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In the space between worlds, there are objects, places lost forever in the maelstrom, left to drift between worlds and dimensions forever. One of these objects is a world, a land of opposites co-existing in relative peace. Once thought destroyed, it flows in-between worlds and drifts too close to a special place, a vault for magic and a land of untold possibilities. It connects and with it's connection it brings a shockwave of energy that reverberates across the land, jolting every magical being and continuing beyond the land's barrier, further on to the world outside, spreading everywhere like ripples on the water. It touches everywhere, tapping two sleeping minds on a moving train and onwards. It eventually meets a rather curious object. One sealed away and left to be forgotten. It strikes, jolting the object into activity. Long unused power sparks and it flares to life, activating a crystal.

The crystal lights up...


a massive room...

"You shall become the sword."


Pain, blood...

"Your sacrifices is for the greater good."



"Kill him."


" How many?"

" Final count is 400. Men, women and children...their blood are in your hands."

Dutch woke up.

The phone rang. Dutch, the middle of making breakfast, sighed and turned off the fire. He went to the living room and picked up the device." Hello?"

"This is a friendly morning call from your neighborhood manager. How is your life, mr Kotozaki?" Dutch chuckled," Fine until you interrupted my egg cooking. How is the company?"

"Traxus is fine. The orders are flowing in after everyone knew about our smooth handling with the radioactive waste rods." " How's Nora?" Dutch asked.

"She is fine, although a little antsy over the new orders."

"Comes with the job." "Have you decided on my job offer?" the voice suddenly asked.

"Did you call me in the morning just to ask me a question that you have asked for 5 times and received the same answer 5 times."

"What, you gonna remain a NEET forever?" the voice asked.

"I'm not a NEET. I'm retired. There is a big difference. And besides, I rented out two rooms of the house."

"oh yes, that. You got takers?" "Yea. A pair of university students called me. Said that they needed a place to stay for a while."

"Ohhh, you going into business?" Dutch laughed at the question,"Not really, it's just to pass the time, and meet interesting people."

"How are they?" "They sound pretty decent."

"Are they pure?""Screw you!"Dutch snarled. "I kid, I kid"The voice laughed. Dutch sighed and shook his head at the caller antics.

"On a more serious note, how are the dreams coming along?" Dutch's humor dropped as he remembered his dream. " Had another one last night."

"If you need..." "I be fine, we both know what they did. And we both know what was the result. I manage. You got to remember, it is a eventual process." " Just saying." The voice uttered.

"Yea well thanks. Sorry about this but I got to get ready soon. What time will the car be at my house?" " 11am"

" Thanks for the free use of the car." " It's nothing. Got to help each other when we need it, remember?" The phone hung up. Dutch smiled again at his friend and returned to his egg.

11.30 am

Kyoto train station

The train pulled into the the berth, the whine of it's systems dying down. As doors open, the station is suddenly besieged with a wave of people bearing down onto it. If you were standing in front of the human wave, you probably would run. Inside the human wave, two university level students discuss their latest project, probably something really important or something really complicated. "Mary-chan, what do you think we will find searching here, a artifact or a youkai?" one of the students asked her partner.

Maribel Hearn checked her notes and said," I'm not sure Renko. The legends state that there was once a powerfull 'stone of gods' that was gave great power to the old Chinese emperors. After the westerners came, it was feared that they would take it and so it was hidden in the Kyoto area. But I think it will be highly unlikely that we be able to find it in the city, given the amount of underground work that has went on. It probably will be in the forested areas. And I think it will be a artifact."

Renko groaned," There goes my shopping." And then she brightened," We will probably find something amazing here!" Maribel smiled and laughed at her best friend's antics," Lets get pass the ticketing booth first." They picked up their luggage and moved to join the queue.

10 minutes later

At the entrance, a young man with brown hair stands waiting for his new tenants. As he checks his watch, he spies two young women heading towards him. One of the woman addresses him," Good morning Dutch-san, my name is Maribel Hearn. We spoke in the phone." Dutch moves to return the bow." Good morning to you too. I trust you had a fine ride?"

" The ride was fine, thank you. My friend, Renko Usami." Maribel introduces."Good morning to you as well,"Renko greeted. Dutch nods and says," Well then, now that our greetings have finished, shall we?"

The trio leaves the station and heads to the carpark where a limousine waits for them. Maribel and Renko jaws drops as they look at the vehicle. Dutch chuckles and motions," It is a bit extravagant but it was chartered for me by a friend and I had not enough time to get a replacement." Dutch mentally curses Aden again for his joke."Be that as it may, this is our transportation so shall we board it?"

Maribel and Renko got out of their shock and got into the limousine as the chauffeur bought their luggage to the back. Inside the limousine, there was a small plasma television, a minibar with very rare liquor and a gold skinned mini-fridge inside. As their jaws dropped in shock again at the luxuries onboard, Dutch sighs and for the third time in a hour, wonders how to kill a certain Manager.

One awkward car ride later...

The luggage are bought in, the rooms assigned and after a possibly weird start to a home stay, we find our trio seated at the table.

"So what brings the two of you to this beautiful city?"nDutch asks his new tenants as they mull over cups of hot chocolate.

"It may be abit strange but we are here in Kyoto on a treasure hunt." Renko said. Dutch cocked his left eyebrow. " A treasure hunt? What kind of treasure hunt?" Maribel started,"Ancient records suggests of a old magical artifact that gave the chinese emperors powers that gave them victory. When the Chinese Mongol fleet was destroyed by the kamikaze, it washed up upon this land shores. The clan leaders and samurai regarded it as a dishonorable object and kept it away, never to be found. When the westerners came to Japan, it was deemed to be dangerous for them to ever be united. To hide it, the emperor had it sealed in this area, never to be found again."

Dutch blinked,"Thats quite a tale. Can you back it up?" Maribel smiled,"Yes we can. Using old records, we managed to narrow it down to this area. Also, there have long been rumors of a hidden place. Lastly, during war world 2, after the two nuclear bombs were dropped, this area acturally started to give off harmless radiation that was highly similar to those released at the point of detonation. The source was never found and it was simply dismissed as traces of radiation bought by the wind."

"You are saying that this area gave off an energy echo." Dutch said."How do you know that it was not traces from the detonations?" Maribel grinned like a fox,"Because in the 1st of 1946, it all disappeared, without a trace."

"So what you are saying is that you have a legendary object that gave certain victory to the emperors of old, was sealed away forever to prevent it from being found by the west and apparently gave off an energy echo similar to that of a nuclear detonation after a nuclear detonation that happened. And one that shut itself down at the start of the new year. That's quite an object." Dutch summarized."Yes it is." Renko said.

"How do you plan to find it?" At that question, both women grimaced."We don't know." Renko admitted,"The records only spoke of a secret place. It did not specify where or give any hint. Our best shot right now is the area where the radiation was found."Dutch checked the map of the marked area. "You're lucky." Maribel and Renko look at him with puzzlement."The area of heaviest concentration appears to be at the base of a hill. A rather steep hill."

"Terrain aside, do you see any thing that is notable?" Renko asks. Dutch checked and shook his head,"Not really. But i have to say, a base of a hill is the best place to hide. It is your best shot and i am coming along." Both women stare at him in surprise at his sudden declaration."Any thing that has such a past will probably have a very surprising appearance."

After a day of planning, it was decided that the trio will wake up early (to the protest of Renko) and travel(via public transport, a limo was deemed to be too awkward) to the site to check out the area. When Dutch asked how they would carry on from there, he received a pair of smiles.

"Hottttt..." Renko complained as they trekked through the forest. The trio were moving through the forest towards the site where the traces of radiation were found. As they moved through the foliage, the humidity and the heat from the sun combined to create a heat storm in the forest. Even the insects were complaining in their own noisy way. As they came to a clearing, Renko cried out,"Stop, please. I need a rest."

As the trio stop to rest in a clearing under the shade of the treetops, Dutch asks the two women,"So how did the two of you decide to go on this trip?"Renko exclaimed,"It's our life's work."Maribel chuckled,"It's part of our club activities." "What club?" Dutch probed. Renko spoke,"The sealing club. The objective of the sealing club is to uncover any mysteries of the world, regardless if it is hidden inside a barrier. We believe that the mysteries themselves want to be found. It is only prudent that we find them."

Dutch whistled," Now that's a quite a speech but that's only a pretext, a means for it existence. What really compelled you to form this club? If it is personal, you don't have to answer."

Maribel laughed,"Just two good friends having fun."

Dutch thought about that answer then laughed as well," That's the best reason one can ever have."

The trio rested for a while then got up to carry on.

"So what about you Dutch-san? What compelled you to rent out a part of your house?" Renko asked. Dutch thought for a while and answered," To meet interesting people I guess. And if you can, please stop with the honorifics, they make me feel a bit uncomfortable."

"Okay Dutch-sa...Dutch." Renko said, before stepping on a pile of decayed leaves that collapsed under her foot. "AHHHHHH..." She screamed as her leg plunges through. As Dutch and Maribel rush to help her up, in the cave beneath Renko, the disturbance wakes up the guardians. As they detect the presence of a living aura, they get confused by the relatively small amount of it. One of them reaches upward to get closer to examine the aura but it suddenly jerks upward and disappears. Giving the motion equivalent of a curse, the guardian retreats back into the darkness.

On the surface, Renko checks her legs for any injuries while Dutch and Maribel inspects the hole."Hey look at this." Dutch called out."The hole has some kind of markings on it." Maribel stares at the hole."There is some kind of magical shield guarding this place." She said. As Dutch looks quizzically at her and asks,"How do you know that?", the forest suddenly burst into activity.

Suddenly from the foliage, men in gille suits burst out."What the hell?" Dutch cries as men swarmed around them. For his trouble, he gets a rifle butt that slams into the back of his head and knocks him out.

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