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Rating: K Authors Note: Sequel to Tomorrow Already


An Editorial By Lois Lane

Like it or not, we live in interesting times...

A wise man once said this of the era he lived in, undoubtedly describing a time of great social and political upheaval that defined his world at the time of the saying. The historical date of that famous saying pre-dates the birth of Christ and yet it is no relevant today than it was two thousand years ago. Whether it is said to describe a new level of thinking, a momentous birth that would change the world or the fall of an empire, it always amounts to the same.

The coming of change.

In recent months, Metropolis has seen its fair share of strange occurrences. The appearance of Superman, a visitor from a dead world, now a staple in the daily landscape of Metropolis, has answered quite definitively whether or not we are alone in the universe. However, even on our own world, we have never truly been as alone as we believed.

Last month in New York, the General Assembly of the United Nations was interrupted by the appearance of an Amazon delegation. No, we aren t speaking of natives from South America or even a group of Internet retailers; we speak of the original holders of the name.

The Amazons of ancient Greece, described by Herodotus in 450 BC, and referred in the Iliad as the Antianeira ("those who fight like men"). They were known to have occupied Pontus (modern day Turkey) near the shore of the Euxine Sea, what we now called the Black Sea. The historical Amazon nation was known to have founded many towns, Smyrna, Ephesus, Sinope, and Paphos but their chief capital was the isle of Themiscyra on the River Thermodon. History and mythology loses track of them after the sacking of the city by Heracles.

The envoys that arrived at the UN Assembly revealed that following the sacking of their city, the Amazons withdrew to an island paradise which according to every piece of satellite and cartographic instrument on Earth, does not exist. On their island, named Themiscyra after their original city, the Amazons have thrived for three millennia, living in a completely matriarchal society, graced with immortality by gods almost as forgotten as they themselves.

Obviously, the initial response was one of scepticism. Following an invitation by the Amazon leader, Queen Hippolyta to the Assembly to visit the island where she has enjoyed uninterrupted rule for 3000 years, much of this scepticism was met with compelling evidence. The invitation was extended not merely to luminaries from the political stage but also, religious leaders and scientific authorities, not to mention the greatest doubting Thomas of all, the media. This reporter was honoured to be chosen by name.

During our widely documented trip, we found the snapshot of an ancient culture, steeped in mysticism, with a reverence to the natural world but as capable of combat as the Spartans of Macedonia. The Amazons have lived in peace for more generations than we can imagine and the citizens of Themiscyra are now working to be welcomed into the UN General Assembly as a new member nation.

Next month, Queen Hippolyta and her entourage will soon begin a tour of several American cities, beginning with Metropolis where she will be speaking to civic leaders, lecturing at universities and granting interviews to local media. The Queen has offered an invitation to those who have questions about the Amazon way of life to attend the open days being held at each city across the country.

We have no wish to shroud ourselves in anonymity, quoted Hippolyta during our visit to Themiscyra. Our desire to become a part of the Patriarch s World hinges on our ability to communicate, openly and honestly. The Amazon way is a way of truth. When we visit you, such will be the foundation of our relationship. The basis of all trust between us must be truth.

Truer words have never been said.