Just wanted to let people know I will be posting a new story called Tangle.

Tangle is a new story I am writing and I am nearly finished with. It is a J/B pairing as of right now, but that might change as I write it. There are only a few chapters left to write but they are the pivotal parts of where Bella has to decide between the two. It is AH/AU Semi non-cannon. Summary goes a little something like this.

Bella goes to Dartmouth and is a total player. Having her heart broken (Thanks Edward!) when she was a sophomore, she became jaded and angry and took it out on many unsuspecting guys along the way. She runs at the first sign of feelings. She's got her friends and there's Jake, the only guy in the school who doesn't want to get in her pants. When she finally starts to get over the hurt of Edwards heartbreak, he comes back to the school and wants to make amends. Bella decides some revenge is in order but is revenge really that sweet? She gets caught between old and new feelings. Who will finally get inside her heart? Edward who does a magnificent job of mending the heart he broke? Or Jake, the one guy she never has had to be scared around?

Chapter 1 will be posted by the end of the week.