Authors-note; So this was an idea that came to me, when i was listening to "The Lonely Island". Don't take this serious! It is very crackish!

Disclaimer: I do not own Sekaiichi Hatsukoi or the song Like A Boss - The Lonely Island. *crying*

Isaka-san had called Masamune into a meeting about his position as the editor-in-chief.

"So Takano-san, how is it going with being the editor-in-chief"? Masamune looked at Isaka-san very intensely and spoke "Well the first thing I do is"...

"Lead a workshop! Like a boss!

Send some faxes! Like a boss!

Hit on Ritsu! Like a boss!

Get rejected! Like a boss!

Call Yokosawa! Like a boss!

Cry deeply! Like a boss!

Yell at your coworkers! Like a boss!

Eat a sandwich! Like a boss!

Wear some glasses! Like a boss!

Get Ritsu drunk! Like a boss!

Fuck his brains out! Like a boss!

Get hangovers! Like a boss!

Yell at authors! Like a boss!

Break girl's hearts! Like a boss!

Be in love! Like a boss!

Go to the library! Like a boss!

Meet Ritsu there! Like a boss!

Watch him fall! Like a boss!

Turn into a ninja! Like a boss!

Catch him before he hits the stairs! Like a boss!

Sexual harassment him! Like a boss!

Get bitch slapped! Like a boss!

Now I am sad!

"Ehm wow… I must say that you really are taking your job serious; but are you serious about sexual harassment your co-worker"?

"Nah, that ain't me".

"I'm pretty sure that you said that".

"No you must be mistaking me for someone else Isaka-san".

"Well okay then, well thank you for the meeting Takano-san".

"You are welcome Isaka-san. LIKE A BOSS!"

Okay...? This was like, so so bad! But I couldn't let the idea get away! Please review, even if it will be bad reviewing xD