed, he dug into his bag and pulled out his phone to check for messages. His brows knitted in bewilderment when it showed twenty notifications consisting of: eight missed calls and twelve messages. He had a feeling he knew who was responsible for spamming his phone. To save time, Yami opened the most recent text message. It read:

[Leaving DC hospital now and I'm on my way to the studio. Wait for me. Don't go anywhere! Marik xxx]

The message was sent twenty-seven minutes ago.

"Erm, Kaiba?"

"Yes?" Kaiba turned around and gave Yami his attention.

"How long does it take get from Domino City Hospital to here?"

After a pause, Kaiba replied, "Depending on the traffic and who is driving, I would estimate it to take half an hour. Why?"

Stuffing his phone back into his bag, Yami said, "Marik is on his way here now. I am wondering if I have time to escape before he shows up."

"If we leave now, I think we can avoid him. Come," Kaiba grabbed Yami by the elbow and began steering him towards the door. "Let's go—"


On hearing the expletive, Kaiba peered around the side of the door and discovered a battered looking Marik hunched over the other side with a hand covering his nose,


Marik responded with a muffled sound, which Kaiba assumed was his name, and a watery glare. Kaiba muttered an apology that sounded anything but sorry and sincere. The Egyptian ignored it in favour of seeking out Yami.

"Yami-chan!" Marik squealed. "I came as soon as I could!"

"What happened to you?" Concern laced Yami's voice and worry etched on his features as he stared at Marik. The latter's face looked worse for wear and an arm was enclosed in a cast and secured in a sling.

"Did Odion not tell you?"

Yami shook his head.

"Then lets go out for dinner and I'll tell you all about it."

Kaiba forced out a gruff cough, compelling Marik and Yami to look at him. The unimpressed CEO stared back with a raised brow.

"You're not invited, Kaiba," Marik answered, glowering at his love rival. "You hogged Yami-chan enough today. Now it's my turn."

"Is that so?" Kaiba scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest and looking scornfully at Marik.

"Um, don't I get a say in this?" Yami interjected, raising his hand, and looking back and forth at his companions with a frown on his face. "I'm supposed to go home and Skype my brother to let him know how I did today. I'm afraid I can't hang out with either of you." It wasn't a complete lie since he promised to talk to Yuugi but he didn't say when. The tension between Kaiba and Marik was rising and he didn't want his presence to escalate it. "Marik, I am sorry about your arm and I wish you a speedy recovery."

"Awwww, Yami-chan," Marik whined. "I need a lot of tender, loving care since I broke the wrist on my dominant hand and I am pretty much handicapped for the next six to eight weeks. You could come and live with me so you can nurse me back to health, amongst taking care of other things . . ." Trailing off, Marik waggled his eyebrows suggestively, prompting Yami to roll his eyes.

"Regrettably, that is going to happen, young master," a voice behind them said. Odion stood by the door looking flustered and exasperated.

"Odion!" Marik exclaimed, glaring at the older man.

"Yes, Marik-sama, I've been looking for you. You were supposed to report to Ishizu-sama after leaving the hospital, not galloping around and harassing people!" Turning to Yami and Kaiba, Odion bowed and greeted them with a "hello again".

Yami gave a small wave in return whilst Kaiba nodded his head.

"Now, Marik-sama, I am under strict orders to locate you and bring you back to Ishizu-sama."

"But I want Yami-chan to come and look after me."

"It has been arranged that I will be looking after you for the duration of your injury."

Marik gave a full pout to mark his displeasure. "I don't want you to babysit me, Odion. You are strict, insufferable with your coddling and no fun at all!"

"Well, there is nothing I can do about it. It's Ishizu-sama's orders and if I were you, I wouldn't get on her bad side, not after the stunt you've pulled today. Involving yourself in a lover's spat, breaking your wrist in the process, and getting battered and concussed was definitely not one of your finest moments."

"Hey, I'm the victim here, you know!" declared Marik.

"And we are treating you accordingly. Bear with it for the time being and it'll pass quickly."

"Fine!" Marik churlishly bit out. "But the moment you impose curfew, you are out!"

"As you wish," Odion replied with a nod and a victory grin on his face. "Now come, we have to get back to Ishizu-sama or she'll be cross with you. You wouldn't want to jeopardise any chances of working with Mutou-san again, would you?"

Sadly, Marik wasn't going to leave without a fight. "Yami-chan," he pleaded, but all Yami could do was shrug his shoulders and shake his head.

"I'll see you tomorrow," Yami said gently and patting the injured man on the shoulder comfortingly. "Get some rest and ensure you get treated for your concussion, okay?"

"Alright," Marik conceded in defeat. "But you'll have to have lunch with me tomorrow and feed me."

"Marik-sama!" was Odion's appalled response. "That's outrageous! Now please excuse us, Kaiba-san and Mutou-san. We will be taking our leave now."

Yami chuckled as Marik was hauled away by his impromptu carer. He bid both Egyptians farewell with a wiggle of his fingers before turning to Kaiba who wore a grimace on his face as he stared down at his phone.

"Problems?" Yami asked.

"Tch," said Kaiba, looking supremely pissed off. "Come, I'll take you home." He motioned them to leave.

"No need, I'll be fine getting home on my own," Yami assured and then gesturing to the phone still in Kaiba's hand, he said, "Besides, you look like you have something important to tend to."

Humming his discontent, Kaiba looked at Yami with annoyance etched on his features, but it softened when the other looked apprehensive. "Whatever they need me for can wait. I'm in no hurry to rush to dinner with my uncle and Noa so I would appreciate your company for a little while longer. So come, indulge me and let me take you home."

All Yami could do was to nod his head and allow Kaiba to steer him out of the room. He was secretly pleased with Kaiba's admission though. Together they made way out of the building and towards the parked coupé in the nearby parking lot.

Unlocking the car, Kaiba settled into the driver seat while Yami settled in the passenger side. They remained silent for the first ten minutes of the journey before Yami elected to break it by asking if there was anything planned to celebrate the first showing of Broken Bonds.

"There will be a reception at The Jade Phoenix Hotel for the cast and the staff of the project. Essentially, it will be a celebratory get-together where we will watch the first episode aired on the hotel's big screen over drinks and dinner. It's KCC's way of thanking everyone for the effort made. The invitations will be sent out soon."

"I am sure everyone will be looking forward to it," Yami smiled. "I know I am."

"I am sure you'll enjoy the dinner at least. It's going to be an 'eat as much as you like' buffet."

"That sounds cool!" Yami enthusiastically replies. "I can't wait" The prospect of free and unlimited food sounded heavenly to him! To take advantage of the meal, he was going to starve himself beforehand.

The reply evoked a small chuckle from Kaiba. "I thought you might appreciate an unlimited buffet."

'Wow, did that mean you had my appetite in mind when you settled on a buffet?" Yami mocked gasped, a hand resting on his chest. "How kind of you, Kaiba-sama."

"Perhaps," Kaiba admitted, flicking on the indicator and turning the steering wheel as the car turned a corner. "You need to be fatten up. You're far too thin."

"Good luck with that," Yami scoffs. "Skinny and short runs in the family. We remain that way until we hit old age. Then it's stocky and short."

"Like a sake barrel?"

"Yeah, only with limbs."

"And an attitude."

"Hey, like sake, I am addictive and intoxicating," joked Yami.

" . . . And highly flammable," Kaiba grumbled under his breath. "You have quite the temper sometimes."

That got a hearty guffaw from Yami. "Yeah, Yuugi says the same thing about me too," he confessed. "I can be easily riled up if provoked. I'm not composed and cool like you, you know."

"You flatter me," Kaiba deadpanned.

"No, seriously. At first, I thought it was just a façade . . . an image you maintain in public. But after getting to know you a little more, I discover you are really like an 'Ice Prince'."

"You make me sound like I have a stick permanently up my ass."

"Well, I personally think it's great how you are able to remain calm and collected at all times, it's like nothing affects you."

"I'll take that as a compliment, Mutou."

"It's a desirable quality and it's great for playing poker!"

'I'd like to think its good for business rather than poker."

"Yeah, true," Yami sheepishly admitted. Sometimes it was hard to remember that Kaiba was also a businessman. Silence reigned between them as he looked out of the window, watching buildings and people pass by . . . all oblivious of the celebrity driving past them.

If only they knew . . . he thought to himself.

It was surreal that him, a nobody, was in the same car with the most eligible bachelor in Japan—let alone managed to participate in some form of intimacy with said man. Just the thought of what the two of them shared brought a deep blush to Yami's face.

"What are you thinking?" Kaiba asked, noting the red hue on his companion's face.

Giving Kaiba a shy smile, Yami shook his head and said, "Nothing."

"That furious blush on your face says otherwise," insisted Kaiba, teasingly.

Sighing in resignation, Yami looked away and said, "I find it hard to believe that I am being chauffeured by the great Kaiba."

"And the thought makes you blush?"

"No, but the thought of having you as my driver strokes my ego and elates me," Yami retorted.

"Your ego is not the only think I've stroked, you know," Kaiba snorted.

"And you sound almost as corny as Marik."

"Well, there's a saying: if you sleep with the blind, you wake up cross-eyed."

"You slept—"


"But you said—"

"It's a saying, Mutou," Kaiba interjected. "It means a person's characteristics or traits can rub off onto another if they spend enough time together."

"Does that mean I'll behave like I have a stick up my ass if I spend too much time with you then?"

"Do you really expect me to answer that without sounding like Marik?" Kaiba challenged, sending a meaningful glare at his passenger. "Or be offended with the comment for that matter."

Yami snickered at the response. Kaiba's humorous side never ceased to amaze him. Who would have imagined that he would be privy to the Ice Prince's wit? It left Yuugi in awe when he related instances where Kaiba's teasing side surfaced. The latter would prompt the older for stories involving his work. Marik's antics would make Yuugi laugh whereas news about Shizuka would make him sigh like a lovesick fool. The younger would eagerly lap every word up and beg for more . . . and Yami would always oblige his brother.

"Don't think too hard or you'll hurt yourself."

"Ha, ha, ha," Yami replied, with a roll of his eyes. "My brother find it hard to believe you have a funny side."

"That's not surprising, most people are of the same opinion. Speaking of which, how are you doing financially now you've quit your night job?"

"I'll know when I get paid in a few days time. Yuugi has offered to find a part-time job so he can play for his expenses, but I've forbade him to do so."


"I'd rather he concentrate on his studies. He doesn't need to work if I can provide for him."

"I think you should trust in his judgement and let him decide if he wants to work or not. Work experience is just as important as academic achievements. Everything should be done in moderation. If your brother is smart, he should be able to balance his studies and work, and it will lessen your burden too."

"I know," Yami sighed in defeat. "But . . ." he trailed off unable to finish the sentence without sounding repetitive.

"Like I said, have a little faith in him."

"I know,' Yami repeated. "It's unnecessary now. I'd be comfortable financially in a few months time so there's no need for him to consider it."

Without taking his eyes off the road, Kaiba shrugged slightly. "It's your brother, you know him best," he acknowledged and dropping the subject. "So, is he visiting any time soon?"

With the mention of Yuugi's visit, Yami's face lit up. "Yes, he is visiting next weekend."

"After the airing of Broken Bonds?"

"It's unfortunate, he can't be here for the first episode, but it can't be help since the show is airing on a school week," Yami said. "However, he's going to organise a small get together and watch it with his friends instead. He's going to give me feedback afterwards."

"He sounds like a dedicated fan."

"He's my only fan . . ." a pause, "along with Anzu. But she's my fan for a different reason."

"Oh, and what's that?"

"She's a big fan of Boy Love, which seems to be my specialty."

"Let's hope you'll be able to escape that genre soon."

"Not likely if Marik and Mai-san have any say in it."

"Hopefully, you'll have the opportunity to refuse jobs in the future. It'll be a waste to limit your talent to BL."

"Marik would disagree with you though."

"Marik is a hentai," scoffed Kaiba.

"Point noted," Yami snickered.

Soon the familiar stretch of road leading to Yami's home came to view and Yami knew the journey was near its end.

Kaiba parked the car outside the apartment and switched off the engine. Turning around, he gave his companion his full attention.

Looking timidly back at Kaiba, Yami said, "Well, I guess this is it then." After, he timidly added, "Would you like to . . ." he motioned to his apartment with his head, his meaning clear.

"As much as I would love to, I'm afraid have to get back. I am late enough as it is."

"Ah, of course," Yami replied, promptly undoing his seatbelt. "I'll shan't keep you then. Thank you for the ride." Turning around, he grabbed the door handle and was about to open the door when he felt strong fingers grasp his wrist. "What the—" Looking over his shoulder, he saw Kaiba gipping his wrist with one hand and undoing his seatbelt with the other.

"Fuck it," the brunet growled, releasing the other's wrist. "I'll accompany you upstairs." Gesturing for Yami to get out, he got out himself and subsequently locked the car with a press of the remote. His long legs enabled him to catch up with the shorter actor with a few short strides.

Together, they went up the narrow stairwell, Kaiba maintaining a short distance between them by following a step or two behind Yami. By the time Yami reached his door, the distance had closed and he could feel Kaiba's body heat seeping against his back. His hand shook as he inserted the key into the lock, whether it was from excitement or nerves, he didn't know, but he wasn't given the chance to dwell on it further when, as soon as the door was unlocked and opened, he was pushed into the hallway before the door slammed shut with a resounding bang.

Warm lips met with his as he was pushed up against the wall and kissed senseless. Each kiss was hotter and hungrier than the last as Kaiba assaulted his mouth with tongue and teeth. Yami, warming under Kaiba's ministrations, could only respond in kind and soon hands were slipping under garments searching for heated flesh while grinding their arousals against each other. He moaned Kaiba's name when the latter slowly slid down, leaving a long trail of wet kisses on his neck and upper torso. Only the sound of his belt being undone did he withdraw from his euphoric daze.

Looking down, Yami saw Kaiba hastily unbuckle his belt and undo the buttons on his pants before pulling it, along with his underwear, off his ass and halfway down his thighs. Freed from its clothed confinement, Kaiba took his hard and weeping cock in one hand and began lapping the head of it. The sensation from the licks caused Yami to let out a strangled choke as he scrabbled for purchase on the plastered wall, his legs threatening to give way beneath him.

"Fuck . . ." the word came out of Yami's mouth as a half moan and a half swear. He felt Kaiba smirk before engulfing his whole cock in his mouth in one go. Yami wasn't sure if he was impressed with Kaiba's deep-throating skill or offended that his dick was small enough for the latter to swallow whole! However, the relentless sucking that ensued distracted his mind from his grievances and replaced it with a single thought: Kaiba's mouth was sinfully GOOD! If Kaiba wasn't holding his hips down, Yami knew he would be thrusting his cock into the other's mouth. But since his hips were held down, all he could do is weave his fingers in the soft chestnut locks to occupy his hands.

Under such persistent assault, it wasn't long before Yami came in Kaiba's mouth, his body shivering with fulfilment as Kaiba milked him dry and gulped down his release. He was so out of it that he hadn't realised Kaiba withdrawing from him and redoing his pants.

Wiping the corner of his mouth with the pad of his thumb, Kaiba stood up and asked, "You okay?" He gave Yami a concerned look.

"Yeah," Yami whispered tiredly, offering a small smile with the assurance.

Kaiba leaned in and kissed Yami hard on the mouth, pushing his tongue in the latter's mouth so the other could taste himself on his tongue. After breaking away, he said, "Good, I have to go now."

Now that Kaiba mentioned it, Yami noticed the constant buzzing of the other's phone. He also noticed the large bulge in Kaiba's pants. Without much subtlety, he pointed a finger at it and asked, "Don't you want to take care of it before you go?"

"No, it will go die down soon enough especially knowing what's in store for me this evening," Kaiba grimaced.

"If you're sure . . ."

"I'm sure."


Following a lingering kiss and a soft farewell, Kaiba was out the door. Hearing the door shut, Yami slid to the floor of his entryway in a boneless heap with a soft curse. Without a doubt, he was falling for Kaiba Seto.

Omake 1:

"Oh heavens," Yumi exclaimed, her hands fanning her reddening face as she shamelessly ogled the large billboard promoting Millennium's fragrances.

"I know, right!" Hina, her friend, squealed as her eyes appreciatively roamed the picture of the two semi-naked figures reclined in a languid pose, their bodies draped across one another. "Kaiba-sama is an absolute delight to look at!"

"Uh-huh," Yumi answered dreamily, her gaze lingering on the necklaces that rested between rose and cinnamon nipples that peaked provocatively on the men's chests. "Did you pre-order the fragrance?"

"You bet I did!"

"Which one did you order?"

"I ordered the special edition of Cool for Haruto as soon as the fragrance was advertised. How about you?"

"I ordered both the fragrances because I couldn't decide which of the necklaces I wanted. Are you going to give the necklace to Murano-san?"

"No way! I plan to keep that for myself. I heard that both the special editions with the necklaces are sold out within the day. It's too valuable to give up and I don't think Haruto will care for it much."

"True," Yumi wholeheartedly agreed, taking out her cell phone and taking a picture of the advertisement. "I wish I could steal this poster. The Egyptian theme is the only one I haven't managed to get my hands on so far."

"LUCKY! You managed to get your hands on the other four themes?"

"Yes, but it wasn't easy. I had to fight a mob of people for it and there's a slight tear on the one with them sitting on the couch reading. I was devastated because it was my favourite."

"That's my favourite too—plus the one with them sitting back to back in those flowing silk robes and baggy pants. I thought Kaiba-sama and Motou-sensei looked exceptionally good that outfit."

"I'm surprised Millennium didn't use Marik-sensei for this project. I mean, it would make sense considering Marik-sensei's connection to the company."

"True," Hina said with a nod. "Considering how close Marik-sensei and Mutou-sensei are rumoured to be, I'd think they would be paired up for something this big. You don't get to see Kaiba-sama in commercials that are unrelated to work—not that I'm complaining, mind you," she mischievously added with a wink." I'm more than happy to see him like this." She waved to poster.

The other woman hummed an agreement before both simultaneously sighed and returned to visually worshipping the ad again.

Omake 2:

"Target sighted."

"You know what we need to do, right?"

"Relax, Boss. We've been through this so many times already," the woman confidently said through a smile. "We have an argument in front of the target and knowing how chivalrous he is, he'll come to the rescue and save me from the abusive you and we'll go off to some place where I can show my appreciation, and hopefully keep him distracted until afternoon. Finally, if that doesn't work, I have the sleeping drugs handy. The plan's fool proof."

"Fool proof or not, failure is not an option. The client was adamant about incapacitating the target until tomorrow. Oh, and don't forget to switch off his phone as soon a possible. We don't want interruptions."

"Don't worry, I know the drill. I ensure I'll work my charms to the max and persuade him to come with me willingly. Besides, how can he resist this," she swept a hand down her voluminous and curvy body.

"Just make sure you get the job done," the man sighed. "We've been tailing him for over four days now, I don't want our hard work to go to waste because of negligence . . . or over-confidence on your part."

"You seem stressed out by the client. Who is he to have this effect on you, Boss?"

"The client was some suit that was running an errand for a higher-up. However, judging by the suit's manner and his appearance, his boss must be a big shot and one I don't intend to offend by failing. Who knows?" he shrugs. "He promised a bonus if all goes well. Perhaps we'll get more jobs if this is succeeds."

"Alright," the woman straightens out her mini dress and fluffs up her hair. Taking out a compact mirror from her purse, she looks into it and rubs her lips together to smear her lipstick. "Let's do this."

They sidled up to the bar where the target was sitting and enjoying a drink while chatting amicably with the bartender. It didn't take long before they were arguing in heated whispers. From the corner of their eyes, they could see their target's interest begin to pique as he discreetly listened in on their conversation.

It was their cue to turn up the quarrel to the next level. Raising their voices, they watched with satisfaction as the target sat up straighter, feigning indifference despite his attention was on them. The more he listened, the more they got louder and plied on the abuse. However, it wasn't until the man got physical by getting up and trying to drag his 'girlfriend' out of the bar that the target sprung into action.

Gallantly, he tried to reason with the (incensed) man to release the (hysterical) woman, but to no avail. He got shoved and told to "fuck off " for his efforts. Yet the target continued to intervene.

All was going to plan, the man thought . . .

Until a group of drunks decided to enter the fray and the situation escalated into an all out brawl. The man should have known involving a beautiful (and busty) woman would have this kind of effect on inebriated men who want nothing more than to be rewarded for saving a damsel in distress by said damsel. After a quick scan of his surrounding, he was relieved to note that she was not in amidst of the scuffle. Dodging a fist aimed for his face and kneeing the assailant in the crotch, he vaguely hoped she had made a prompt getaway as soon trouble began albeit she could take care of herself. Once the dust settled, he'd seek her out. For the time being, all he could do was focus on saving his own skin.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the man, the woman had not left the premises. Instead, she was hiding behind a chair in the far corner of the bar watching the target. She was waiting for the right moment to grab him and flee. Just as the opportunity presented itself, a large brawny guy swung his fist and smashed it into the target's face. The woman could only watch in horror as the target fell backwards and land on the floor in an unconscious heap.

"Oops," she whispered to herself and mentally kissing her bonus goodbye. So much for a fool proof plan!


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