This is a new revised edition of The Promotion, so for those who have stuck with the story for all these years – I am finally on the verge of completing it.

The thing is, with a revision there will be changes and in order for me to make the story what I want it to be, there had to be changes. But the story is relatively the same but there are some small things that some people might not be happy with so please just respect that in order for me to get back into it, I needed to fall in love with Charlotte and Percival all over again.

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In the Kingdom of Camelot there are a very select few who are chosen to work within the King's boundaries, these important people make the castle a palace and without them the castle would be in chaos. These select few cater to the kingdoms needs, they provide care and honour to the royals and of course feed and nourish anyone of utter importance in the kingdom.

The servants of Camelot are the backbone of the kingdom and as much King Uther would hate to admit, he would be dreadfully lost without them.

Beneath the beauty and calm atmosphere of the castle rests the tired faces of the Camelot maids working extra shifts to prepare for the upcoming Banquet. However, some of the maids have the easier life working in the quarters of the King and his son, Prince Arthur. Guinevere was an example of one of those lucky maids.

Gwen was the maidservant to the Lady Morgana from a very young age, and over the years the two became close friends. It was a great honour for Gwen to be respected in the kingdom but that never stopped her from completing her duties. Morgana and Gwen spent many years together yet that relationship was destroyed when Morgana turned on Camelot causing King Uther to fall into a complete daze unable to control his kingdom.

His son Arthur was left in charge. With Morgana gone, Gwen was offered the job of watching King Uther who was in need of constant surveillance. The news of Gwen's promotion was spread through the halls of the castle, from servant to servant and although they were all happy for Gwen there was bigger news at hand. Another maid would have to take Gwen's previous position.

Unlike Merlin who sought out after the Prince, Gwen was guaranteed a more honourable role and with this, it was her responsibly to promote another servant to complete her previous duties.

It was nearly nightfall and Gwen was trapped in her small house tossing parchment into the fire place. If she chose wrong then she would defiantly be fired but if she chose right she was afraid she might loose her own job in the meantime. It was a struggle and Gwen was starting to feel an ache building deep in her gut, she pulled a hand through her dark hair and sat back in her chair.

"Arthur's going to kill me." She mumbled just as she heard a small knock on her door.

"I'm not here!" She called burring her face in her hands. "Gwen is currently unavailable, please come back later when her sanity returns."

"Gwen, don't be silly!" A small voice cried from behind the wooden door. "You can't be moping around all day, the night is till young."

Gwen relaxed slightly, recognizing the voice. Charlotte Hill, the young maid who worked in the horse barracks peaked through the small gap in the door. Gwen smiled slightly walking towards the girl, when she opened the door she was greeted with a large hug.

"Gwen, how are you?" beamed the young girl. At first glance you would not assume for her to be a maid. Her flowing strawberry blond hair was braided in a beautiful plat that immediately highlighted the blue in her eyes. However, once you moved closer to Charlotte and lead your eyes towards her clothing, the title of 'maid' becomes evident. Unlike Gwen who dressed in fitted clothing, Charlotte covered herself in old hand me down from her older brother who moved to another town. The baggy oversized clothing made her petite figure seem all the more invisible.

Charlotte smiled brightly at Gwen. Charlotte was the only girl Gwen ever saw smile at every waking hour of the day. She would smile in the morning as she made her way to clean the horses and she would smile when she was thrown into the kitchen to scrape the left overs off the plates. Charlotte appreciated the smallest most beautiful things in life and never let a dull feeling keep her from feeling alive.

"Charlotte!" Gwen replied brightly. "How have you been?"

"I'm doing well," she replied with equal enthusiasm. "Except those Knights always leave the horses in a complete wreck when they return from hunting, and I'm forced to groom each one, honestly it would be nice if they looked after the creatures keeping them alive." She frowned for a moment but her lips turned into a smile moments after.

Gwen felt for the young maid. She always said that Charlotte had one of the toughest jobs in Camelot. But yet she loved the horses and she clearly didn't care that much about dirty horses.

"Never mind me," She shrugged as she made her way towards Gwen's desk. "Look at all this! I feel sorry for you Gwen, all those maids. Besides you do realize that all they want is to get up close and personal with the Knights, especially Arthur." Gwen frowned at the idea; she was not fond of other women flaunting themselves in front of her Prince. Charlotte noticed her frustration.

"Oh Gwen don't fret, Merlin is the only servant allowed to be in Arthur's chambers." She beamed and Gwen couldn't help but smile back, she always felt at ease around Charlotte.

"Still Charlotte, it's so…difficult," She frowned in frustration. Charlotte's paced around the room her hands flickering through the parchment quickly as she read over the information, she sighed and continued to read her right hand playing with the side of her braid.

"What about Mary," Charlotte paused and handed a piece of parchment to Gwen. "She works in the kitchen and is quite pleasant around the Knights."

"What about her uhm-"

"Oh right her tendencies,"

"Charlotte I wouldn't call stealing a tendency."

"We all have our flaws." Gwen sighed and scrunched the papers before throwing them into the burning blaze.

"Uhmm what about- Uh-," Charlotte trailed off her eyes scanning the room quickly. "I got nothing." She sighed and planted herself on the chair in the corner. "This is so frustrating Gwen."

Gwen yawned in response. "And tiring," she added in looking down at the floor.

"Well I'd love to stay and chat but I really need to get back to the stables, I've got four horses to clean before dawn and they aint going to clean themselves." Charlotte hoped onto her feet and headed out the door. "I'll see you tomorrow Gwen."

"You're working yourself thin," Gwen called behind her. Charlotte disappeared out the door her voice vanishing in the distance.

Suddenly Gwen froze her eyes on the door where Charlotte had just left. Her hands dropped to her side and her mind began trailing through the staff. She needed someone she could trust; someone who she could guarantee would provide the utmost care. She could only think of one person who could do this, one person who she could trust with her life. Charlotte Hill was the only servant in Camelot Gwen could trust and then it hit her.

Gwen had her woman.